I Was Born With Silver Spoons

Chapter 569 Master Ghost


Obviously, Yang Wei and Chen Hao had agreed that they would go to the Dragon Temple on Dragon Mountain to find the Master Ghost today. Before this, Chen Hao had never believed in fortune tellers or so-called 'masters'. He used to think they were all just cheats and liars. However, he had been through so many different things as of now. There was that mysteriously omniscient old beggar within the mural, and then there was the matter of everything that Master Ghost had predicted about Zhao Yifan, Yang Wei and the Ming family coming true. Master Ghost had even managed to predict that Chen Hao would meet Yang Wei here. That meant that Master Ghost might also be able to predict what would happen in his search for Chen Pingan and Su Tongxin. In a nutshell, Chen Hao was looking forward to meeting this Master Ghost. The Dragon Temple resided on top of a mountain ridge in the North of Sea City. There were many ancient pines surrounding this place. Cliffs reached as far as the naked eye could see, and if one stood on the top of the mountain, they could see that the expanse of Sea City extended past to what seemed like the edge of the earth, looking as if it was melding into one with the clouds. Standing on this mountaintop and looking down upon Sea City made even the largest town with over ten thousand people look like the size of a matchbox. Anyone who saw this view wouldn't be able to help but feel how insignificant the human race actually was. There were plenty of people at the foot of the mountain. After all, many of them came here to pray at the Dragon Temple. There were also many people who came forward to meet Master Ghost. Of course, being able to meet with Master Ghost was also a question of fate. From afar, the Dragon Temple wasn't huge, but it looked very ancient. The brownish-red bricks and the grayish-white walls were already spotted all over, having been built since who knows how long ago. Nowadays, many temples were built and renovated grandly. Plenty of people came to the Dragon Temple, but the Dragon Temple maintained its minimalistic approach. This made it rather unique among other temples. The path from the foot of the mountain until the mountaintop was jam-packed with people. Chen Hao and Yang Wei arrived at the foot of the mountain. Chen Hao was looking around, and it might have been his imagination, but he caught sight of a very elegant back figure of a girl, who was being escorted by some pretty maids underneath a parasol into a car parked at one side. The car started driving away. Chen Hao gulped and felt his blood start to boil in excitement. Could it be?. If it weren't for the sheer impossibility of the situation, Chen Hao was sure that the girl was Su Tongxin. From the back, that girl's elegant, fair neck resembled Su Tongxin to an extreme. This scene nearly caused Chen Hao to lose his grip on any common sense he had. However, when he thought further about the g irl he caught sight of, who really looked like Su Tongxin, he couldn't help but feel a bit strange. Su Tongxin had long since disappeared. Plus , the ones who had taken her away were the Leagu e of the Sun. How could she possibly appear here? . It had to be his l onging for her, causing him to imagine things. Chen Hao swallowed and watched the car leave his sight

He was contemplating whether he should chase after it and t ake a look. If it wasn't her, then he could get some relief. "Hey! Chen Hao! I called you so many time s. Did you not hear me?" . Just then, a girl t ugged Chen Hao's arm, for cing him back to reality. Chen Hao turned his he ad to look at the girl, who just happened to be Li Yali. "What were you looking at? You were practically drooling while staring at that pretty girl. I really didn't know you were this ki nd of person, Chen Hao!" Li Yali said in an almost accusatory tone. Chen Hao felt a little impatient because Li Yali had broken his train of thought. When he replied, his tone wasn't friend ly. "What do you want?" . "What kind of tone is that? I came here t o say hi to you, and you reply to me with that sort of attitude?" Li Yali said, unforgiving. Chen Hao took a deep breath. The car had already driven away, and had long since disappeared from his sight. It was pro bably his own w ild imagination. However, he wasn't prepared for Li Yali' s sudden friendliness, and Chen Hao felt a lit tle bit ashamed for replying to her like that. "I was thinking of something just now, sorr y!" Chen Hao said mildly. "Pfft—" Li Yali covered her mouth, laughing. "Haha! This is more like the Chen Hao I k now! Anyway, Chen Hao, what are you here for? Could you be here to ask about your luck in ma rriage? I've heard that Master Ghost is extremely accurate with his readings!" Li Yali said. Chen Hao shook his head. There was no nee d to tell her too much. Chen Hao was also trying to hint to Li Ya li through his attitude that he did not want t o hold a conversation with her for any longer. "I'm here to get a reading on my luck in marriage!" Li Ya li smiled as she told Chen Hao. "You? Don't you alrea dy have a husband?" Chen Ha o said, feeling speechless. Chen Hao actually understood why Li Yali was treating him so different ly today. What else could it be other than the fact that she had witnessed how wealthy Chen Hao was at the auction? He wasn't that poor loser anymore. "Who said I had a husband? The one you're thinking of isn't my husband!" Li Yali said. "Chen Hao, I know that your impression of me since we were in school was that I was someone who would ignore my true feelings as long as someone had wealth and power. H owever, that couldn't be further from the truth! All girls follow their heart, and as for me, I want love too. True, honest love!" . "Ah , is tha t so. "Actually, Chen Hao, ever since our schooling days, I had always thought that you were a pretty good guy. You're especially warm and steady, and us girls aren't looking for wealt h or riches. What we want is pretty simple!" Li Yali said, looking at Chen Hao with a smile. Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head helpl essly. "That's because you know I have money. If I wer e poor, then what you want wouldn't be simple at all!"

Chen Hao's ears were almost c allused with how often he heard gi rls say this sort of thing to him. He was also a ware of what Li Yal i was trying to do. Previously, Chen Hao might have felt shy and woul dn't have felt comfortable talking back to her. But no w? Now, Chen Hao was completely open with his thoughts. "You. !" Li Yali didn't imagine that Chen Hao would be so straightforward with his words. Her pretty face red dened slightly, and the atmosphere felt extremely awkward. Especially when Chen Hao stopped paying attention to herself and just walked away. Li Yali felt so embarrassed that she was almos t angry. She had intended to use her good looks to s educe Chen Hao, and she didn't think she would fail. B ut who knew? . However, despite that, Li Yali felt like Chen Hao had b ecome much more mature than before. What was more, he someho w emitted a sense of security that only a true man possessed! . Li Yali looked at Che n Hao's retreating figure as she thought to herself. She didn't want t o give up, so she star ted to chase after him. "St op right there!" . However, when Chen Hao and Yang Wei r eached the top of the mountain, they reali zed that there were even more people here. There were a couple o f young monks standing in front of the Dragon Temple. They seemed t o have closed the d oors of the temple. All of the tourists who had reached this point were being stopped from entering. "What are you doing? W e waited for so long, and no w you aren't letting us in?" . "Exactly , our time is running out!" . Many touris ts were complain ing at the side. "Today, Master will only meet with one friend who has travell ed here from far, far away. As for the other fellow Daoists, pleas e descend the mountain and return on a later date!" the monk said. "Can I just pay you? I want to go in to have my luck in marriage read!" Li Ya li had suddenly appeared next to Chen Hao. She spoke to the young m onk as she lightly brushed he r arm against Chen Hao's arm. Chen Hao grimaced an d dodged to the side with a face full of contempt. "Fellow Daoist, I do hav e something important to settl e today. What are your terms?" . Even a fortune teller is pla cing himself on such a high pedes tal. How funny. Chen Hao thought. "There are no terms. Everyo ne, please descend the mountain! " The young monk shook his head. However, at that time, the doors of the temple suddenly opened