Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Chapter 19 I Won't Go Back To That Place


Home? . That wasn't her home anymore. Adeline smiled bitterly and shook her head. "Have you forgotten what you told me, Mr. Clemons? You said that once I walked through the door, there was no coming back. I'm not coming back to your villa, certainly not with you. "But you still have some of your things there. You should get them. Brendan wanted to have a calm conversation with Adeline. Gerard was in very poor health right now, and Brendan didn't want him to notice that he and Adeline were going through a rough patch. With time, Brendan realized that he didn't want Adeline to leave him, and he didn't want a divorce. Since Tiffany would also be at the villa, Brendan thought that it would be a great opportunity for him to explain to Adeline the real score between him and Tiffany. He really wanted to settle that matter as soon as possible. What he'd failed to take into account was his sudden change of heart. It occurred to Adeline that she left in a hurry when she decided to move out of the villa and indeed left some of her stuff. Some of those things she could use in her work. She had planned to return to the villa to get her things but only when Brendan wasn't home. Since Brendan was offering to take her now, she might as well get it over with. It seemed that Brendan really couldn't wait to remove all her traces from the villa. He just couldn't tolerate her that much. As soon as this thought came to her mind, Adeline smiled at herself wryly. She didn't understand why she was so surprised. Brendan had never wanted her in his life. Of course he would do anything to erase her from recent memory. She was an unwelcome accident in his life. That was all. "Fine," Adeline muttered and nodded without saying anything else. Half an hour later, the car stopped at the gate of Brendan's villa. After getting out of the car, Adeline stood still and asked Brendan to go get her things for her. She would be waiting outside. Looking at the villa in front of her where she had lived for several years, Adeline felt a rush of mixed emotions. When she and Brendan first moved into the villa, she was full of expectation and swore to herself that she would make a sweet home for herself and for her husband. She had tried her best to decorate the villa and turn it into a haven. She personally shopped for all the things around the house. She carefully chose the colors of the curtains, the plants in the garden, the vases, the furniture, and all the kitchenware and tools. Brendan liked industrial-style decoration, and his favored color palette consisted of blacks, whites, and grays. On the other hand, Adeline favored bright, happy colors. Their tastes were totally different. But still, Adeline did everything according to Brendan's preferences. When she was done decorating the entire villa, she was nervous to show her work to him. "What do you think? Do you like it?". "It's not bad," Brendan nodded indifferently. After a while, he asked, "This isn't the style that you like, is it?". "Well, I like bright colors. But it doesn't matter. As long as you like it, I'm okay with it. At that time, Adeline really felt that she was very lucky. Although her marriage to Brendan was, in reality, a business deal between two families, she was still thankful that at least she'd ended up with the man that she loved. No matter how much she had to sacrifice, she didn't mind because she loved Brendan, and she was willing to do anything to get even a sliver of his love and affection. At that time, Adeline was so stupid, but she was also so happy. At this moment, a sharp female voice filled the air. "What are you doing here?". Adeline turned around and saw a car pulling over behind them. Tiffany got out of said vehicle. Behind her car was a big moving truck from which several people in black uniforms poured out. The logo of the moving company was emblazoned on their chests. "Shall we begin moving your things in, Mrs. Clemons?". Tiffany turned her head and nodded. "Yes. Thank you. Be careful. Don't break anything, okay?". The moving people immediately started doing their jobs

Adeline narrowed her eye s as Tiffany's presence s lowly made sense to her. Tiffany was going to move in and live with Brendan in the villa t hat she made a comfortable home. The sweet sanctuary that once b elonged to her was now about to be occupied by another woman. Adeline felt h er heart shatte r into pieces. Tiffany walked up to h er in high heels and st ared at her viciously. "You bitch! Didn't you say that you wouldn't badger Brendan anymore? You were lying! I should've known t hat you were going to say one thing and do another!" . Then, to Adeline's surprise and horror, Tiffany suddenly switched from being enra ged to being triumphant. "But it doesn't matter. Today is the day I move into my new house. As the future hostess, I'm willing to invite you in for a cup of tea. Did Tiffan y just glo at to her? . Enduring the pain, Adel ine pressed her lips to gether in a thin line. She couldn't l et Tiffany loo k down on her. "That's kind of you, but n o, thank you. Even though she had already decided to leave Brendan, she still felt uncomfor table in awkward situations like this. At this time, B rendan walked ou t of the villa. He was stunned when he saw Tif fany and the moving people wit h all her things and luggage. Adeline da rted her ey es to him. She stepped forward and grabbed the fi les from his hand. "Thank you for letting me get the last of m y stuff, Mr. Clemons. I won't be bothering you anymore. Goodbye, and have a nice life. Then, she left in a hur ry, not wanting to stay even one second longer. She didn't give Brendan any ch ance to speak, so he could onl y stare after her as she left. "Ad eli ne!" . Brendan shouted Adeline's name to stop her, but Tiffany grabbe d his arm and whined, "Brendan!" . Looking back at Tiffany, he asked in a low voice, "I told you to move into the villa t hat I got for you nearby. Why are you here?" . Tiffany sensed the displeasure in Bren dan's voice and rep . lied in a coquetti sh tone. "You know I'm afraid of the dark. I daren't sleep alone at night. Didn't you say before that you would take care of me? If you really meant that, then you would let me move in w ith you. Isn't it better for us to live together so that we can take care of each other?" . She gazed at him affectio nately while biting her l ip, trying to seduce him. Tiffany had alway s been confident in her own charm. And back in the day, Brendan had been rea lly crazy about her. She believed tha t he wouldn't ref use her request. If she successfully moved in with him, then she would be able to get closer to him and develop a romantic relationship with him. But to her surprise, Brendan frowned and shook off her hand. "You're my sister-in-la w, Tiffany. Hearing these words , Tiffany's face su ddenly turned pale. "Listen, Adeline and I are still married. We haven't broken up. Besides, it's not appropriat e for us to live together. I've already told you that if you're scared of living alone, then I can arrange for you to live in a villa near my place," Brendan said in a decisive voice. Brendan's company constructed and developed th e villa district where he lived. There were st ill a few large villas that hadn't been sold. He was always very generous to his family. And as his elder broth er's widow, Tiffany cou nted to him as family. His brother had passed awa y. He should take care of Tiffany, but that was it. Hearing what Bre ndan said, Tiffa ny felt anxious. "You two haven't broken up? But Adeline told me that you had divorced. " Tiffany prattl ed on, "Brendan, I really don't understand. Why do you want to keep her with you? She d oesn't deserve you at all. Don't tell me that you really have fallen in love with her. Tiffany's family was more powerful than Adeline's, and she was m ore beautiful than Adeline. If she hadn't made the wrong choice y ears ago, Adeline wouldn't have had the chance to marry Brendan. Tiffany was determ ined to get the ma n that she wanted. She couldn't allow herself to be def eated by Adeline. Hearing Tiffany belittle Adeline , Brendan clenched his fist, and his eyes suddenly turned cold. "Ti ffa ny!"

Brendan said in a serious tone, "Adeline is my wife. I hope you understa nd that I respect you because you're my brother's widow. But you're in n o position to interfere in my personal affairs. Do I make myself clear?" . His bro ther's widow. These few words were lik e a dagger driven straig ht into Tiffany's heart. She staggere d backward a few steps. "Brendan, is that all I'll ever be to you? Your sister-in -law?" She asked in a trembling voice, "We used to love e ach other. Have you forgotten the days we spent together?" . Tiffany thought that if Adeline bowed out, she an d Brendan could live a happy life together. But n ow it seemed that Brendan wanted Adeline to stay. The expression on Brendan's face wa s as cold as ice. "Tiffany, Lance once saved my life. We were very , very close to each other. And there was nothing between you and me. Neither there will ever be. Brendan took a step back and distanced himself from Tiffany. "When you married my brother, you became my sister-in-law and no thing more. Just because Lance is no longer around doesn't mean I will betray him. That's the last thing I'll ever do. I will forget everything that you said to me today, and I don't want to hear any more, okay? Just move to the villa I got for you. After saying that, he ordered the moving people to bring Tiffany's things to the v illa that he arranged for her to live in. But Tiffany didn't want to give up. She wrapped her arm s around Brendan's waist from behind. "No. " She shook her head and said, "You don't mean any of the things you said, Brendan. We love e ach other. It's just that fate has separated us for a while. Why are you being so cruel to me? Is it because of Adeline? It's because of her, isn't it? But without her, we can be together, right?" . Without hesitation , Brendan shook of f Tiffany's arms. "Stop flatte ring yoursel f, Tiffany. He said without looking at her, "I was young and ignorant back then. Maybe I had been attracted to you for some time, but don't forget how good Lance had been to you. He risked his life to save you, and he paid d early for it. And now he's dead. We both owe him, and us getting together will be an insult to his memory. With a hint of sadness in his eyes, Brendan sighed. "Lance once told me that if anything happened to him and he couldn't look after you any more, he hoped that we wouldn't make things difficult for you. You're still young. You can still find someone who will treat you the way my brother did, and you can marry again. Or if you want to stay, my family will also make sure that you will lead a wealthy, comfortable life. After saying t hat, Brendan le ft resolutely. Tiffany wanted to go after him, but he wal ked away too quickly. She looked at the dir ection he went to and clenched her fists. "Adeline, you slut! This is all your fault! I should've known that you wouldn't let Brendan go so easily! But I will never let you take Brendan away from me. He's mine!" . That b itch Ad eline! . She said she had already decided t o leave Brendan. She w as a liar! . She was still pestering him shamelessly. She must have bewitched him , and that was why he was s uddenly distancing himself. Lance was already d ead. Brendan didn't have to mind him. Brendan's reasons fo r refusing her didn' t convince Tiffany. "Adeline, we shall wait an d see!" Tiffany gnashed her teeth together in hatred. After leaving the villa district, Adeline haile d a taxi and hopped in. Of course, she didn't know about the conversation be tween Brendan and Tiffany. After she got into the taxi, she received seve ral calls from Brendan. Looking at Brendan's name on he r screen, she couldn't help scof fing a little bit at the irony. Why was he still wasting his time on her? Shouldn't he be enjoying his n ew life with his true love, Tiffany? . She didn't answer any of his call s. She blacklisted his number and shoved it back into her pocket