Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Chapter 201


Chapter 201 Reunion. Adeline looked in the direction of the voice and found Brendan walking towards them, a glass of champagne elegantly sitting in his right hand. Before Cohen understood what was going on, Brendan raised his arm and slowly poured the champagne on his head. The alcohol trickled down Cohen's head, soaking into his suit. Cohen reacted instantly and threw his hands over his head, crying, "How dare you, Brendan! I'm telling my father right now!" «. Everyone knew that Brendan Clemons held all the power in Naerss. Even a wealthy playboy like Cohen was nothing compared to him. Because all eyes were on them, Cohen didn't want to beg for mercy and lose face, so he turned around to make a run for it instead Unexpectedly, Brendan stuck out his long leg, tripping the fat man. Cohen plummeted to the floor, his heavy belly smacking against the marble audibly. He couldn't help but cry out in pain. His face had hit the floor, knocking out two of his front teeth. The guests couldn't help but burst into laughter. Cohen was a domineering bastard, and naturally, there were a lot of people who hated him. Now that Brendan had humiliated him in public, they felt as though their anger had been vented. Everyone pointed a finger at Cohen, laughing hysterically. Even Adeline couldn't help but giggle. She would've been able to deal with Cohen even without Brendan here, but it would've been awkward to discuss the bidding with his father afterwards. Thus, Brendan's sudden appearance was timely. "Are you okay?" Brendan walked up to her, his eyes full of affection. The soft warm light illuminated his face, which added to his charm. And there was a tenderness in his eyes. Adeline found herself drawn to his alluring eyes, but she soon came to her senses. "Thanks, but I didn't need your help. I'm fine. “If you really want to thank me, then—". Before Brendan could make a request, Adeline cut him off abruptly. "No. We're not that close. You've already asked me to invite you to dinner. ” Last time, she had dinner with Brendan and Davis—and it was a meal she regretted having. She refused to give in to him a second time. Seeing the fierce determination in her eyes, Brendan sighed helplessly. "Okay, then how are you going to thank me?". Adeline tilted her head to the side and mulled over it for a second. "I'll pray for your great wealth. Brendan was stunned. "That's all?". It was so. lame. Seeing that Brendan was dissatisfied, Adeline stifled her laughter and flipped her hair nonchalantly. She walked past him without giving him a chance to protest more. After all, he deserved it. He had promised her so much in the past, and not once did he keep his promises. She too could play this game. Brendan watched her walk away and noticed that she moved somewhat clumsily. He guessed that she was uncomfortable in her high heels, as she seldom wore heels before. He grabbed her arm and stopped her. "Wait. " Adeline glared at him impatiently. "What is it this time?". The next second, Brendan knelt down and took off her shoes. Then he scooped her into his arms. It all happened so fast that Adeline's mind went blank. By the time she came to her senses, Brendan was already carrying her. Feeling everyone's gaze, she blushed and punched him angrily

"Put me down! Are you insane?". "I'm not insane, just lovesick," Brendan answered with a grin, showing off his pearly whites. "Your shoes look painful. Don't your feet hurt?” "It's none of your business!" Adeline curled up her red and swollen toes embarrassedly. Her high heels were around 4 inches high, a height she seldom wore, but only these shoes could match her outfit. She didn't expect that she would get tired of wearing them so soon. She thought no one would notice her discomfort, but Brendan did. When Brendan saw that she looked a little embarrassed, a thought occurred to him. He took her to a secluded fountain in the corner of the garden. As soon as they sat down, he made sure to keep both of her shoes out of reach. Adeline had no choice but to rest her legs on Brendan's thighs so that her feet wouldn't touch the ground. She bit her bottom lip and hissed, "I said, it's none of your business. Maybe I haven't made myself clear, so let me be frank: I don't want to have anything to do with you. But Brendan pretended not to hear her. Instead, he waved at the waiter and asked him to buy a pair of flats for the lady. Hearing this, Adeline looked up at him in surprise. "You still remember my shoe size?" After saying that, she bit her bottom lip and regretted it. As expected, Brendan smiled and said, "Of course I remember. I even remember your clothes size and. He glanced at Adeline's chest and swallowed. He coughed to hide his embarrassment and said, "Well, we lived together for so long. It's not just you caring about me, okay?". Adeline lowered her head quietly. Soon, a waiter brought her a pair of black satin pointy shoes with low heels, which matched her dress perfectly. Brendan was not the kind of man who had no taste in women's clothes. Adeline slipped the shoes on and then picked up the hem of her dress to leave. Suddenly, Brendan pulled her into his arms. She was so startled that she screamed. "You've suffered a lot over the past few years, haven't you?" he murmured. Although she was the daughter of the Morris family and seemed to enjoy a great deal of prestige, she must have borne a lot of pressure. The playboy Cohen had the audacity to harass her just now, yet she couldn't fight back. He knew how hard her life had been. He always knew that she was an intelligent and decisive woman on the outside, but on the inside, she was soft and needed to be taken care of. Did anyone protect her when he was not by her side?. Adeline was instantly enveloped in his warmth. She looked up into his eyes and smiled bitterly. "Yes, there were times when I felt wronged, but not as wronged as when I was with you. Brendan's expression instantly darkened. However, in the eyes of outsiders, the two looked like an intimate couple. Brendan's arms were wrapped around Adeline's waist, and Adeline smiled at Brendan flirtatiously. What an eye-catching scene!. Sure enough, the journalists' eyes lit up as they snapped countless photos. Myah also attended the dinner party, and she was holding a glass of wine and talking with several producers. When she tumed her head, she caught a glimpse of Adeline and Brendan hugging each other. She couldn't help but widen her eyes and bolt towards them. "Brendan, get your hands off of her! It's been a long time since you two separated. Haven't you hurt Addie enough?" She pulled Adeline away from him and stood in front of her protectively. "Don't worry. You misunderstood. Just now, we were only—". "shut up!" Myah was pissed off. "She gave you a chance before. Did you cherish it? No. So she dumped you. Yet now you keep pestering her? There are many people who love and care about Addie

Don't make things difficult for her anymore. Do you purposely want to mess up her life? Can't you see that she's happy without you?". Previously, although Myah disapproved, Adeline had wanted to get back together with Brendan. She didn't expect that Brendan would cheat on Adeline. Now that the scumbag wanted to pester Adeline again, how could she just sit by and do nothing?. If rumors spread because of these photos, Adeline wouldn't be able to explain herself clearly. Brendan's lips parted slightly, but no words came out. He knew that it'd be useless to defend himself. He smiled bitterly. "You're right. " "So you agree. Then stay away from Addie!" Myah snapped at Brendan and then pulled Adeline away. Adeline didn't get the chance to speak. When Myah had finally calmed down, she said, "Don't be angry. It's not what you think. He helped me out just now. "You are too kind, Addie—too kind to a fault. What? He helped you out and you forgot how he treated you before?". Myah's anger flared up again. "You're the daughter of the Morris family now. You can have any man you want. Don't stoop to this scumbag's level. As she spoke, she saw that Adeline's eyes were glued to something behind her. She couldn't help but get angrier. "What are you looking at? I'm talking to you. Did you hear me?". Adeline pointed at something behind her and stammered, “I. I'm looking at Taylor. " At the mention of that name, Myah's heart skipped a beat. She turned around slowly, only to find the well-dressed Taylor smiling at her from across the crowd. He even waved his hand, albeit with some hesitation. Myah was furious just now, and she had turned around angrily. Her expression suddenly froze and she couldn't move. She opened her mouth, but no words left her lips. Adeline's eyes darted between the two and she could tell that the two needed to talk. She lifted the hemline of her dress and snuck away quietly. Myah stood glued to the spot and watched as Taylor made his way. towards her. He looked exactly the same as the day they first met, gentle and handsome. His eyes were also still clear and calm. Today, Myah wore a tight champagne-colored dress. Taylor walked up to her, took off his coat, and put it on her. "It's a little cold tonight. It's great to see you, Myah. He didn't plan to show up here today initially, but he received a text from Brendan. Brendan told him to come as soon as possible, or he would regret. Taylor, who happened to be in the area, immediately drove over as fast as he could. Just now, his heart was still pumping from the adrenaline, his hair plastered to his forehead in sweat. Now standing in front of Myah, he felt as though he had stepped into a dream. Standing in front of him safe and sound was the woman he had dreamt about for years now. Seeing her in the flesh felt somewhat strange. "Yes, I'm back. You know, we celebrities always travel. " Finally, Myah. forced a smile devoid of warmth and flipped her hair nonchalantly