His Promise: The Mafia's Babies

Chapter 299


Chapter 299. ked from the ribs in front of me, to Tiago who sat on the opposite side. Having dinner at someone's e had never been this. awkward. did this work? Did I have to eat with a knife and fork? A knife? A fork? Did I even learn that at home, growing with two untidy. men?. teat it with your hands. ” Marvin laughed into my ear. “Thanks,” I whispered back. Out of the corner of eye, I noticed Misty, who. could not keep her eyes of me. Marvin friendly because he wanted to be, or was he doing it to make her jealous?. so good to see you, uncle Tiago!” Cisco cheered. All eyes moved to Tiago as he sunk in his chair and ted his stomach. “Is. anyone else full, or is it just me?”. st you, Victor smirked. Was he the person Tiago made out to be the main villain?. rio was too busy with his phone to interact with anyone-which I didn’t mind at all. I watched as the in typed away while Tiago. pulled a disgusted face. Was Mario the person Tiago made out to be the main ain?. utomatically skipped Linda and Karina and scanned all the men around the table. It was either Mario, ctor, or maybe Panther?. No, that didn’t make sense. Why would they encourage Tiago to get rid of Marvin, owing it would hurt the entire family?. Victor and Marvin weren't the best of friends-but they still grew up together. They were brothers. here might've been some tension between Panther and Marvin, but Panther would never betray m. Right. et out a deep sigh. What did it matter anyway? All I had to do was get Tiago to myself so that he could ve me a name, “Elena did. a good job with Tiago, don’t you agree, Mario?” Linda dragged me into the onversation. s if things couldn’t get any worse, Mario raised his head to look at me and put away his phone. “Yes, I’m mpressed. ” He smiled. The scariest thing about these people was that they came off like any other family. lad I not known about what kind of person. Mario Castillo was, I would’ve never guessed it. Can’t she just move in with us?” Cisco suggested. God, no. Tiago smiled at me and shrugged his shoulders. “I would like that Cisco, but I would like to keep her alive. Tiago!” Mario slammed his fist onto the table. Everyone flinched, and the room went silent. The only thing we could hear was the. sound of Mario’s sigh. Flashbacks had returned, and I could finally remember how Mario was seconds away from giving Tiago a. beating, only minutes after he had learned the news about Anya. My son, Tiago, Mario began. “He likes joking around, but sometimes he takes it too far-doesn’t he, Marvio?”. How the hell did Marvin get involved?. d someone to get me a bottle of wine. I can’t take this anymore!” Karina spoke hysterically as she ed to several maids. “If you. can’t take it anymore, it’s time for you to leave this table or to go to. Mario growled. As expected, his true nature was showing. ght my family was dysfunctional. in did not say a word and placed his hand on top of mine. I hadn’t even noticed my hand was ing until Marvin stopped me. “So,. for how long have you guys been together?” Misty asked. vin pulled away from my hand. “She’s just a friend,” Marvin clarified. “He gave her an engagement. Victor said at the same time as he moved his eyes to the ring around my finger. ked straight ahead of me, so I did not have to look at the shocked faces-but the judgmental look on o's face wasn't any better. her coughed. “They're not—”. at up, and let me speak for my goddamn self for once. No one asked you anything!” Marvin rudely rrupted him. Well, what a nice. family dinner. y, hey, hey!” Mario shouted. “Let’s keep it fun, and let’s keep the lord out of this!”. n?” Tiago laughed. “Like that time all of you decided to lock me up in a room or when you planned to d me off to some mental. facility?”. Lshit. ther pulled out a pair of headphones and placed them onto Cisco’s ears. It was genuinely shocking w none of them were. embarrassed to do all of this with a child at the table. ago— Marvin began, but Tiago stuck out his hand to stop him. “I’m sorry, Elena-but this family is far m fun, and I’m glad you and

Marvin are not engaged. rina laughed. “You dodged a damn bullet, something which Marvin couldn’t do. ”*. ither could Anya. I could hear the sound of Marvin's breaths beside me, and all I could tell was that he uld not appreciate the. joke. oke of the century. ” Marvin scoffed as Karina rolled her eyes. “Awh, did you lose your humor in prison?” his family was so twisted. that it wouldn’t surprise me at this point if they had really drugged Tiago,. Guys, stop being childish-we have company,” Linda spoke with an embarrassed smile on her lips. She ad always come across. as a classy woman with the perfect family. Anyway. ” Misty sighed. “Elena, do you have a job?”. th, there it was-the famous interrogation of the jealous ex-girlfriend. I'm a mixologist. So a bartender. ” Misty corrected me as if my job didn’t hold any purpose. I wasn’t ashamed of my career, and I worked at the bar. because I enjoyed it. I don’t know if you’re aware, but we sell our own liquor. ” Mario added. It was almost unbelievable how this man moved on as if he. didn’t just throw a tantrum several minutes ago. Marvin mentioned it. bartenders,” Mario spoke. “It's because of people like you who work their butt off for a minimum that we are privileged enough to. live in this beautiful mansion. not shocked and not surprised. This was how the brains of those people worked, and I had already sted it a long time ago. Linda. looked at me with a sympathetic smile. sir. Marvin called him out, while Mario seemed genuinely surprised. “Did I offend you, Elena?”. y raised her hand. “So Elena-what does your family do?”. ust wasn’t going to stop. my family?” 1 stuttered as all eyes turned towards me. I could not expose myself. Whatever happened-I d not expose myself. just me, my brother, and my dad,” I explained. “They uh. they work for the government. here is your mom?” Linda changed the subject. I had never really liked talking about her, but anything. better than the subject of my dad and Alex being DEA agents. left when I was younger. tor sighed. “It sucks when parents won't take responsibility for their children, isn’t that right, Karina?” ot anxious as Marvin ticked. his fingernails underneath the table and wondered what was bothering him. from m sorry, are you calling me a bad parent,” Karina spoke, offended. Victor laughed and took a sip. glass. “I wasn't talking about you. gave me a nod. “Elena, I lost my parents at a young age-but the Castillo’s were kind enough to take e in. teally?”. erhaps that was the reason why Marvin couldn't stand the sight of Victor. Wait, did that mean that Victor did ave a reason to get. tid of Marvin?. I'm sorry, I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. ” Victor apologized. I had no idea that man was apable of apologizing. “It. must be hard growing up without a mom when you're only. twas about time they brought up my age. Twenty-one. Y-you're twenty-one?” Misty filled the room with laughter. She covered her mouth with her hand as giggles escaped from. between her lips. “Gosh, you're so young. The look in her eyes had changed. It was a bit softer, making me wonder if she had ruled me out as her competition. “I’m sorry,. don’t mind me. ” She smiled. “You're really pretty, by the way I mean-you’re. “I spoke, flustered by her compliment. At least she did not see me as a threat anymore. inks, so are you. ner felt like ages, and I didn’t know how fast to rush to my car after it had ended

I had seen enough of Castillo’s for today, and. they clearly had a lot to figure out as a family. Marvin had not been in a good od since my arrival, so I decided to give him some. rest. ma, wait!” Tiago ran outside before I could get in my car. “I still have a lot to tell you. t’s right. I had to ask Tiago the name of the person responsible for Stevie Maddens’ death. Why would I come up n my own. theories, when he could just share them with me? The family dinner was so twisted that I I almost left the estate without valuable. information. ” I closed the door. “You were going to give me a name. remember?”. go opened his mouth, but before he could speak-Marvin ran up to us and placed his hand on his ulder. “Are you escaping from. me?” Marvin eyed me. ase not right now. ouldn’t believe I was actually saying this, but I wanted him to leave. 0, but it’s late-and I should go home,” I explained, hoping he would head back inside. Marvin looked om me to Tiago. “What were. you guys talking about?”. ago stared at me with big eyes and shook his head. He was terrified of his brother. I would be to if I had en involved in a scheme. to send my brother to prison. was just telling Elena that I would like her to take me to Anya’s grave some time, Tiago spoke. Marvin atted Tiago’s shoulder. “We should do that. I'll ask dad. ” He invited himself. I wasn’t sure, but I could nse a hint of jealousy in his voice. Why would he be. jealous?. iago gulped as he released himself from Marvin's grip. “Bye, Elena. ” He almost whispered before making is way back inside. He. was about to share an important detail, but luck wasn’t on my side. When would I get another opportunity to be alone with Tiagor. Hey. ” Marvin tilted his head to grab my attention. I did the same and stared at him with a big smile. It was lifficult to blame him. when he did stuff like this, “Hey,”. You have a nice family. Don’t lie. ” Marvin took a deep breath. I know what he was thinking, and yes-his family was crazy, but Linda and Cisco were kind,. so I guess that counts. “Trust me. Mine isn’t any better. ” I reassured him. Marvin reached out for my hand while I gladly accepted. “I'm sorry. ” He whispered. I bet he was embarrassed, but there was. nothing he could do to change the dinner. “Sorry for?”. “Everything,” Marvin confessed. “I feel like I gave you the feeling that I didn’t want you here-. “Marvin, it’s okay. tisn’t-because I do want you here,” Marvin spoke. “There’s so much you don’t know about me. this y, and I just want to protect. you. red?. ect me from what?” I asked. I was desperate for answers, and it seemed like he was finally preparing elf to open up to me. Did. he trust me enough to tell me why he wanted to protect me from his mind. ” Marvin backed out. We were almost getting. somewhere until he had suddenly changed his 1. What did he think would happen if he told me the truth?. would his reaction be if he knew that I had already been aware of everything?. re was one thing which he didn’t know, and that was that Elena Torres was always ready to fight for answers. 1 had to know why. Marvin felt the need to protect me from this family, and I had to know. really killed Stevie Maddens. w about we do something fun this week to make up for the awful dinner?” I suggested. me, and Tiago