Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Chapter 199


Chapter 199 An Ugly Woman. "You little glutton. " After pinching Davis's nose, Adeline stood up and went to order some food for him. When she left, Brendan couldn't help but scoop up Davis into his arms and press his cheek against the little boy's. Davis was the child of Adeline and Lance. Although this fact hurt Brendan a lot, somehow it was difficult for him to hate Davis when he looked at the boy's bright eyes. Besides, who was he to blame Adeline?. They could've had a child, but because of him, the child in Adeline's belly back then didn't even get the chance to come into this world. ® Fortunately, Adeline had Davis. It could be seen that she loved him very much. “Uncle. ” Davis held up his small arms in protest and grabbed Brendan's ear with his chubby hand. "You can't take my mommy away from me. She's mine!". Although he was young, he was a keen observer. He could tell that his Mommy treated this man very differently. And Davis was a territorial little boy. What if Mommy liked someone else more than him?. Despite being scolded by Davis, Brendan only felt amused. "What if I want to be your Daddy?" Brendan asked, straightening Davis's collar gently. Davis was stunned. After a while, he blinked and declared, "I would. never betray my own father!" After saying that, he tilted his head and seemed to be deep in thought. Finally, he made a concession. "Unless you treat me better than him. " Brendan couldn't help but burst into laughter. This little boy was hilarious!. "Okay, I promise I'll do better than your father. I'll buy you Transformer toys and take you to Disneyland, okay?”. Davis crossed his arms over his chest. "We'll see. Humph!". While they were negotiating, Adeline came back with a tray of food. This kid's meal came with a toy. Davis immediately grabbed the pink panther toy and fiddled with it. Children were naturally curious creatures after all, and Davis was no different. "Come on, Davis. You can play with it after we get home. " Adeline picked up Davis and was about to leave, but Brendan stopped her. "Wait a minute. There's something on your face. Indeed, there was a little ketchup stain at the corner of her mouth. Brendan stretched out his thumb and wiped it off, and then he wiped his hand with a tissue. When his calloused thumb brushed against the corner of Adeline's mouth, her heart skipped a beat. Seeing that he didn't seem to be bothered by it, she felt too embarrassed to say anything. She didn't want to make a fuss out of nothing. None of them noticed the shady man hiding in the dark, watching them. After snapping a photo of the three, the man dressed in black quietly slipped away. Soon, the photo was sent to Irene. She was looking through a photo gallery, absentmindedly choosing a. wedding dress. When she received the message containing the photo, she immediately tapped on it. Brendan, Adeline, and the boy looked like a family of three. In the photo, Adeline was holding the child in her arms. She was standing very close to Brendan. Brendan was cupping her cheek, carefully wiping the comer of her mouth. He looked happy, and his eyes were full of affection. Yes, there was no mistaking it. He was in love with this woman. It was something Irene had never felt when she was with him. Brendan even wiped the corner of Adeline's mouth with his finger. Irene knew all too well that Brendan was a neat freak. She had been with this man for more than two years and he seldom touched her because of this

Sometimes she'd try to kiss him, but he'd always find an excuse to push her away indifferently. Irene comforted herself, thinking that he respected her so much that he wanted to keep a distance from her before marriage. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. Anew wave of jealousy washed over Irene. She couldn't help but scream and throw her phone at the wall. Adeline, that fucking bitch!. If this woman married Lance and behaved herself, it would've been fine. Why did she have to seduce Brendan so shamelessly?. And who the hell was that child?. Was he. A horrible thought occurred to Irene. She quickly picked up her phone again to zoom into the boy's face. When she saw it clearly, her hands started to tremble. The boy and Brendan. They looked exactly alike. Brendan and Adeline had a child?!. Ina panic, Irene called the private detective again. "Keep an eye on that. bitch and the child. 1 want first-hand informatiot. As she spoke, her eyes took on a dangerous light. Perhaps she could use the child against Adeline. She doubted Adeline was invincible. The bitch had to have a weakness. The next day, Adeline and Lance walked Davis to school. Stuart Kindergarten was one of the most famous kindergartens in Chalos Students who graduated from this kindergarten could get into the best primary schools in the country. Therefore, it went without saying that all the children who studied in this kindergarten were rich, noble, or gifted. Davis happened to meet all three conditions. Lance proudly bragged, "Davis got a very high score in his IQ test, so he was admitted into Stuart Kindergarten without a hitch. I had thought that I'd need to pull some strings to get him in, but it tuned out I didn't need to worry about him at all. Davis trotted behind them with a small schoolbag on his back. He raised his head proudly and said, "It is not that high. I got a score of around 200 only. Adeline was delighted. "Davis, you're a genius! Lance, you have good genes. The smile on Lance's face froze. In fact, his IQ could only be considered normal. Members of the Clemons family usually had an IQ above average. Gerard, Brendan's father, and Brendan had all scored above 200 in their 1Q tests. The Clemons Group, being run by a traditional, wealthy clan, chose the most talented family members to be its leaders. Lance's father was just an ordinary person who came from an offshoot of the Clemons family, and Lance had always felt insecure about this Why should people be classified by intelligence? Even if all of the Clemons family were at the top of the IQ pyramid, so what?. Now they were all under his control. Which went to show that IQ was not everything. Lance forced a smile and patted Davis's head. "Go ahead and play. Dad needs to talk to Mom. Davis grinned from ear to ear and pumped his small fist at Lance, as though he was cheering him on. Then he ran to the grass and chased after the butterflies. It was still too early for school, so they weren't in a hurry. It was autumn now. The streets were lined with red-orange trees. It was very romantic and beautiful. Adeline pursed her lips hesitantly. "Lance, shouldn't we tell Davis to change the way he addresses me? To avoid any misunderstandings. " Davis liked to call Adeline "Mommy". She didn't think it was a big deal before. Only after she had dinner with Brendan yesterday did she realize that it was inappropriate. Davis called her Mommy and Lance, Daddy. Everyone would think that they were a family of three. But she didn't want to have anything to do with Lance at all. If Davis made a habit of it, it would be more difficult to correct when he. grew older. Besides, if Lance met someone he loved, it would be difficult to explain the situation to that woman

Lance touched his nose with a smile and said, "Davis insists on calling you that. As you know, he lost his mother when he was a child, so he's. been looking for a motherly figure. If you're uncomfortable with it, I'll. tell him that "Oh, forget it. ” Adeline shook her head in embarrassment. Thinking of how disappointed Davis would be, she felt her heart tie up in knots. "Let's talk to him about it when he's a little older. With a cold smile and indifferent eyes, Lance stepped forward and said in a low voice, "Addie, I know I've caused you some trouble before, but I hope you know that I would never want to make things difficult for you. Let nature take its course, okay?”. Adeline nodded quietly. She had made herself clear to Lance. It was understandable that Lance couldn't accept her rejection for the time being. Time would heal everything. They had been acquaintances for several years now. Like a good friend, Lance had stayed by her side in her darkest times. She owed it to him to not cut him off. Lance put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Oh, I almost forgot. Irene wanted to ask if you'd be interested in being her bridesmaid. She and Brendan are getting married soon. Irene did call Lance to ask about it last night. Of course, Lance knew what she was really thinking, but her request fit in with his plan. He didn't mind being used by Irene. Adeline's eyes widened in surprise. Bridesmaid?. Irene and Brendan were getting married soon?. Did Brendan really want Adeline's blessing so much that he hoped she would be there when he got married?. She had never ever worn a wedding dress yet, but he wanted her to wear a bridesmaid dress and stand behind his bride. The hem of Adeline's coat fluttered in the wind. Adeline trembled all of a sudden. She didn't know if it was because of the cold or anger. Meanwhile, Davis was trying to catch butterflies by himself. He was having fun when he caught a glimpse of a woman sneaking over. It was Irene. Irene always thought that she was charming. No one would refuse her, especially kids who were fond of beautiful things. As she approached Davis, she put on a sweet smile. "Hello, little boy. What're you up to?". Davis looked up at her and frowned. He could tell that this woman was trying to butter him up. Confused and somewhat annoyed, he tilted his head and asked, "Can't you see what I'm doing? Are you blind?". Irene's smile froze. He was indeed Adeline's son. He was not polite or cute at all!. She couldn't stand the way he spoke to her. His tone made her feel like she had asked a stupid question. Trying her best to suppress her anger, Irene forced a smile and said, "I'm a friend of your mother. She asked me to take you to her. Hurry up and come with me. She wanted to kidnap Davis. That way, she'd be able to use him to threaten Adeline. She would like to see how Adeline would continue to disrespect her. Davis was just a toddler. It would be easy to abduct him. Unexpectedly, Davis evaded Irene's advances. She almost fell to the ground as she tried to grab him. Davis looked at her with his big, doe-like eyes. "Impossible. Mommy. wouldn't make friends with an ugly woman like you!"