Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Chapter 200


Chapter 200 Failed Kidnapping. Irene was so angry and shocked that she couldn't say a word. Ugly?! What a rude boy! He really took after his mother. But because she needed to gain the little boy's trust, she couldn't show her anger. She could only swallow his insult, She took out a lollipop and waved it in front of Davis. "Come with me if you want some candy!". She watched a lot of TV, and the children were always so gullible. Davis was only a toddler, so surely it would be easy to deceive him. Davis looked at her curiously. "Miss, did you poison your candy?". Irene's expression darkened instantly. Damn it! How did this stupid child know that she had drugged the lollipop?. He looked like he wasn't even three years old. How on earth could he have seen through her so easily?. She quickly forced a smile and laughed awkwardly. "Of course not! I really like you, so I got it for you. Here, try it!". Seeing that Irene wanted to stick the lollipop into his mouth, Davis hastily took a few steps back. Nose wrinkled in disgust, he shook his small hand and refused her. "I think that lollipop is poisonous. I'll only take it if you taste it first. Irene was fuming. She gave up on the lollipop and threw it on the ground. Now she had no choice but to use brute force. She looked around to make sure that no one was around. She had planned on grabbing Davis, covering his mouth with one hand and using the other to hold him. That way, she could make a run for it without making a big commotion. They were in the CCTV cameras' blind spot. Irene was certain she could get away with it unnoticed. How could she, a grown woman, not be able to deal with a little kid? However, as soon as Irene got close, she suddenly felt a hot liquid seeping into her dress. She looked down and immediately screamed. Son of a bitch! The little bastard peed on her!. He sprayed his urine all over her body. She was in a lace floral dress today, which turned transparent now that it was drenched in piss. She had never been in a situation like this before. She flailed her hands and screamed helplessly. Her scream soon attracted Adeline's and Lance's attention. Lance bolted towards them and protectively held Davis in his arms. Looking at Irene and then at the giggling Davis beside, Adeline understood what was going on immediately. Irene failed to defeat her, so she wanted to deal with Davis instead? What a heartless woman!. How dare she attack a child?. "Miss Archer, what's going on? And what's that smell?" Adeline pretended to be confused and stood far away from Irene, fanning the air in front of her. Sure enough, her reaction made Irene angrier. “It's all your stupid kid's fault. 1 wanted to play with him, but he pissed on me!" Gritting her teeth, Irene glared at Davis, wishing she could strangle him to death. Protected by Lance, Davis made a face at Irene, which pissed her off even. more. Adeline stifled a giggle and said, "He is just a child. How can he control himself? Maybe he peed on you because he likes you. Irene's eyes widened in disbelief. What on earth did that mean? "Mommy, that lady tried to take me away. She said that she's your friend and that you asked her to get me," Davis announced, exposing what Irene had done. Hearing that, Irene became nervous. She was not scared of Adeline, but she was afraid of offending Lance

It seemed that Lance was very protective of the child. She stole a glance at Lance, only to meet his angry gaze. She quickly tried to defend herself. "No, no, he misunderstood. I just wanted to play with him, that's all. Adeline smiled coldly. "Of course we believe you. Since you like children so much, I can't wait until you have one with Brendan. Her words made Irene's eyes flicker with annoyance. How could she have a baby with Brendan?. Brendan didn't even want to look at her, let alone touch her!. Adeline must've known this and deliberately said those words to irritate her. Irene hated her more. She took deep breaths, and her piss-drenched dress soon dried up, emitting a pungent smell. Passers-by all covered their noses, and pointed at her in hushed whispers. Irene had never experienced being ostracized before. Gritting her teeth with hatred, she turned around and stomped off. She walked away awkwardly, her high heels sinking into the mud. After taking just a few steps, she tripped and sprained her ankle, howling in. pain. "Mommy, that lady is a bad guy. ” Davis pointed at the direction where Irene left. Stroking his head, Adeline said, "I'm glad you defended yourself, but next time, call me first. I'll protect you. Davis nodded obediently. "Okay! Anyway, I can't always pee that much. ” "Ha-ha!" Adeline couldn't help but burst into laughter. What a funny child!. Seeing how harmonious the two were, Lance couldn't help but smile. He then turned around and looked in the direction Irene left. That bitch was stupid and arrogant. It would be a pity if he didn't make use of her. Although Adeline felt a little reluctant to come back to Naerss, she soon settled in and grew comfortable. And it didn't take long before she made progress in acquiring Jonson. At first, Rocco insisted that even if he lost all of his money, he wouldn't let Adeline take away his company. But soon, as the stock price plummeted, he had no choice but to hand it over to her on a silver platter. When Rocco came to Adeline's office the second time, Adeline gave him a new offer. "Two hundred million dollars. Just a week ago, it was five hundred million dollars. Rocco was so angry that his whole body trembled. "Don't you dare push me too far!". With a beautiful but cruel smile on her face, Adeline said, "If you don't want to sign the contract now, then forget it. I wonder what the stock price will be in two days. ” Hearing this, all the color drained from Rocco's face. “Fine. I'll sign it. He was disgusted, angry, and scared. Albeit reluctant, he handed over the company at half the price. Adeline picked up the contract and flicked through it with a satisfied smile. She successfully bought Jonson's jewelry company and invested in a very interesting invention. Now, she had her eyes on a piece of land in the west district. Development at the west district had always been slow, but recently there was a subway built, which made the area enticing. She wanted to build a business complex there, so she had her sights set on the land. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only one

Many developers competed for that land, and its price rose higher and higher. That night, Adeline was invited to a wine party in Naerss. Since the host of the party was the person in charge of the bid for the land in the west district, she had come to the party early. The black lace dress she was wearing revealed her fair shoulders and neck, outlining her sexy figure. The ruby on her necklace shone dazzlingly. She flicked her long hair, revealing the shining diamond tassel earring on her earlobe. As soon as she showed up, she was the belle of the ball. The crowd made way for her automatically, staring at her with admiration. Wherever she went, all eyes were on her. Suddenly, a fat man blocked her way. He was the son of the party host, Cohen Cooper. He wasn't that tall to begin with, standing 1. 7 meters in height. However, his weight made him look much shorter than he really was. His hair was covered with hair gel, which made it look shiny and greasy. At this moment, his round face showed a greedy smile. As soon as he saw Adeline, he couldn't help but reach out to touch her. "Are you the daughter of the Morris family? You're gorgeous, honey. I heard that you want to develop in Naerss. Do you need my help?". Adeline took a step back, putting some distance between them. She looked at him and shook her head coldly. "No, but thank you for your kindness, Mr. Cooper. Cohen was a famous playboy in Naerss. He wasn't outstanding in anything, but he was arrogant. He was notorious for bullying others into submission, threatening with the power of his family. When Adeline refused him, Cohen's fat face immediately contorted in anger. "Why not? You're lucky I like you. Don't you want to gain a foothold in Naerss? Don't you want to take over the land in the west? Why don't you just flatter me? You might be powerful in Bilsco, but you can't compete with me in Naerss. Don't put on airs in front of me. " «. In his eyes, there was nothing special about the daughter of the Morris family since they already had an heir. It wasn't like Adeline would inherit her family's business. He, on the other hand, was different. His father was a powerful official and everything that belonged to him would soon belong to Cohen. Adeline was rich and he was powerful. Weren't they a good match?. It was no secret that Adeline was a divorcee and that she was an illegitimate daughter. If it weren't for her beauty, he wouldn't even have looked at her. How dare she reject him?. Adeline cast a cold glance at Cohen. She felt it would be a waste of time to talk with him, so she decided to walk straight past him, but the fat man stopped her. "My patience is running thin, Miss Dawson. You're a. divorcee. You should feel honored that I've taken a fancy to you. Take ‘one more step and I'll make your life a living hell. " Cohen's voice was loud, and many people heard what he said. The commotion drew in the crowd, and everyone was looking forward to a good show. Suddenly, a slender figure emerged from the crowd and stopped in front. of Cohen. "Do you know who you are talking to?”