Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Chapter 27 I Won't Step Inside This Villa Anymore


"What do you plan on doing?" Adeline exclaimed. Brendan leaned over to fasten her seatbelt for her. He glanced at the wound on her forehead and asked, "What do you think? You're weak and exhausted. What if you pass out along the way?". Adeline was rendered speechless. She was indeed trying her best to stay conscious. Her head was buzzing, and her vision was starting to blur. Though it pained her to admit it, she was indeed in a bad condition. But, she still stubbornly tried to open the door. "I can take a cab home by myself!". The next second, Brendan stepped on the gas, causing the car to speed away. "If you want to get out of the car, do it!" he grunted. "Are you insane?". Adeline was so infuriated that she couldn't think of a rebuttal. This bastard was always so bullheaded. In a fit of rage, she turned her gaze outside the window. While Brendan was driving, he glanced at the side of her face in his peripheral vision, admiring her beauty. They had been married for three whole years. To his memory, she had always been obedient to him and not once had she lost her temper. Back then, she seemed like nothing but a pretty doll without a soul. Not once had he been interested her in the past. Even when they were together, he wanted nothing to do with her aside from sex. He had to admit that she was quite voluptuous. But aside from that, he barely knew anything about her. It wasn't until they parted that he got to know the real Adeline. He found that she had various emotions. At times she was angry, sad, and happy. She was a living, breathing person. Even though she was like a wildcat, baring her fangs and claws at him from time to time, she seemed much more attractive to him. It was hard for him not to be captivated by her. Unfortunately, it was obvious that she no longer gave a damn about what he was thinking. Later on, she leaned her head against the car window and drifted into sleep. When the car finally stopped, she woke up in a daze, finding herself in Brendan's arms as he strode into the villa. Adeline pulled herself together and jumped out of his arms. "Take it easy, Adeline!" Brendan grunted. Taking a deep breath, Adeline replied, "Brendan, you told me on that day that once l left the villa, I can never come back. So, no matter what happens, I will never set foot inside this villa again! Maybe you think I'm just playing hard to get or something, but sadly for you, I'm serious. I will not break my promise!". She looked into his eyes and continued, "From now on, don't bother me again unless it involves your grandfather. Thereafter, she dragged her tired body away, walking sluggishly. "Adeline!" Brendan growled from behind her. What an ungrateful woman! . To be fair, he was probably also kind of being officious. Why did he care so much about her anyway? He must've gone insane or something! . To vent his displeasure, he called his friends out for a drink. He needed to drown his sorrow. In the club. Once his friends entered the private room, they saw Brendan sitting on the sofa with a sullen expression. "Whoa! What's up with you, bro? Who made you so pissed?" Rex approached him, put his hand on Brendan's shoulder, and smirked. "I heard there are some new girls in the club. Want them to come over? Are you upset because of Adeline? Forget about her for tonight and cheer up, bud! Let's just enjoy the night, my friend. I'll pay the bill!". Rex was a hedonistic man and he had grown accustomed to a life of debauchery. Despite being his friend, Brendan had never slept wi th the women in the club. He actually looked down upon them. He shot Rex a glance while turning on hi s lighter. The warm light of the fire ma de his eyes look even more intimidating

Rex felt a chill run down his spine when Br endan glanced at him. "Do not mention her n ame in front of me aga in!" Brendan growled. Taylor and Rex exchanged glan ces, sensing that something w as wrong with Brendan today. Worried, Taylor asked, "Hey, bud? Did you and Adeline fight again? Did you bully he r again? Listen, man, I told you already…" . He believed that if the couple had a fight, it was probably B rendan's fault. Adeline was such a kindhearted woman, and it was very unlikely that she'd deliberately infuriate Brendan. "S he. While holding a glass tightly, Brendan to ld them everything that happened this aft ernoon. His face turned pale with anger. The look in his eyes ma de it seem like he was ready to kill someone. Unbeknownst to him, there was a ma n sitting in the corner named Rayan Moreno. He came here with Taylor. Upon hearing Adeline's name, Rayan asked, "Are you talking about Ade line Dawson? Honestly, I pity her. "You pity her? Why wou ld you?" Brendan asked through gritted teeth. She was quite tough. Rayan l et out a sigh. "Adeline and I went to the same high school, so I've heard a thing or two about her family. Her maternal grandfather, Richard Haywood, was a famous artist onc e. And her mother, Helena, was once known for her talents and captivating beauty. Although the Haywoods weren't very rich and powerful, they were a scholarly family with some properties to their name. Adeline could've grown up into a carefree life. Sadly for her, she had the misfortune of having a terrible father. Rayan shook his head, visibly dispirited. " Arthur Dawson used to be poor. But back whe n he was young, he was well-spoken and quit . e good-looking. In order to win Helena's heart, he contrived a plan to make her believe that he had saved her from danger. The innocent Helena fell in love with him and married him despite her father's objections. Everyone around him began listening to the story intently. "Richard was so mad about the marriage, and he died shortly after it happened. After his death, Arthur took over the Haywood family's assets and had an affair with another woman. Thereafter, he abandoned Helena and married h is mistress. To make matters worse, he squandered all of the Haywood family's money. Three years ago, I heard Arthur lost all his money and was buried in a mountain of debt due to a wrong investment. His creditors forced him to return the money he owed. Later, he managed to stage a comeback with the help of the Clemons family. Honestly, I had no idea how he managed to pull that off. But it turns out, he sold his daughter to the Clemons family. Brendan suddenly rememb ered what he saw at the Dawsons' villa today. Arthur hit Ad eline with al l his might. No good father would beat his own flesh and blood as if she were his enemy. Over the past few years, Arthur had been asking Adeline for money, and h e never treated her like a daughter. Brendan had doubts about this for a long time, and now he finally found out the truth. If Arthur hadn't forced Adel ine to marry Brendan, she nev er would've become his wife! . But now, she had Rodger and ever ything changed. She didn't want to be Brendan's obe dient wife anymore. All she wanted was to leave him and marry Rodger! . Everything finally made sense now! . She married Brendan when she needed his family's help . But now that she no longer needed him, she wanted t o kick him away, just so she could marry another man! . No fu cking way! . Brendan's eyes narrowed as he g ulped down the red wine in his glass. He had made up his mind. He would neve r agree to ge t a divorce! . * * * . After returning to Myah's a partment, Adeline still fel t dizzy and uncomfortable. Myah soon came back from buyi ng her some medicine and let her have a good rest at home

However, the Treacly Honey's interior design project was a big one. Adeline didn't want to delay her wor k, so she insisted on going to the company tomorrow. The next day, when she entered the company, a wave of di zziness struck her and she almost fainted. She thought s he would fall to the floor, but someone held her steady. "Addie, are you ok ay?" Rodger asked in a gentle voice. Adeline recalled the day he profe ssed his love to her. But right n ow, she was still Brendan's wife. What's more, they were currently in a pub lic place. Trying not to give him the wro ng idea, she pushed him away in a hurry. "Thank you fo r your concer n. I'm fine. Rodger noticed the wound on her forehead, making him e ven more worried. "Don't lie to me, Addie. You're clea rly injured. Who hit you? Did Brendan do that to you?" . "No! Of course, not. He didn't do it. " Worried that Rodger might do so mething unexpected again, she explained, "I actually fell down by acci dent. That's how I got this wound. But really, I'm feeling better now. "You fell down? Why are you so careless?" Rodger pinche d her nose and continued, "You're an adult now, Addie. You need to learn how to take better care of yourself. Thereafter, he took her to his office and asked his assistant to send over the medical kit. He planned to treat her wo und himself. But then, Adeline waved her hands in refusal. "Thank y ou, but I can do it myself. Rodger sternly replied, "You can't even see the wound, right? If you don't listen to me, I won't let you leave my office. He sound ed very serious. Thus, she had to let him do w hat he wanted. Once Rodger was done treating her wound, Adeline went into the washroom. Unexpectedly, she overh eard several female employees chatting outside. "Hey, did you see that? Mr. Stevenson took Adeline to his office! I was right! She's such a slut. I heard that she's married, but she's still seducing our b oss. If it weren't for that, he wouldn't have let her lead those big projects!" . Adeline kne w whose voi ce it was. It was Sally Ortiz. The woman had a bad reputation in the company and was very nosy. She was dating an old man who was two decades older than her for his money. People of different moral conv ictions could never get along, so Adeline always avoided her. "You're right. Mr. Stevenson is young and talented. There are so many younger women in the co mpany who would swoon at his feet. Why does he even like Adeline? Maybe she really is a slut. She probably took off all her clothes in front of him, and that's why he didn't refuse her. "Who knows? Maybe she's born to be a slut and all she wants to do is to rely on men. She pr obably dreams of marrying Mr. Stevenson and becoming rich, but I bet he's just playing her for a fool. " Sally became more and more riled up, and she broke into a satirical laughter. The two bitches were so engaged in their conversation that they didn' t notice someone coming their way. Adeline heard everything they said and scoffed at how horrible they were. When she pushed the door open, the bitches turned their gazes towards the door and saw her. Both women were taken b y surprise. Sally's face turn ed pale. To hide her guilty conscience, she pointed at Adeline and shouted, "Adeline, you little sl ut! Were you eavesdropping on us, you bitch?"