Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Chapter 206


Chapter 206 Going Senile. "Young people need to wake up to reality and make things happen through their own hands. Don't always ask others for stuff and sponge off your family. Since everyone had agreed, Adeline breathed a sigh of relief. Afterwards, she waved her smartphone in front of them and said, "I have an announcement. I'd like to congratulate our family, because I just received word that I have been granted the land in the west district. ” Freddy sprang to his feet, unable to believe what he just heard. "What the hell are you talking about? Don't spout lies in here! You think we're all fools like you?". Adeline had only been to Naerss for a short time. How in the world did she manage to acquire that land?. Chayce stood up using his walking stick, clearing his throat and saying, "There are many elders present here, young lady. Do not lie to us just to make yourself look good. A smirk appeared on Adeline's lips as her eyes lit up with confidence and poise. "I'm not lying to any of you. Here is the confirmation of approval. Have a good long look at it and verify its validity. She then showed the original copy of approval on her phone to everyone. They were all stupefied that she was telling the truth. She was indeed granted the land. She even managed to circumvent the bidding process!. How on earth did she pull this off?. What was going on? How could this be possible?. The seal, the signature, and the documents presented were real. Someone even held a magnifying glass above the approval document to inspect it for falsehoods, but found nothing. It was then that the meeting room fell into silence. Still wearing a smile, Adeline spoke again in a clear, determined voice. "Since you all found that it is real, you'll have to concede to my decision. Do not interfere with my work in Naerss for three months. You're all respectable and prominent members of the family, so you're not going to deceive me or play tricks on me, right?". She made sure to emphasize that she was their junior, so the elders couldn't go back on their words now. The Morris family was a big and prominent clan, so it went without saying that they couldn't do anything underhanded. "You must've done something sketchy," Booker snorted. Adeline was just about to leave when she heard that. She then turned around and countered, "Booker, you're getting older by the day. Even if you don't care much about your own well-being, you need to think about the future of your descendants. I'll let that one slide and just think you're going senile. "You little bitch!" Booker was hopping mad. He wanted to hit Adeline with his walking stick, but all he heard was the sound of the door slamming shut. Her combative behavior was getting on his nerves. Freddy hurried to Booker's side to help him stand. "Don't mind anything that she says. She's nothing but a bastard and a shameless bitch. How could she say something so rebellious? If we keep letting her get what she wants, she'll destroy this family sooner or later!". It really pissed Booker off that he couldn't take over the Morris family. and hold ultimate power within it. In his opinion, Adeline was far beneath him in every way. Thus, when he heard what she said, he was livid and envious. Rufus chuckled and remarked, "For now, let's let her do what she wants. Once she fails and ruins her career, she'll come back and ask our family to clean up her mess. By then, we can demand anything from her and she won't be in any position to refuse. His words were enough to calm everyone else down in the meeting room, and they all nodded in agreement. Adeline was merely a woman, and she was weak

What could she possibly do?. It was a small success and nothing more. The higher her pride would be, the harder she'd fall. As Adeline walked out the door, she finally felt relieved. In all honesty, she was just as shocked as the others. She had no idea how she managed to get approval to acquire the land. She hadn't even started her operations!. Could it be that. She then went downstairs to her bedroom. There, she checked her contact list on her phone to review all the names of the people she had met several times. Who knew that she wanted to acquire the land in the west district? And who of those people had the capability to help her get it?. Who could work this swiftly and decisively?. After looking through all the names, her eyes landed on one that left her conflicted. It was Brendan. After a moment of hesitation, she decided to call him. Pretty soon, she was able to get through to him. "Hello," he said. His voice was still so soothing to hear. Before she could even say anything, Brendan chuckled and said, "Have you received the gift I gave you?". It really was him. Adeline took a deep breath and replied, "You're the one who helped me get the land in the west district? Why didn't you tell me about it? You didn't have to do it for me. I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself. ” Even though she had full confidence in her abilities, she knew that it was nigh impossible to get that land within three months. And by then, she'd be anxious and restless. Despite not wanting to be involved with Brendan anymore, she must admit that he had been a big help to her. Although he did something wrong to her before, she couldn't always rely on him. Adeline was determined to stay away from him. She mustn't accept his assistance all the time. Then, a burst of hearty laughter rang in her ears. Back when they were together, Brendan often laughed like this. During their three-year marriage, he was always stern and serious. On the surface, he would always be the indomitable Mr. Clemons. But in the few months they got back together, he often laughed with glee. Each time they were around each other, he would embrace her. He'd rub his stubbly chin against her face or rest it on her shoulders and neck. He used to be so honest with her. "I didn't help you to make you feel indebted to me. I did it out of my own volition. You know, loving someone means being able to do things for the one you love without asking for anything in return. just as you once did. for me. I'm happy to see you happy," Brendan remarked. Adeline pulled herself together and said, "I can't accept your help without giving anything back. I'll think of a way to thank you. Anyway, you can carry on with your work. For now, she needed to stay calm. Otherwise, she might change her mind just because Brendan did her a favor. "Addie," Brendan called out, worried that she might hang up. "You don't have to be so formal with me. I thought that even though we're no longer a couple, we could still be friends. I might even say I consider you my family

You'll always be the most important person in my heart. ” They were still family? And he was saying that she was the most important person to him?. Adeline's eyes turned red. She hadn't even reached her thirties yet, but she had known him for over a decade. They hadn't seen each other for three years, but she still couldn't erase him from her life. Even after all this time, he still held a special place in her heart. However, Adeline didn't want to let herself be swayed by his sweet words. "Mr. Clemons, you're a sweet talker, but we're divorced now. We're not friends, let alone a family. " She chuckled bitterly before ending the phone call. He must know that she used to only want him to be her love. Sadly, he failed her. Meanwhile, as Brendan sat before his desk, he stared at his phone and. heaved a sigh Adeline still couldn't forgive him. Perhaps she was so heavily guarded against him because of how much he hurt her in the past. At this time, Irene was standing outside the office door with a bento box in hand. She was here to bring Brendan some food. Due to being born into a well -off family, she had never been to a kitchen before. But when she heard that Brendan enjoyed bento meals, she figured he would appreciate it if she brought him some. Lately, she had been bringing him some bento boxes during her spare time. In all honesty, she hated the scent of oil and smoke, so she asked one of the servants to cook the food she brought here, pretending that she was the one who prepared it. When she was outside the door just now, she heard Brendan talking to Adeline over the phone. Because of it, she was now on the verge of collapse. Brendan said that Adeline was the most important person to him?. He meant he loved her. They had been together for over two years, but he never once showed her a shred of affection. Adeline was a divorcee. She was raised in an ordinary family, she now had another man, and to top it off, she even had a bastard child. How on earth was Adeline better than Irene?. In order to stay on Brendan's good side, Irene had to compose herself and stay calm, She was obedient and subservient to him, and this was how he repaid her?. Naturally, she was furious. She kept on cursing Adeline in her heart. Irene was livid when she remembered how Adeline said that she wasn't interested in Brendan anymore, and yet she was trying to seduce him. Irene felt that she couldn't just sit here and wait. She must do something that would make Brendan see Adeline's true colors and fall for herself. She was his only woman, so she should be the one to enjoy his love and affection. "Brendan, I'm here to bring you food. " Irene gently opened the door, suppressing her anger and putting on a bright smile. To her dismay, Brendan shot her an indifferent glance and said, "I'm not hungry. Please leave. Afterwards, he focused on working again. Infuriated, she put the bento box aside and told him to eat on time before leaving the room. Resentment could be seen growing in her eyes. Seconds later, something suddenly crossed her mind that made her eyes light up. When Adeline was Bilsco for a week, she visited Gracie and Jacob before returning to Naerss. Jacob seemed really interested in her work in Naerss, so he told her that he'd visit her in a few days. Naturally, she knew that Jacob wasn't going to Naerss because of her. His real motive was to find an opportunity to see Darla. In the past three years, he had been wanting to see her, but she didn't. like him. She was more interested in another man, and it was Lance