Love Comes To Me

Chapter 28 Embracing A Beauty


"Hm?" Hector responded half-heartedly; his tone was deep, and his gaze remained on focus. Eloise's heart was at her throat; she thought to herself, what was he trying to do?. Kiss her?. No, no, no, they were not that well acquainted. Of course not!. What was he trying to do, then?. He was so close to her that their faces are practically touching together…. At this time, there was only about five centimeter of room between them. Eloise could clearly feel his hot breath on her face; it left a tingling sensation, as if she was brushed by feathers, and as if an electric current ran passed… Only the sound of his breathing could be clearly heard. She subconsciously held out a hand to push his chest away and took two steps backwards. But in the very next second, she felt a strong hand grip against her waist. "Don't move. " He nonchalantly uttered a warning beside her ear. Eloise was frightened and didn't dare move; she remained still in his ambiguous embrace. Originally, Hector only meant to see her swollen face. Then, the second he held her, he smelled a fragrance. He recognized this smell must be the shampoo she used. She just finished her shower and donned nothing but a bathrobe around her body. She smelled quite pleasant, and there was an indescribable aura of softness and daintiness about her. Embracing a beauty, that was it. Hector felt as if a fire was ignited in his eyes; the blood circulating his body felt like boiling water, it began to race quickly, and rushed towards his lower abdomen. He… suddenly had certain urges again!. But he quickly suppressed that urge. He didn't want to scare her away!. Hector took a deep breath and let her go; he stood upright and coldly said, "You're definitely swollen. Eloise was dumbfound; she stood for a while before she snapped back to her senses. Did he just want a closer look at the palm-shaped print on her face?. It was his fault for making her think awry thoughts just now. Looking a bit embarrassed, Eloise blushed and said, "It's fine, it doesn't hurt as much anymore; the swelling will subside soon enough. Hector disagree d deeply against her indifferent attitude

Every woman cherished her own face the most; how could she just treat it like nothing? . Even the best looking woman shou ldn't be so stubborn; after all, a ha rd slap like that could ruin her look! . Hector pressed hi s lips and pulled her t o sit down on the sofa. He walked to the door, took out a bottle from the huge bag of water , and pressed it gently against her face, then said in a cold tone, "Use this; it's been chilled, but not frozen, it'll help ease the swelling. Eloise now knew what the purpose of this huge bag of water was for. She felt a sense of warmth at the comical gesture. "Thank yo u," She replie d with a smile. "Y ou're w elcome. Hector sa t beside her a nd watched her. The two of them said nothing for a while, so t he entire place was quiet. Suddenly, Eloise began to feel a bit awkward, and felt that she sh ould say something to break the ice. But it's as if her tongue was tied; she coul dn't think of anything to say, as the scene of hi m hugging her just now kept replaying in her mind… . She couldn't control as her cheek s began to blush again; eventually, the redness extended to her ears and neck. Eloise was in a frenzy in side; what was she doing thinki ng about these random thoughts. Hector seemed to notice as if she was not at ease; he raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's the matter? Do es it hurt a lot? How come your face is getting redder?" . Eloise felt as if she wanted to just die right now, but she didn't dare say a nything. She didn't want him to realize she was daydreaming, so she laughed drily and said, "Oh, just a bit; it must be the tingling sensation from the cold bottle…" . "O h? Let me see. Hector furrowed his eyebrows and reached ov er for the water bottle. But before he touched it, Eloise evaded him, "It's fine, don't worry! How about you, it's quite late already, sorry to trouble you to come all t he way over… I'm also sorry about what happened earlier at the restaurant. "Why do you have to s ay sorry for?" . Hector silentl y retracted his han d and asked coldly. Eloise's eyes drooped down as she said, "To think, I did something like that to Solomon…" . Hector replied, "He won't mind, his only concern is whether you're angry; he won't bl ame you. Besides, I know you didn't mean it. "But still, it hurt him…" Eloise fo rced a bitter smile. It was true that she didn't mean it at the t ime, but a subconscious reaction like what she did would definitely still leave others feeling hurt. She felt a pang in her hear t even as she thought back to So lomon's expression at that time. Watching her wallow in self-guilt, Hector softened up a bit and comforted her, "Just br ing some gifts the next time you see Solomon. Eloise's heart skippe d a beat and said to hersel f, "you can do this again

She had alre ady decided to ke ep away from them. Hector kept looking at her; he could see th e hesitation in her eyes. But he said nothing. After all, everything was u nder his control. I ncludi ng her! . At this time, the cell on the t able began to ring. He reached over to the cell and picked up the call; it was Rupert on the other end. Rupert spoke in an anxious tone, "Damn, help me, brother, hurry and come back, Solomon is going crazy!" . "What's wrong?" He ctor deepened his voice and asked with a frown. Rupert replied, "I brought him back to his room to draw him a bath. I let the warm water fill the tub, but he secretl y changed it to cold water and soaked in the tub for over half an hour. Then, he came out, turned on the air conditioner, a nd locked himself in his room, refusing to let us in. What should we do? At this rate, he's going to get a cold and fever…" . Upon hearin g this, Hector's brows tightened. Everything was fine when he left; how did things turn out l ike this from his slight absence? . Rupert kept chattering on the phone, but he hung up and arose from the sofa. Eloise also stoo d up, and anxiously a sked, "Is it Solomon?" . She was still a distance away fr om the cell, but with Rupert's loud v oice, she could still hear his voice. And she manag ed to catch parts o f the conversation. Hector nodded, "Solomon has locked him self in again. He does this from time to ti me, but tonight, things seem bit different. Solomon was weaker than most normal child ren; he would easily catch colds and get sick. Such a ruckus would definitely spell trouble. Eloise was a bout to breakdown as she heard this. Her first reaction wa s that Solomon's erratic b ehavior was all her fault. Then she recalled Hector mentioned to her before that Solomon had mild cases of autism and bouts of ang er; sometimes, he was restless and couldn't sit still. To hell with it; all her notions to keep away from them suddenly went out the window. She concernedly looked at Hector, "Mr. Rogers, can I go with you to take a look?" . This was exactly what Hect or was waiting to hear, and he i mmediately replied, "Of course