Love Comes To Me

Chapter 32 Doing the Deed


Hector knew what she was thinking about, he said, "Don't worry. About the subject just now, I won't mention it again. Though, my mind will not be changed in a short period of time. You can let me know anytime if you ever change your mind. Also…the blanket was washed yesterday, you don't have to worry about it. Please stay here for Solomon, please. Eloise was speechless. She would've run away with the speed of light if he were to talk about marriage again. But instead, he used Solomon as an excuse to make her stay and she couldn't reject him. She bit the bullet and said, "Okay. Hector let out a sigh of relief, "Well then, rest well. I'll be in the next room, do call out to me if anything happens. "Alright, good night. "Yes, good night. He then proceeded to leave the room. Eloise was left with Solomon in the room. There were so many turns of events today and she was exhausted. She lied down on the bed not long after Hector left, and she slept soundly next to Solomon. Around midnight, she was woken up by something blazing. She opened her eyes in a daze and subconsciously reached out her hand to touch the source of the heat. But what she felt was Solomon and his insanely high body temperature. Her body convulsed and she was now wide awake. She quickly inched closer to Solomon and realized that he had a high fever. The fever had to be more than 39 degree Celsius. She quickly stood up and went to knock on Hector's door. Hector was half asleep. His bathrobe was hanging loosely on his body and his hair was slightly messy because he just woke up. He had a wild and sexy air around him. His androsterone wafted through the air, he looked indolent yet elegant. Eloise managed to calm down as she snapped out of the trance, she then said to Hector, "Solomon has a fever. Hector's face turned grim, but he reassured her, "Don't worry, I'll go get the butler. Eloise nodded as her eyes followed Hector who calmly called the butler and made him call the doctor. He then took out a medicine box and gave Solomon some paracetamol to make his fever go down. He told a servant to get him some hot water. He wiped Solomon's body with the warm towel and put a cooling pad on his forehead. Solomon called out in a daze, "Miss Eloise, I want Miss Eloise…". Eloise immediately rushed over to hug him, she said gently, "You're a good boy, Solomon. I'll be here with you. " At the same time, she was in awe that Hector knew that this was going to happen. They cared for Solomon throughout the night and he fever finally calmed down around dawn. Eloise was so sleepy she couldn't keep her eyes open

Hector said, "You can hug Solomon to sleep, I'll be keeping an eye on him. "No problem, I can stay awake," said Eloise as she tried to keep her eyes open. Her eyelid drooped again not long after. Hector found it hilarious, he said, "Just go to sleep, his fever went down already. I'll wake you up if his fever comes back again. "Yeah, okay. I'll go t o sleep, remember to wake m e up if something happens. Eloise reminded hi m worriedly. Hector nodded as he watched Eloise lied down on the bed. She reached out her hands and hugged Solomon, and then she fell asleep. Two lovely people sleeping with their head against each other. The sight before H ector's eyes seemed peaceful and delightful. Hector was lost in contemplation as he sat by the bed. He unconsciously inched clo ser and gave both a kiss on their foreheads. He felt his cold heart swelter as his lips brushed against Eloise's soft skin. He pressed his lips aga inst her ears and whispered, "Eloise, you will be mine!" . Eloise slept deeply. I t was already 8 in the morni ng when she finally woke up. Solomon's fever had gone down. Hector was feeding him some porridge in bed. Solomon quickly pounced onto Eloise when he noticed that she woke up, "Miss Eloise, you're up. Eloise caught and hugged Solomon in her arms, she smiled as she said, "Yeah, I'm up. How are you feeling? Are you feeling better?" . She touche d his forehead while she asked. Hector said, "He's feeling much better already. You'll be late, go freshen up and have some breakfast. Eloise grumble d, "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" . Hector smiled, "Solomon' s fever didn't come back, tha t's why I didn't wake you up. Solomon was snuggling peacefully in Eloise's arm , he said in his cutesy voice, "You were sleeping nex t to me last night and it was very warm, Miss Eloise. Eloise smi led brightly li stening to him. Suddenly, Rupert limped as he walked in from outside. He was stunned upon the sight of the three of them sitting next to each other on the bed like a happy family, "You guys…what's going on?" . Why was his futur e-sister-in-law sleepin g on his brother's bed? . He was punished and forced to kneel in front of their ancestor's grave for a night. What happened during that time? . Wait a minute… Could it be that his brother couldn't suppres s his urge and pushed her down??? . Master Rupert stared at his brother in disbelief, the look on his face screamed, "I didn't know that you're this kind of person". Hector knew that Rupert was lettin g his imagination run wild again, he sai d displeasedly "Why are you still here?" . Rupert felt dejected, "I'm… I'm here to call you down for br eakfast! I'll leave after that. He then glanced at Eloi se and wanted to find eviden ce of them "doing the deed". He was staring a t Eloise openly, not e ven trying to hide it!

Eloise began to feel uncomfortable, she w as embarrassed and flustered. She quickly let go of Solomon and said, "I'll go wash my face. She then rushed into the bathroom. Hector gave his brother the side-eye, the expressio n in his eyes was terrifying. Master Rupert was so scared he almost peed himself, he was afrai d that his brother would go frantic and bully him again. He laughed d ryly and said, "Well, that's all from me. I'll be heading downstairs. He then turned around and ran away without looking back. After half an hour, Eloise went downst airs with Hector and Solomon for breakfast. Eloise was about to leave after breakfast. She needed to report hers elf to the new company today, she couldn't afford to be late. Hector didn't stop he r this time, instead, he sa id, "I'll drive you there. Eloise wanted to reject his offer, but she agreed to it because it was getting late and she might not be able to make it in time. Eloise arrived at the SX International Build ing at 9 am. She followed the instructions and wen t up to the JS Creative Company on the 28th floor. Someone at the reception welcomed her as she got there and she was brought to t he human resource manager's office. They discussed details about her work and her sa lary. They also informed her about the company's future goals and development plans. After hearing what the manager said, Eloise realize d that although the company was new, it had a great pros pect. Their on-going projects were quite substantial too. They also had good reso urces and was on par with ot her older creative companies. And most of th eir employees were c apable and talented. Eloise was very cont ent, she quickly finished up the entry procedures. At the Rogers Group HQ's genera l manager's office. Rupert got a call from Layla Davidson, the person-in-charge of the JS Creative Com pany. She reported to him about Eloise, "Master Rupert, Miss Thompson has just complete d her entry procedure and will start working here officially. Everything went smoothly. Rupert said, "Great, look after her a nd make no mistakes. Of course, don't be t oo obvious so that she wouldn't find out. Layla answ ered respectfull y, "Understood. "Alright, I'm going to hang up if there's nothing else. " Rupert swi ftly hung up the call and sent a message to his brother on the top floor, "Brother, your future bride was successfully registered as an employee. Hector answered pla inly, "Okay. Rupert pouted, he then sent his brother another message, "I got the ne ws that Robbie was heading to the Excellent Company. He probably wanted to talk about the acquisition of the company again. I'll go over and meet him. Hector replied, "Go ahead. Make no mistakes and don't for get about your 3 months leave. Rupert answer ed, "I won't forge t, just watch me. Rupert then put away his phone and left the company excitedly. He h eaded towards the Excellent Company