Love Comes To Me

Chapter 31 Am I Not Good Enough


Eloise was surprised, she choked on her saliva and was coughing relentlessly. She thought she was hearing things. She said in disbelief, "You…what did you say?". Hector sat upright, there was no change in his expression as he repeated himself, "I said, marry me. Eloise was more than in a state of shock. Why did he suddenly make such a spine-chilling proposal?. Also, what was his deal proposing on a whim?. "Mr. Rogers…Please don't pull my leg, this is not funny. Eloise laughed dryly as she stared intently at Hector, hoping to read his expression to see if he was joking. But there wasn't any hint of jesting shown on his face. "I'm serious," replied Hector earnestly. Eloise felt miserable, why was he serious about this? They only knew each other for a few days and he already wanted to marry her!!!. She tried to calm down and questioned Hector, "Erm…Mr Rogers, why did you suddenly think about marrying me?". To Eloise, getting married was something of importance and one should contemplate deeply before deciding on it. But Hector just proposed it so casually, as if he was just asking about what was for dinner. Hector seemed taken aback by her question. The proposal slipped out of his mouth without thinking, he really did say it on a whim. He pondered for a while but couldn't figure out why he said that. He also had no experience proposing. He only realized something was not right after saying it. He was way too casual about it!. Silence brooded in the air. Eloise had calmed down since a while ago, she was now waiting patiently for Hector's answer. But he didn't say anything for a very long time. She stared at him suspiciously and said, "Mr. Rogers… Did you propose to me all of a sudden because of Solomon?". Hector was fazed, he said after pausing for a bit, "Well…that might be just it. He said that on impulse after seeing her gentle expression when she was holding Solomon. Eloise was dumbfounded hearing his answer, "Mr. Rogers, there's no need to marry me. I take care of Solomon because I really like him. I don't want him to get hurt or feel sad, that's why I do what I can do to help him. I never want you to repay me, and you don't need to…marry me in return!". Hector's eyes d immed hearing her, "A m I not good enough?" . Eloise was appalled, she answered in astonishment, "No way, how could that be! With your social status, all the girls in City J will be fightin g to marry you. How can you be not good enough for me, it's the opposite!"

"Why d id you reje ct me then?" . Hector was frowning and he looked unhappy. Eloise was frightened at the sight, she said with a gulp, "Well…i t's obvious. This is way too absurd! Let's start from the top. First o f all, marriage involves many different aspects, it isn't that simple!" . Hector frown ed even harder, he asked, "Such as?" . "Such as how both parties must first get to know each other and then build a fundamental trust in their relationship! And then both parties' family must have a say about it as well . Do you know that even in this current society there's a lot of couples out there that are forced to be apart just when they were about to get married, just because their parents objec t to their marriage? Not to mention that the Rogers family is prestigious, they must want the other party to be a family of similar social standing. So…I think, we…are not a good match. Eloise tried to talk some sense into him, but her voice turned quiet towards the end. Not because she chickened ou t, but it was because Hector's exp ression was turning really wintry. So dreary that it sent a shiver down her spine, it was as if a storm was approaching. But ther e was nothing she could do. The deed wa s done, there wa s no taking back. She was trembling and feeling scared. Suddenly, Hector said, "I w on't let our parents object the marriage, I won't let it happen. Nobod y can go against my wish and I will marry the person I want to marry!" . Eloise was shocked by his overbeari ng and forceful demeanour. She muttered u nder her breath, "Well, you're the boss. "But… there are many ot her factors to consider abou t as well," she said meekly. Hector answered, "No other factor s are factors with me here. All that ma tters is if you are willing to or not. Eloi se was go ing crazy. Bac k to squ are one! . She wasn't actually such a conservative person. She didn't ca re about social status or whatsoever as long as she liked the other person. She would brave herself and even catch a grenade for them. But… after the incident f rom 5 years ago, she didn't be lieve in relationships anymore. Even her childhood friend, Rob bie, abandoned her, how could someon e else possibly want to be with her? . And with his social status, he pro bably would abandon her as well if he w ere to find out about her shameful past. Hence, there w as no way that she w ould say yes to him! . But at the same time, she didn't dare t o mutter a word of rejection, because Hector had a tremendously sullen look on his face. She tried to change the subject forcefully, "Mr. Roge rs, it's getting late. Solomon is already asleep. I should be taking my leave, and uhm, you should get some rest too. She stood up and put Solo mon on the bed

Hector reached out his hand and stopped her , "Put him on the bed in the next room, it's too messy here. I'll get someone to clean this up. As if she was electrified, Elois e quickly pulled her hand back. She sa id awkwardly, "Oh, okay…I'll do that. She turned ar ound and didn't lo ok back even once. Hector stared at her b ack silently. The expressio n in his eyes was enigmatic. It was the first time he ever proposed in hi s life, and he got rejected. If this were to get out, surely it would get many knickers in a twist. But Hec tor wasn't m ad about it. Sh e was di fferent. And he was at fault for making light of the situation. She rejected him becau se of the suddenness, and he deserved it! . He took a deep breath and tried to no t feel so dejected. After that, he walked out of the room and went to the next room. It was hi s room. The master bedroom was roomy. It had a unique interior with cool and dark colours. In the room were a minibar, a liquor cabinet, a sofa, a coffee table, and a king-sized bed. There was cloakroom with a bat hroom attached, a modern individual space for grooming. The room had a standard presidential suite layout. Eloise was in awe, Hector was indeed very rich. She gently placed Solomon on the bed and tucked him in. After doing that, she stretched and cracked her jo ints, "Alright, he should be able to sleep nice and tight throughout the night. "Tha nk you for tonight. Hector sai d to Eloise as h e looked at her. Eloise shook her head and smiled as she s aid, "No problem, it's no big deal. Well, I'm… I'm done for the day. I'll be taking my leave. Hector knew that she wanted to escape, but the more she wanted to leave, the more he wanted to make her stay. He told Eloise, "It's prett y late, why don't you spend the night here? You can sleep with Solomon in this room, I'll sleep in the guest room. He bathed in cold water and the air-conditioning was in full blast in the evening. He might get a fever in the night. I'm afraid that he'll call for you when he wakes up. Eloise was startled, she then felt embarrassed, "There's…there's no need!" . This was Hect or's room! . She had to sleep on his bed? This was way too embarrassing!