Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Chapter 198


Chapter 198 Although No One Wants You Now. "Don't give me your money. " Brendan picked up Adeline's shoe and knelt down to help her put it on while he spoke. Adeline was familiar with this setting. When she was pregnant, Brendan would rub her feet when he knelt to put her shoes on. It warmed her heart that he could be so thoughtful of her at that moment. She even thought that he had made the choice to settle down with her. How naive she was!. The corners of her lips exhibited a tinge of melancholy. "Then what do you want?" she whispered. Brendan got to his feet. He went up close and murmured in her ear, "Kiss me, and we're done. Then he saw Adeline's expression become icy. Intent on leaving, she drew Davis aside. Davis smirked and scowled at him once he'd turned around. "Uncle, you have no shame!" Apparently, he was laughing at him. Once Brendan saw Adeline was leaving, he stopped caring about his arrogance. He walked up and declared, "You are welcome to join me for dinner. Do you think it's too much to have me over for dinner?". In aserious tone, Adeline turned to inquire, "What would you love to eat?" She puckered her lips and said, "Get moving! I'm busy. Brendan, a look of pure delight on his face, came forward to embrace Davis. He said gently, "What do you like to eat?". Davis rolled his eyes. A chance like that, how could he let it pass? "I'm craving some KFC!" His antics amused Adeline. "You are so spineless!". Davis was not allowed to consume any junk food by Lance, who was quite hard on him. But how could a youngster of his age dislike food of this sort?. As a result, he constantly lobbied Adeline to take him out for some. When Brendan heard what Davis said, he promptly grabbed him up and slung him over his shoulder. "Let's hit up KFC!". "Okay, I'll take the children's set meal. It has toys. " Excitedly, Davis raised a hand and waved. Adeline was compelled to accompany Brendan to the closest KFC. Currently, it was time for dinner. Many couples brought their kids to KFC. Adeline and Brendan were standing next to each other and looked like a normal couple. The fact that they weren't a family of three was beyond anyone's reasonable doubt. Because of their attractiveness, onlookers regularly stopped to take in the three of them. While Adeline waited patiently in the seat, Brendan led Davis to the counter to place their order. She chuckled to herself as she saw Brendan and Davis bond,. If their kid. When Adeline contemplated this thought, she instantly dismissed it. Brendan's betrayal led to their breakup. Therefore, they could never be together again. Forever. "Mom, we have purchased a KFC bucket!" Davis told Adeline with much fervor. Right after he sat down, he reached for the chicken wings with his little hands and started munching. "Slow down!" Davis left Adeline helpless

Then she reached for a tissue. to wipe the oil from Davis's face. The little boy was making such a pig of himself!. The softness in her eyes prompted Brendan to inquire, "Just what is his name? Is Davis his name?". “Davis Clemons. From the Clemons family?. A little bit of luck had started off with Brendan, but as soon as he heard the name, it was gone. As he grinned sourly, he questioned, "Is Davis your and Lance's child?" Adeline raised her head and caught sight of the sadness in his eyes. At the same time, there was a spark of optimism. She nodded and said, "Just consider him as my and Lance's kid. For such a long period, they had been entwined. Keeping going wasn't necessary. It was best if he believed that Davis was the offspring of her and Lance since this would allow everyone to go back to business as usual. Brendan, as far as she was aware, was an extremely proud guy who would never like another man's child. Once Brendan processed what Adeline had said, he was speechless for a while. Then he laughed and shook his head. "I'm surprised that so much has transpired in the previous three years. In the presence of happiness, it was said, time seemed to fly by. The three years he spent with Adeline was the most stress-free of his life At that moment, he was unaware of his good fortune. When he thought back on those times, all he could feel was sorrow because he hadn't made the most of the delight they brought. Davis saw the sadness on Brendan's face and patted him on the shoulder with his greasy palm before biting into his burger. "Avoid feeling down, uncle. Even if no one cares about you right now, someone will come along who will adore you and give birth to a kid as adorable as. Ene. A moment of embarrassment had turned into a fit of laughing for Adeline. Brendan smiled and nodded his head saying, "You're right, Davis. " He caressed his round head and said, "Do you think your mom can like me?" After he was done talking, Adeline rolled her eyes. She was ready to tell Davis about the situation when she saw Davis reach out an oily palm and squeeze Brendan's cheek. "Uncle, are you that brazen?". How completely without scruples he was! He intended to take Davis's mother for himself!. Adeline almost let out a cry of shock. Brendan, a well-known clean freak, had several flaws. He would get enraged if anybody touched his coat, much alone Davis with his greasy hand. Even more, he pinched his face! Although it was difficult to see such a spectacle, Brendan being pinched by him was hilarious. She sprang to her feet and reached out, wanting to take Davis and protect him from Brendan's wrath. Brendan should have been outraged, but he took it in stride, saying, "You. have found it. In order to clean his face, he reached for a tissue. Then, with a somber expression on his face, he wiped Davis's hands. He beamed unexpectedly calmly and patiently. He was perfectly OK with it!. Davis was soothed by his uncle's touch. Even though it was their first encounter, he did not feel repulsed. He even threw himself into Brendan's arms. Adeline blinked. When she saw how well Davis and Brendan got along, she was taken aback. Perhaps this was the result of the force of kinship. Since they were all Clemons, they instantly accepted one another and felt like old friends. With a grin on his face, Brendan turned to Adeline and inquired, “Have you had a wonderful time with the Morris family in the last few years?” The question was one he'd been meaning to pose for quite some time

Whenever he was admiring the stars in nights, looking out the window on his way home after work, or passing the same spot they'd visited previously, he would ask the question over and over again. Unfortunately, he got no answer. Now that Adeline was sitting before him, he could finally question her directly. "The truth is, it's not easy, but I'm happy. I was a bit anxious when I first moved in with the Morris family since I was not accustomed to their way of life. The elders were not very welcoming to me and I only had my mother and brother for company. But familial pressure led me to seek a more established role within the family, rather than relying only on my brother and mother for protection. My development accelerated, and I was able to devote more time and energy to cultivating my interests. Her expression was as bright as if she were still the fresh-faced young woman who had just finished high school, brimming with wonder and hope. "But this time, because I'm here, I want to construct an integrated corporate empire in Naerss in addition to acquiring some promising enterprises and fast converting them into wealth. Brendan paid close attention while Adeline spoke. "In Naerss?". "Yes, I am aware that Naerss is home to a number of historic commercial areas. People need something new, yet there is no excellent entertainment option available. I plan on using everything I'll learn from Disney World to design a more appealing and all-encompassing amusement park, restaurant, and entertainment complex. The Clemons ancestors were industrialists. The company's Naerss headquarters served as the hub for activities throughout the nation and beyond. Naerss had great promise as a source of entertainment income. Brendan's thoughts wandered a little after hearing Adeline's words and witnessing the excitement in her eyes. She was quite distinctive from the past. She had now confident and was shining brightly like the mature peacock perched at the top of a tree, whose once-dark hue had faded to reveal its vivacity. Many factors had previously held her back, and she seldom had an opportunity to demonstrate her ability. Included among those people was him as well. He was the one who stymied her attempts to improve her life. She was denied a happy existence by his interference. Six years earlier Adeline impressed Brendan with her dedication and perseverance. She was like a pearl finally unleashing a brilliant light at this moment. Adeline's enthusiasm grew in tandem with the length of her speech. "I continue to exercise and have acquired some combat abilities. I want to gain muscle. As she talked, she pushed her sleeves up, exposing her arms, and attempted to show off. Brendan gave it a thumbs up and stated, "Very excellent. ” despite the fact that the muscle marks were hardly apparent. He saw everything in front of him tum hazy, and after a while, he noticed that his eyes were somewhat moist. What a wonderful moment! His woman seemed to have walked through a field of thorns and broken free from her heavy chains. She had been reborn. He was delighted for her. But he was also sad and disillusioned. Possibly, she no longer saw a need for him in her life. In the midst of her greatest need, he abandoned her. It was no longer necessary to keep him around. He needed to leave her alone!. But he couldn't. He hoped she would do well, but he also desperately wanted her to be his. "Mommy, I'm still hungry. " Davis yanked Adeline's arm and urged her to purchase him another. "I'll take it home for dinner. He blinked his pitiful eyes, which were really irresistible. It was obvious to Adeline that all he needed was one more toy!