I'm his luna

Chapter 21


I hear shuffling sounds and turn to look at Isaac who is making his way behind one of the trees. I hear the snapping of bones after a minute and then he walks out from the back of the tree in shorts and with a shirt in his hands. I feel myself drool at his naked and toned upper body. He walks up to me with a smirk. “Go on and shift. ” He says and hands me the shirt in his hands. I walk back behind the trees where he shifted earlier with the shirt in between my teeth. I place the shirt on the forest floor and shift back into my human form, I pull the shirt over my body and it cascades down my thighs, halfway. Where did he even get the clothes from? I am sure that we both left our clothes back at the tree line near the house. I smile when I smell his scent on the shirt. I run a hand through my hair just to make sure I do not have any branches or twigs sticking out of it. After being satisfied with my appearance, I walk out from the trees and Isaac’s eyes immediately snap at me with a satisfied grin covered on his face. My legs feel shaky as I walk towards him, I almost miss a step as I finally stand next to him, by the pond. “Don’t blush on my accord. ” He teases. I feel my cheeks heat up even more when he says that. "I have something to show you. " He says nervously. I look up at him with a small smile. I do not know where all this sudden blushing is coming from or how the butterflies at the pit of my stomach feel like they are at war and ready to rumble at any time have decided to attack me right now. He lets out his hand and I place mine in his, shocks erupt after the small contact and my cheeks heat up even more as if the earlier action was not enough. Isaac looks like he wants to comment and laugh at my expense but decides to keep quiet when I speak. "Show me. " I tightly hold onto his hand as we encircle the pond and start walking deeper into the forest. I gawk at the structure in front of me. Still dumbstruck I take a few steps forward eyeing the immense beauty and scene of a small paradise in the form of a four cornered structure I have been lead into. When Isaac said he wanted to show me something it did not cross my mind that it would be this beautiful and mesmerizing. My eyes take in the scene in front of me in awe. I glance back at Isaac with a smile on my face. "Beautiful isn't it. " He exclaims with a proud look on his face. "Wow! It's jaw dropping. " I reply out of breath. "Who did all of this?" I ask regaining my composure from being dumbstruck. "Me. " He responds proudly. I stare at the little circular table in the center of the tree house. I slowly walk over to one of the bean bags and let myself fall on it. I stare at Isaac in disbelief. There is definitely no way that he could have set up this place alone. "You did this?" I ask, disbelief still clear in my voice. "Well, I had a bit of help from my brother. " He shrugs. "But I still did most of the work. " He defends. "How many more things do you have on this property?" I ask still shocked

How big is this place? Firstly, there is a huge house and then there is a freaking beach, I do not want to forget the garden he showed me, the small pond we passed and then now I just find out that there is a freaking trees house in the middle of the forest. "This is definitely the last place. " He answers and lets out a small chuckle. "I come here mostly during the weekend and when I'm free to look after it and clear my head. Now that I look at the place, it looks very clean and free of dust and damage. Everything is neatly placed and well organized and there are a few snacks in the corner of the room with a small refrigerator. The small tree house is well furnished and probably has everything I need to survive for a full two days. "I'm now eager to meet your b rother if he did all this. " I say as I get more comfortable. I am really looking forward to his younger brother. Does he also look like him and do they share the same eyes? I hope that they do not share the same mind because having two smug brothers does not cut out as s omething interesting. All I can conclude at this point is that he likes video games after I saw his room. "Yah-hey, I' m the one wh o did this. "Sure, whatever helps you slee p at night?" I tease. “Why’d y ou bring me here again?" I ask. I am glad that he brought me here but I also feel like an intruder if this is his escape zone. Honestly, we all have th at one place that calms us and makes us have a better judgment of things and this definitely feels like his special pla ce. The serenity and peaceful air that whirls around the place definitely can relax even the most stressed businessman. "Be cau se. "Because isn't an answer. "Because I wanted to show it to someone special. I alw ays dreamed of showing this to my mate even though I w as told I wouldn't have one but I guess I do have one. I stare into his eyes and see admiration and dare I say it, Nervousness. I have seen nervousness flash through his eyes a f ew times but the nervousness in his eyes is also spreading throughout his body and is different from the other times that I have seen him nervous. I stand up from my comfortable seat and stalk towards him with awkwardness lacing each step I take. I feel a force pull me towards him as I stare at nothing but his de ep blue green eyes that cover up so much emotion. I take one last s tep that seals the space between us and let his scent dive my scent. To heck with eve rything. I gently place my lips on his. Spirals of shock go through my body as my lips come int o contact with his. Isaac still dumbstruck by my action as my hands claim his hair. I l et my lips linger on his before I pull away, immediately missing his soft lips on mine. I look at Isaac who has a shocked expression on his face. Maybe I have gone too far and should no t have done that. I do not even know where our relationship stands, all I am sure of is that we h ave come to a common understanding of giving each other a chance. Oh my goddess, I have messed up! . "Sorry. " I mumble ne rvously, tugging at the Hem of the shirt. In my defense, I was not thinking and I only let the deep need to have him close to me lead me. I bite down my lip and hope that he does not take the kiss as a bad. I bet it was nothing compar ed to all the other kisses his shared with other girls. My heart clenches tightly at the thought. "To heck with everything," He repea ts the exact words that were runnin g through my mind a few moments ago. This time I am the one taken aback as Isaac grabs my waist and pulls me closer to himself, leaning in and kissi ng me. I kiss back when the shock subsides and all that I can focus on his lips on mine and his arm snaked arou nd my waist. His tongue finds entrance into my mouth and immediately our tongues clash, fighting for dominance

Shocks erupting throughout my whole body as the kiss becomes fiercer. I let out a silent moan as the taste of his lips sinks in through my mouth and lights up my whole body. My hands tug harder at his hair as the kiss deepens and more of my breathy moans escape. After a few moments we're forced to pull away because we both like breathing. Isaac stares at me as I pant for air w ith a small smirk and his eyes shining brightly. I look up at him and smile. "That was hella. Som ething. " I break the sile nce with a small chuckle. "I should have done that ea rlier. " He responds, a smug grin plastered on his face. I almost gasp when his snakes further up my back, the loose and thin clothing obviously not doing me much justice. I look up at him with wide eyes and he smirks at me before pulling me over to sit on one of the b ean bags that surround the room. I smile down at him as we fall sown on the bean bag with me on top of him. I place my head on his chest and sigh. His arms encircle my waist and I rest mine on his chest, dwelling in the warm feeling erupting and burning throughout my entire b ody. He places a small kiss at the top of my head and I feel heat rise up on my face. "Are you going to quit making my face look like a big red tomato?" I ask as I draw p atterns on his chest with my index finger. "I highly doubt it. " He an swers with a small chuckle , making his chest vibrate. The rest of the day is a blur, from lying next to each other on the floor to eating the snacks, well I am the one who did most of the eating. The conversation has been flowing softly ever since we laid down on the floor and I have never wanted to move out of a comfortable position than I do not want to right now. My cheeks fe el tortured with all the snarky comments Isaac has been making ever since we arrived and I do not think that I will ever be able to blush, at least not for a while. We are still on the floor, I am half asleep in Isaac's arms and slowly breathing in his scent. Things have really changed since I first met hi m. I did not think that I would ever be this happy to be in his arms after he pulled a big bang on me. I really wish that things were like thi s the exact moment when we met but there is no benefit in dwelling in the past and I am more happy with the way the way things have turned out. I silently hum as Isaa c runs his hand throug h my hair, ruffling it. "You know I'm very s orry right?" Isaac a sks all of a sudden. "I know. " I respond as I shift to look at him. "And I'm happy we sorted out everyt hing. " I smile through my half open eyes. He brings his lips to my forehead gen tly leaving a kiss. "I'm happy too. " He smiles. “Should w e go back to the house?” he asks and I can hear the hesitation in his voice. I smile and snuggle closer to his body. I do not think that I am ready to leave th is position even for the slightest moment. “What if I need to pee?” Isa ac’s voice cuts through my v oice with humor covering it. “Then you deal with it the mature way,” I re ply. “Hold it. ” I add. He laughs and ruffles up my hair even more with his fingers. A satisfied sound leaves my throat as his fingers scratch my scalp. “We can s pend the n ight her