His Promise: The Mafia's Babies

Chapter 4


Christian made his way next to his brother while I lowered my head and had no plans of raising it, but unfortunately, he wouldn’t let me. “Look at me. Just as I remembered his voice was strong and dominant. Even if I wanted to I could not disobey him, he seemed like a control freak and ordered people around like it was nothing. I raised my head to look at him and was surprised when his look had softened. How bad did I exactly look for him to lose his stoned expression?. “And she comes here by uber too, it’s late at night and not everyone is as nice as me, squirrel. You really have to look out for yourself, right Christian?” Enzo scolded me and looked at his brother for back up. I didn’t know that I was capable of feeling even more embarrassed but yet here I was. I made eye contact with Christian who ignored his brother but kept observing me until I looked the other way to avoid his gaze. “Go change, I’m taking you home,” Christian ordered as if it was nothing. This was the last thing I wanted and he was the last person I wanted to be around. Seeing him only reminded me of the fact that I was probably pregnant and hopeless. “It’s fine, I can go by myself. Christian eyes were shooting daggers and he was obviously not impressed by me going against him. “Enzo is right, it’s dangerous, it’s late, you’re sick and you look like shit. ‘You look like shit’, for some reason when he said it, it did leave an impact. “I don’t want to bother you and I can really find my way back home but that for the o-“. “I will bring you, it’s an order,” Christian spoke, losing his patience. He was the last person I wanted to argue with so instead I just nodded my head without saying another word. “Go get changed, I’ll be at the back. ” He spoke and walked away before I could say anything else. Enzo who might have thought he was doing me a favor shrugged his shoulders with a proud look on his face. “You see, now that it’s taken care of I can go. ” He winked and walked off, leaving me alone. Not daring to let Christian wait for too long I quickly got changed and grabbed my bag so I could make my way to the back. He leaned against the wall while smoking a cigarette and held his phone near his ear with the other

Instead of interrupting him I stayed back and let him finish while my curiosity couldn’t help but overhear the intense conversation over the phone. “It’s either you find me or I promise you, I’ll be finding you but you’ll be paying me back one way or another, or I’ll kill you with my own bare hands!” He yelled out. I suddenly got chills throughout my body as I reminded myself of what kind of family he was in and thought it’d perhaps be for the best to run away as far as possible. “Do you wanna know why? Because you can’t be stealing food from my fridge!” He chuckled and I instantly felt stupid. He was just ha ving a normal conversation, and here I was, thinking he was threatening to really kill someone. I couldn’t help but smile when I re alized that he was capable of truly interacting with others and had another personality trait besides just being cold all the time. “Alright Vince, I’ll see you tomorrow. ” Was the last sentence which had left his mouth before he hung up th e phone. He threw his cigarette to the ground and got rid of the smoke. “You coming?” He casually asked and turned around while I was freaking out over the fact that he knew I had been eavesdropping the entire time. I nodded my head and followed him to his luxurious car which probably costed more than I would earn in a life time. He opened the door for me but before I could get in he grabbed my bare shoulder and turned me around as he pushed me against his car. Even if I wanted to move I couldn’t, because I was trapped in between his legs. “Why do you girls always dress like it’s summer. ” He snickered and removed his leather jack et. Christian wrapped the leather jacket around my body and pointed his head towards the ca r seat, forcing me to get in. “T-thanks,” I spoke, surprised at his actions, and stepped in. I couldn’ t help bu t wonder. How did I end up in a car with the pers on I tried to avoid? . “Your address. ” Christian said and pointed at the digital navigation system. Once again I obeyed him and typed in my address while he sped off. The car ride was s o awkward that he had even turned on the radio to eliminate the complete silence. For a second I was even considering to tell him about the possibility of me being pregnant, but after seeing how he avoided every single way of having to talk to me and me not even knowing for sure, it was out of the question. Even three months ago, he didn’t exchange many words. That night it was the first time I had seen him for longer than just a few minutes and cou ldn’t help but to stare at him. He had something mysterious and sexy which was hard to find and his dominance turned me on

After he caught me s taring he wasted no time and dragged me by the arm to his office. I remember thinking I was in trouble for staring too long, but boy was I wrong. I knew that I was just like any other girl and that I wasn’t anything special, but knowing that none of the girls at the club had ever slept with him had definitely fed my ego, which is why it was a slap in the face when he ignored me , but even I couldn’t exactly put in words what I did expect when he could have any other girl who wasn’t a stripper. “I want you to take care of yourself. I’m responsible for you so if you’re going d own my father will bring me down with you. ” He spoke after a while and turned down the volume of the radio. What an interesting way of telling someone that you care. “I’m fine,” I reassured him and looked down at my legs which were literally shaking. I took a deep breath and tried my hardest to appear as healthy as possible, but even a dead person could see through me at this point. “I don’t appreciate you lying to me. His words shocked me and I immediately apologized even though I didn’t intend to. Even if I was pregnant I would’ve never been able to be a parent in peace. I was not one to judge but he seemed like the person to decide whether I was fit to be a mother or not. These thoughts were n’t exactly helping and made me worry even more while making me realize that I wouldn’t be able to relax until I had taken a pregnancy test. “You’re dad’s favorite, he won’t let me off the hook if something happens to you. ” He tried to explain once more, but all it did was making me feel even more guilty. Lucio had always been good to me and the thing wh ich I would give him in return was possibly an unplanned grandchild. Calm down Serena, you are not pregnant. When we arrived in my neighborhood I felt a bit self-conscious because the chances were probably high that Christi an possibly wouldn’t even consider stepping foot here under any circumstances, but yet he did and he did it to get me home. I looked at his face and tried to read an expression but failed to find anything other than a poker face. “You’re a hard worker, but if you don’t feel better by tomorrow stay at home and see a doctor. ” Was all he said but it more so sounded like a way of telling me to get the hell out of his car so he could leave this neighborhood as soon as possible. “Thank you, and I feel fine,” I told him and got out of the car to walk to my apartment. Instead of driving away, he waited till the very last second until I closed the door while I was relieved that I could finally let out my tears. Tomorrow I would be ta king a pregnancy test and get this over with