His Promise: The Mafia's Babies

Chapter 298


Chapter 298. ou don't believe me, do you?” Tiago looked at me with big eyes. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe him. It was st that I didn’t know. what to think. new Marvin wasn’t an angel, but I didn’t know whether it was the smartest plan to listen to Tiago at the oment. “Marvin forced a. spoon down my throat. Tiago accused him. “Elena, he is not a good person. reached out to hold my hand while I stepped back. “I think it’s time for you to put back those pills. ” I Iped. Tiago shot me a. grateful smile and did as told. This is our secret. No one can know about this- ay?”. Okay. ” I nodded my head. Despite my fear, I couldn’t help but think Tiago might’ve been the person who. uld answer all my questions. o your family does not sell liquor?” 1 asked the safest question. “No, they don’t. ” Tiago shook his head. “I ean, they do—but it’s. all a cover-up. The others have companies, buildings, record labels. listened to Tiago’s rant and took in every bit of information. Anyone else would’ve thought his words bunded crazy, but not me. knew what he was talking about, and more so, was surprised that he had no roblem sharing it. They don’t want this to come out, Elena. Tiago continued. “They don’t even know I know all of this stuff. They think I’m stupid. They do?”. Yes, and I don’t know what they told you, but I didn’t lock myself up in a room either,” Tiago released his nger. They put me here. and fed me those pills-because they don’t want me to get better. didn’t know about that. Marvin did not seem like the kind of person who didn’t want Tiago to get better. That's so awful, Tiago. ” I. pouted. “Please, tell me more. Luckily Tiago didn’t question my intentions. “Come, sit-I’ll tell you more!”. sat down. “Tiago, you can tell me anything. You can trust me. ” I placed my hand on his shoulder. It was not as if I had someone. to share it with, so he really could trust me. There’s been something on my mind for years. ” Tiago lowered his head. “I have no one to talk to anymore. “You can talk to me. What is it?”. 1 didn’t kill anyone. My head got dizzy at the new information, and I could not follow the conversation anymore. How did we go from Tiago getting. drugged to him claiming he didn’t kill anyone?. “Sorry?”. “I didn’t do it. He told me it was the only way to get rid of Marvin. ” Tiago shared while I was still trying to make sense of the. conversation. “He told me Marvin would do anything for me, and he was right. “Tiago, what are you talking about?”. s not Marvin's fault, it'shis fault-but Marvin is too much of a threat to me, and I can’t stand him. ” Tiago ked back and forth. “Marvin. is a bad person, but he didn’t kill that man-he didn’t do it. Marvin knows at I did to him-and now he’s taking revenge. That must. be it, right?”. arvin didn’t kill that man? Was Tiago talking about Stevie Maddens?. ras never the one to take advantage of people, but this could clear Marvin’s name. This information uld save my dad from losing. his job and help him move on from losing his friend. It could prove that d had been after the wrong guy this entire time. I could put. an end to this. o Marvin took the fall and went to prison for something the both of you didn’t do. but Marvin doesn’t ow that?”. don’t know,” Tiago whispered. ago, you have to tell me who killed that man. Who did it?” I asked in a hurry. Tiago scooted closer. He as not suspicious of me,. he just wanted someone to talk to. “It wasn’t the Hernandez. We framed them- id now Anya is dead. jiago quivered and covered his shoulders with his arms. The situation seemed to be bothering him, eaning it had to be something. serious. “That's right, who did it?” I asked calmly All I needed was an. aster. least I knew one thing Marvin was innocent. iago took a breath. “It was-”. It's time to go!”. Marvin barged through the door without a single knock. I jumped up from the bed and took my distance rom Tiago as Marvin shot. me a glare. “And turn off the music. You're not at the club. lis harsh tone towards his brother was heartbreaking, but even then, Tiago listened to his words and aused the music. “N-no, she

can’t go yet!” Tiago pulled my left arm. Marvin shook his head and pulled ny right arm. “Playtime is over. Elena, let's go. Dinner should be ready. D-dinner?” Tiago widened his eyes. “She's staying over for dinner?”. bet he already had a thousand theories about how his family wanted to kill me, and so did I. What if they would be cooking me for. dinner?. Marvin kicked Tiago backward and pulled me in his arms. “I'll make sure to send you a plate. ” He spoke before pulling me out of. the room. We made our way to the elevator in complete silence as I was still trying to process everything. I wasn’t done talking to him, and I had to find a way to get to him without anyone else interfering. There was so much to think about. Tiago made his family out to be monsters and even concluded that they had been drugging. him. My thoughts got interrupted by the sound of the elevator, and Marvin stepped aside to let me enter. “So what's with the music?”. He asked for the first time. “I don’t know. ou don’t know,” Marvin muttered under his breath. He was so confusing, and I could not tell how I came the issue. What did you guys talk about? Did he say something weird?” Marvin asked as we walked out of the evator So this was all I was. to him. A pawn to check whether Tiago was sane enough to interact with the utside world. No we just spoke about Anya. larvin rolled his eyes. “So he still won't let her go. hocked by his statement, I stopped in my steps and turned around to face him. There were many maids round, so I didn’t want to. make a scene. How could he even say something like that?. Let her go?” 1 frowned. “Marvin she died. Whether Marvin was innocent or not, Tiago’s words were slowly starting to make a lot of sense. Marvin rabbed my hand. Yes, I understand-but that’s not a reason for him to act like that. o he didn’t want to get him help, but he also didn’t want Tiago to feel anything?. Wow. ” I gasped, releasing myself from Marvin's grip. “I had no idea your brains worked like that. Like what?” Marvin asked, offended. Before I could give him an answer, we got interrupted by Marvin's nom, Linda. Elena, it’s so good to see you again!” She opened her arms to pull me into a hug. “You look so beautiful. You remind me of me. when I was younger. Hi, ma’am. Linda. ” She corrected me. I spent a lot of time with her during my daily visits to the hospital, and I could ell she was a good. person. Other than Panther and Marvin’s nephew, she was the only one who acknowledged my existence,. I'm really glad you're joining us today. “Me too. Linda cleared her throat. “So, did you talk to Tiago? I hope he wasn’t too hard on you. It seemed like Tiago was the topic of the day. I liked Tiago, and I could understand most of his feelings, so I was not going to. badmouth him. If anything, I was willing to do anything to help him get back his freedom. We still had a lot to discuss. “Tiago? No. ” I shook my head. “He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met, and we had a good talk. I planted a fake smile on my lips while Linda stared at me with a surprised expression on her face. There was no one looking out. for him, so I would do it. I would protect Tiago. “Elenal” Cisco called out as he entered the room with Panther. He freed himself from Panther’s arms and ran into mine, It was. still a surprise how an angel like him could end up with a mother like Karina. I patted the young boy on his head and could not. miss Marvin's glare directed at Panther. What was up with him today?. miled at Panther, who failed to show me a smile in return as all he could focus on was the glare in arvin's eyes. Good, so it wasn’t. just me. Where's dad?” Marvin wondered. Dad, as in Mario? Was he joining us? I felt my hands get sweaty and leased Cisco from my. grip. I wasn’t prepared for this, and I didn’t know this would happen Didn't that an have a business to run?. Ill had to do was come up with the perfect excuse so that I could get the hell out of here. m here. 00 late. ist as in the movies, the room turned dark as Mario Castillo entered with Victor at his side. The only ning keeping me from. fainting was the urge not to look suspicious. orget Victor, I was just a few inches removed from the Mario Castillo, and he was staring right back at ne. What should I do?. Should I greet him?. Grandpa!” Cisco saved me and flew into his arms. Mario knelt and attacked Cisco with kisses. Maybe he asn’t that bad, I mean-. he looked like a lovely grandpa. ‘s his only grandson, Elena. I got back to my senses and looked at Marvin, who was definitely not feeling his ather’s presence. “Surprised you could make it,” Marvin commented. Mario stood up straight. “Surprised? I’m the one responsible for this dinner. ” He spoke proudly. If Marvin would’ve mentioned. that, I wouldn’t have even been here. Marvin snorted. “You're also the one esponsible for Tiago, so that doesn’t say much

Why was Marvin giving Mario Castillo an attitude? Did he want to die? Was this the way these people spoke to one nother?. Tiago wasn’t the only family issue. Good to know. Mario ignored Marvin’s words and stepped forward until there was barely any space between us. Judging people from their eyes. was my talent, and it didn’t matter how much this man was willing to break his jaw to crack a smile. He was a monster. I read the reports, I’ve seen the pictures, I’ve heard it all from my dad. Mario smirked. “Elena, isn’t it?”. “Y-yes, sir. “It's nice to meet you. ” He forcefully grabbed my hand and had no intentions of letting it go. It was a sign of power, as he wanted. to show me that he was the boss of this household. “Did you talk to Tiago? How is he?”. I had to protect Tiago. I had to defend him. “He took a shower,” I uttered a sigh. Who knew? Maybe this was the reassurance these people needed, but could I really not. come up with anything better?. “He did?” Mario pulled back his hand. Everyone gasped while the maids began whispering amongst themselves. “Marvin, is this. true?”. “It is,” Marvin answered. A laugh had escaped from Mario’s lips as he looked at one of the maids for. firmation. “Is this true?”. “The maid began. “There have been rumors going around that he jumped up as soon as he heard is Elena was on her way. Elena?. rio turned to me once again and grabbed my hands as I held in my breath. “You are truly a gift of god. ” praised me. “And you. need to loosen up a bit. I don’t know what Marvin said about me, but I don’t. yes, sir. tor huffed. “Dad, Tiago taking care of his hygiene should not be a standard. He was going to have to te a shower one day. For. how long was he planning to live like a beast?”. expected, the salty comment had to come from him. If there was something Marvin was good at, it isn’t self-control-because he. was clearly seconds away from hitting Victor. arvin was a hypocrite. He was allowed to talk bad about Tiago, but when someone else did it, it became a oblem. Guys, do we have room for one more?” Karina entered the room. She stepped aside, revealing the beauty anding behind her. It. was the same beautiful woman from the wedding and the hospital. ee, now it’s getting interesting. ” Victor smirked. “Misty, I didn’t know you were coming. Neither did I. Marvin froze at the presence of the woman. o that was her name, Misty. She took a step forward and whipped her shiny black hair to the side. “Hey, Jarvin. ” She smiled. “Karina invited me. 1 hope you don’t mind. inda nudged Marvin’s shoulder. “Tell her we ran out of food. ” She whispered softly. Even though the ntentions were evil, Linda. still came off as graceful. Of course not. The Castillo’s can feed the entire neighborhood. ” Mario clapped his hands. “You're welcome. You’re always. welcome. Misty stared into my eyes with a succeeded smirk on her lips. “Thank you, Mario. Wow, so those two were on a first-name basis. Apart of me was hoping for her to be a distant cousin, but I knew that wasn’t true. Deep down, I knew she was the reason why. Marvin was not interested in me. I felt flattered she saw me as her competition, but she had nothing to worry about. I was confident about my looks, but even I. knew when to accept the facts. This was a battle I couldn’t win. Without warning, the elevator had opened, and we all turned our heads. “Good, so that means there is room for me as well?” Tiago stepped out with a cheerful smile on his lips. “I don’t know about you. guys, but I’m starving. What's for dinner?”. Everyone, including the maids, stopped what they were doing and stared at Tiago as if they saw a ghost. antiago?” Linda spoke. She rushed over to his side and grabbed his hand. “Are you serious?”. “Tiago smiled. “Elena is my guest, isn’t she?” Tiago winked, probably thinking he was doing me a r. I still needed to talk to him,. but not like this. course, Santiago. ” Mario chuckled. “Please, join us. please. Because what could possibly be worse than having dinner with Mario Castillo, a shady mother, or nephew, Victor who. didn’t need any explanation, Marvin who was in a bad mood, the woman who to be his ex, his drunk sister, Panther who wasn’t. getting along with Marvin at the moment-and go, who was seconds away from completely exposing the family. at the hell did I get myself into?