I'm his luna

Chapter 33


A large amount of weight weighs down my whole body lessening my ability to move around. My eyes flutter open and take a few seconds to adjust to the protruding rays of light from the curtains. My eyes trail down to the muscle weighing me down to the bed. I stare at the bare chest I am lying on and smile to myself. I untangle my legs from his and try my best to pry his arm off but to no avail. The man wants to pin me down to the bed. Okay let us see how he manages to do that when he's eyes are wide awake. I stretch out my arms and place them on his bare stomach. My hands wander on his perfectly toned abs loving the feel of his bare skin on mine. All mine. I raise my hands a bit and slap his bare chest and stomach. "Ouch!" He groans. His groggy morning voice sending tingles down my body. He raises his whole body but his arm is still wrapped around me out of instinct. He looks around the room with caution, looking for whatever "danger" whacked his chest. Ha. He finally realizes that there is no possible danger and turns his head to face me. I look at him with a smirk plastered on my face while his face is covered with a frown. "Couldn't keep your hands to yourself, I see. " He muses. His voice clear but with a groggy and muffled tone to it. It is now official, I love his morning voice. "Then you should get me to talk a lot in the morning. " He advises as his grip around me tightens. The freaking bastard. How the fuck did this slip my mind. How the hell do you not remember that your mate is technically reading your every thought?. Oh, dang it. Goddamn. Darn it, does that mean?. Does he know?. My mind goes ablaze as I try to register the thought. I mean he can technically hear my thoughts since he has some Mambo jumbo shit. How the hell did I not think of this? Well I did think of it and I tried my best to keep the thought out of my head but I am not sure if Zen had kept his thoughts clear. Goddess!. "Don't have a migraine. " Isaac’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts. I look at him with the "do you know?" look. "Yeah, I do know. " He responds truthfully with his lips set in a straight line. "How?" I ask. Seriously he would have just cut all this short and told me to stop my shenanigans at trying to teach him a lesson. Not to mention he acted completely oblivious to everything even though he knew that Zen is here mainly just to make him jealous. “The mark. ” He says and his eyes avert to the area between my neck and shoulders bearing his mark. “My senses are now heightened when it comes to you and let’s just say you are an open book to me. ” He shrugs and I almost slap the grin on his face. My hand goes up to the mark, feeling the healing outline of what had been permanently etched on my skin and soul last night. "Will I ever be able to do something without you knowing?" I joke with a smile after I let out a sigh. "Not when you don't block me out. " He replies with a smirk. "You have to teach me because honestly I can't have you reading my thoughts every time. " I cringe at the thought of him hearing my thoughts as if they are his. "You have to have an appointment for that, I'm a pretty busy Alpha. " He says with a thoughtful look on his face. "To hell with your schedule. " I reply with a smile and he chuckles. The reverberating sound making unknown sensations to curl up at the pit of my stomach. Mm. "Let go. " I say and he looks at me questioningly. He looks at me for a while and then hesitantly unhooks his arm around me. I stretch my arms and sit up on the bed. I smile at Isaac. He looks at me with a confused look. I clench my right hand into a fist and before Isaac can register I throw a punch right at his left cheek. I have never been prouder of my fighting lessons with Dylan when I notice a cut on his upper lip. A gush of guilt hits at me when I notice a bit of blood trickle down his lips. His hands go up immediately to his cheek and to tend to his cut lip. "Fxck, are you okay?" I ask as my hands trail up to his face. "What was that for?" He asks. "Payback. " I reply with a shrug. I get out of bed and grab a towel from the bathroom and rush back to the room. I wipe off the small amount of blood on his lip and smile when I notice that the cut has already started to heal. "The next one is gonna hurt balls more. " I warn as I stand up from the bed again and walk into the bathroom, closing the door behind me before Isaac can reply. _-. I walk back in the room with a blue sundress with brown strap sandals on my feet. My eyes trail over at Isaac who is seated on the bed with black jeans on and a white shirt that shows off his toned body faintly. His damp dark brown hair falls in front of his face covering his blue green orbs slightly, almost looking completely dark because of the shower he recently took. He stands up from the bed and walks towards me with a smirk on his face. My eyes trail off to how the muscle under his shirt bulges and relaxes each time he takes a stride. Is it just me or it got a lot hotter in here. Temperatures are rising. "I have to show you something. " He says when he is in front of me

"Where?" I ask impatiently. “You are always showing me “something”. ” I laugh and smoothen my dress just to ignore his stare and the heated emotion hitting at me. I like it when he says he wants to show me something because it is normally something beautiful and awesome. I cannot keep track of how many surprises he has shown me but my favorite was the tree house. It was so calm and tranquil that you would want to spend the rest of your life there. I hope we are going to go there on day again. "The training grounds. What? I thought it wa s something like a ga rden or a food truck. "Don't worry I just want to show you how our wolv es train and to also get you a bodyguard. " He rep lies and whispers the last part with nervous look. "What? I don't need a bodygu ard. " I retort. A bodyguard for what exactly, I've got him an d my killer punches. I'm going to be giving m y hooks more credit ever since punching Isaac. "I know you don't like it but it wou ld make me feel safer if you have so meone with you when I'm not around. "Bu-" he cuts me off before I can respond. "Plus I am giving you the opportunity to choo se your own bodyguards. " He says sheepishly a nd the use of ‘s’ doesn't go unnoticed by me. "Pl ura l?" . "Yeah, you choose one an d I choose one. " He repl ies with a nervous smile. "Why two? One is already too much. " I argue. "Okay, how about this?" He starts as he caresses m y cheek with his thumb. "You keep the guards and I buy Nutella for you on our way back. " He persuades. NUT ELL A!! . "Deal. " I an nounce. Having two bodyguards is way too much and I don't like the idea but passing a Nutella d eal is like refusing Halloween candy or saying no to Pizza. Those are not things you say no to, those are things you accept before the words are even out of the person's mouth. "Let's go then. " I saac says, grabbing a hold of my hand. "What time is it?" I ask as we make our way out of the room. I really have to wonder, we practica lly slept at five in the morning and I'm sure it is now way past morning. "Three in the afternoon. " He replies. I trudge beside him as we descend down the stairs. "Wow. " I r eply. I guess I was tired but to even say that I do not still feel a bit drained and not all that rested would be a lie. It indeed h as been a while since I had a run in my human form. Come to think of it, I never run in my human form. We both leave the room and head downstairs, I spot Zen and Caleb immediately when we enter the living. They are seated comfortably, watching a movie. "Hey g uys. " I greet. "Hi morning-birds. " We don't need clarificatio n to know who that was. Stup id C aleb. "Hi. " Z en gree ts back. "We're going out, so you guys take care. " Isaac says as he g rabs a hold of the front door. I let go of his hand and run to the kitchen. I grab an apple from the kitchen and wal k back into the living room. Everyone's eyes are on me wandering why I ran off like t hat, I raise the apple in my hand and a look of realization settles on their features. "Classy Ali. " Cale b muses and turns back to the movie. I walk over to where Caleb is sor ted and smack him, he groans and caresses the part where I smacked. "Woman that is chi ld abuse. " He says and glares at me. I stick my tongue ou t at him. “I thought you weren't a child. "Touché. " Caleb scoffs an d turns back to the screen , ignoring my shenanigans. I walk to Zen and lean towards him and then raise my face to look at Isaac whose hold on the door knob has tig htened and his knuckles are white. I place a soft kiss on Zen's left cheek and then walk back to the door. Jus t because he knows doesn't mean I have to stop, I mean that would just mean Zen had no reason for coming here. Isaac walks out of the door before I can get there and smashes the door hard, unhooking it off its hinges. I st are at the door in fear and stare back at Caleb and Zen. "Dang, you got t he beast mad Ali . " Caleb laughs. I step out of the house and walk to the black SUV. I open the passenger seat door and get in my seat silently. I stare at Isaac, his grip is firm on the steering wheel. My eyes trail up to his stoic face, I almost shrink back into my seat when my eyes land on his darkened eyes. AN GE R. "I-Isaa c. " I s tutter. The rest of my words get stuck in my throat when he leans into me and his dark eyes search my face and land on my lips. Due to instinct, I lick my lips feeling a need to moisturize them. Immediate ly my tongue finds its way back into my mouth, Isaac presses his lips on mine in a dominating way. His lips crash on mine in a harsh way, it feels more like a punishment to let me know who the alpha is and more importantly that he is my mate. I kiss back with the same amount of dominance and try to keep up at the pace of the kiss. His hands roam over my waist and back as he deepens the kiss, pushing me towards him

He nips on my bottom lip making me yelp. Tingles and Sparks explode as his tongue meets mine in a domi neering way. He holds on tight to my waist as our tongues dance to the rough and harsh Melody. His tongue massages mine in a way in which makes me what him more. I moan deep into the kiss and run my hands through his soft and lustrous hair. The kiss comes to a sudden h alt and Isaac pulls back and I let out a jagged breath, taking in as much air as I can. I take in a deep breath and stare at Isaac and notice that his eyes are now back to their usual enchanting blue green color. He looks at my now probably swollen lips and smirks. He turns on the engine and in a matter of seconds we are on the road to the training grounds. I fix my dr ess and try my best to hide the crimson red on my face, after being satisfied with the less swollen lips and less blush on my face I look at the window and stare at the vast amount of trees surrounding the area. Before I know it the car comes to a hal t and Isaac turns to look at me. He look s at me with a wolfish grin on his face. "I know you want to teach me a lesson but if you touch another male I swear his head won't be attached to his body and I won't be the one to blame. " He says in one breath and eyes me to see if I object. I do n't r eply. "Let's get this done with. " He says and steps out of the car and I follow suit. I notice a four story building in front of us. The amount of metal and glas s beams supporting its structure make me gawk in anticipation and awe. Does this pack love glass this much? Isaac's house and now the training facility. H m m. Isaac takes hold of my hand in his and leads us inside. The large glass doors open and my e yes land on a female dotted behind a desk and I notice that the rest of the room is decorat ed with painted pictures on the wall and some workout equipment in the corners of the room. "Alpha. " The blo nde haired woman greets sweetly. Too swee tly. I find myself glaring at her, hating the blonde hair tied into a bun, the strawberry peach scent surrounding her, her deep blue eyes that li nger on my mate for too long and her small and fragile petite features. It would feel awesome to sna p her head off. "Candice. Is everyone a round?" He asks and tak es my hand in his hold. He definitely knows that I will probably send her body crashing into a wall. "Yes Alpha, everyone gathered upon your request. " She responds batting her long eyelashes. I glar e at her but she doesn't even notice my presence. My wolf growls at the lack of respect and prances around in c ircles at the back of my mind. I feel the anger boil in my bl ood at the way she tries to flirt with MY mate and ignores me. I pull Isaac down to my level and press my lips on his, my lips linger on his lips until I feel the scorching eyes of the girl on me. I pull away and Isaac eyes me with a smirk plastered on his face with a knowing look. "Thank you Candice. " Isaac thanks and is about to l ead us to the elevator but I stop in my tracks and turn back to look at the "batty" girl named Candice. "Oh and Candice, do acknowledge your Luna when you see her standing in front of you. " I say. I notice the way her body stiffens and turn back to Isaac with a smile. We enter the elevator and Isaac looks at m e with a proud smile. "I love the possessive Luna in you. " He pr aises and pulls me into his chest. He plac es a kiss on my forehead and hugs me tight. The elevator dings as the doors slide open and we step out, I notice a few young wolves training and tackling each other on training mats. Everything comes to a halt when they notice the change of aura. Everybody turns to face us and I notice that most of the wolves in this room are young. They all bow their heads lightly to acknow ledge their Alpha and then their eyes sett le on me and they all have confused faces. "This is Aleisa, my mate and your Luna. " Isaac's voice boom s through the entire room and everyone's faces turn into exc ited and glad faces before bowing their heads lightly again. "You may go back to your training. " Isaac says and everyone turns and co ntinues what they were doing before. I watch some of the wolves as they lea rn different tactics and I smile at th e amount of effort they are putting in. "This is where the junior warriors train from, th ey learn the beginner tactics like defense and su rprise attacks. " Isaac says answering my thoughts. We go up two similar floors and the levels and ages of the warrior’s advances as we go up the two floors. The third floor had the second rank warriors who normally stand gu ard at the packs borders and then the last floor had the first rank warriors who take part in battles and wars and take part in training the other wolves like the beginners . Each time we went on a new floor Isaac introduced me as his mate and Luna and the pack members would both walk up to me and greet me personally or nod in acknowledgement. We walk out of a door at the back of the top floor and I notice the stairs leading to the ground. I hold on tight to the railing and st are ahead. I notice a few large wolves training on the forest floor. "Let's go meet your future bodyguar ds. " Isaac says stretching out his hand urging me to take a hold of it. "No way, I'm not going down these stairs unless you wa nt me to die. " I step back. "Come on its just four fl oors down. " Isaac says tr ying to take a hold of me. "And I don't like stair s especially the ones t hat go up four floors. "Okay, I'll car ry you. "Mm, okay. " I respond quickly and jump on his back, my legs go around his torso an d his hands take a firm grip on my thighs. Why did I not wear jeans? Isaac walks down the st airs with me on his back, I lay my head on his bac k and sigh peacefully as we trend down the stairs. "We're here. " Isaac announces and I look around and true to his words we are at the foot of the l ast stair. I get off his back and stare at the warriors who haven't seemed to notice Isaac and me. I feel the change in their stances but they don't notice where the change in aura is coming from. I notice a female jumping up and down at the back of the crowd and fist bumpin g the air. My eyes trail down her dark and silky skin, glistening with sweat. S he has long braids in her head decorated with different small pieces and bands. "Who is that?" I ask Isaac but my eyes don't leave the black girl at the end of the training warriors. Isaac's eyes follow mine and they settle on the still jumping black gi rl. I chuckle when she places her hands on her hips and does some sort of chicken dance and sticks out her tongue at the guy she just pinned. "Z air a