Love Comes To Me

Chapter 35 I Can Give You Anything


As soon as Robbie heard the name, his face instantly took on a ghastly expression. Eloise was fired by his own hand, why the hell didn't Monty mention this in the first place?. Now that he bought the company, but Rogers Group canceled the partnership, wouldn't his 500 million be in jeopardy?. While Robbie was still fuming, his assistant hurried into the office with an anxious look on his face and said, "Oh no! Mr. Gardner, the shareholders are here to ask you to give them an explanation. Robbie's face was so gloomy, "Tell them to wait for me in the conference room. "Yes, Mr. Gardner. The assistant received the order and hurriedly retreated from the office. In the office of the CEO of Rogers Group. Rupert bragged gleefully to Hector, "Hahahaha, I guess Robbie's face is probably green by now. Hector, I did a good job, didn't I?". Hector flipped through the documents absently and responded indifferently, "Not bad. "What do you mean by not bad? Shouldn't you praise me and give me a three-month vacation by the way?" Rupert was unhappy and asked. Hector gave him an icy look, "It's not over yet, you're still far from being on vacation. Rupert said with a look of excitement, "It's not far, how could it be far! According to my investigation, the several projects developed by Gardner Group before have almost exhausted the company's liquidity. This time, Robbie spent 500 million on a completely useless company, and must have run into trouble. Next, his company will definitely encounter a crisis due to the lack of liquidity and that should be enough. When Hector saw how optimistic his brother was, he couldn't help but shake his head and took the opportunity to reprimand, "That's why I always said you aren't decisive enough to do anything. Robbie is certainly not a nice guy, but he's not a worthless one either. Do you really think that's all he's got? If this is really the case, then he wouldn't have this position at such a young age. Don't forget that he has the support of the Thompson family. If something goes wrong with the Gardner Group, the Thompson family wouldn't sit idly by and will definitely give him support. It's fine if the Thompsons just back him, but I'm worried they'll cash in on Eloise. Rupert was instantly enlightened. Rogers Group terminated the partnership with Excellent Company on the grounds that the original person in charge was not Eloise, and according to Robbie's level of shamelessness, he was likely to cause trouble for his future sister-in-law. In other words, this matter wasn't over, but rather just a beginning. After figuring out the whole story, the doubts in Rupert's mind diminished, but for some reason, he always had a feeling of being ripped off. Hector made a deal with him to give him a vacation once this matter was resolved, but based on the current situation, it appeared that his vacation never materialized

Sure enough, t he three-month vaca tion was just a lie! . Hector was just a treachero us businessman. He didn't care a bout his brother after marriage! . Rupert's hear t was instantly fil led with grievance. But Hector turned a blind eye to him, hooked the corners of his mouth p leasantly and sent a message to Eloise. "Solomon went grocery shopping with the maid today. He said he'd treat you to a meal. I'll pick you up tonight. At this moment, Eloise was sorting out an important document in the company. Wh en she received the message, her face couldn't help but gleam with a smile as she rep lied, "Ok, but I've to go back and change my clothes before I go over to your house. Today when she made coffee in the pantry, she accidentally spilled it all ove r. Although she had cleaned it up, there were still quite a few stain marks on her clothes, and it would be too humiliating for her to go to Hector's house like that. Hector replie d, "No problem, see you tonight then. Eloise smiled, but didn't repl y to the message again and continue d to put her nose to the grindstone. Although she had only worked at JS Creat ive Company for two days, she was satisfied an d liked the working atmosphere here very much. The colleagues were friendly and took good c are of her as a newcomer. That's why Eloi se cherished the oppo rtunity to work here. In the bl ink of an eye, a day passed. When Eloise got off work in the evening, she packed up her things and went straight back to her apartment. At first, she planned to get changed and then go over to Solomon, but when she got out of the elevator, she unexp ectedly bumped into Robbie who was leaning against the door. He looked restless. A high-class suit jacket casually rested in the crook of his arm, while the tie hung crookedly around his neck. The two buttons on his shir t were unbuttoned, and he held a cigarette in his hand, smoking it intermittently. He was comple tely devoid of his usual gentleness. Eloise didn't expect to see him here. Her face immediately put on a cold look as she slowly walked over. She was going to pretend to ignore him, but Robbie immediately threw the ciga rette butt, stomped it out with his foot and asked, "Where have you been? Why do y ou come back only now? Do you know that I've been waiting for you for a long time?" . Feeling baffled, Elo ise looked toward him col dly, "Do I know you well?" . Robbie was taunted by Eloise and had a feeling of tig htness in his chest, but he softened his tone and said, "El oise

Are you still angry about what happened last time?" . Eloise fou nd his statemen t a bit absurd. This man appeared here for no reason and said these inexplicable w ords to her, what did he want to do? . "Robbie, if I remember correctly, I said I'd treat you like a stranger whenever I saw you. If you just check my address, I don 't care, but you even come here, what the hell do you want to do?" . Eloise was radiating a col d aura and liked an invisible sp ike aimed mercilessly at Robbie. For the man in front of her, she had nothing but disgust. Robbie looked at her with a comp licated expression. The reason he swallowed his prid e and came to her today was naturally for the cooperation with Rogers Group. At that time, he fired her wit hout knowing it, and now, the only w ay to stop this was to get her back. He thought he was sincere eno ugh to come to her in person, but E loise didn't treat him well at all. Robbie knitted his eyebrows on the sly, though he was inwardly unpleasant, he still appeared outwardly gentle and said, "Eloise, do you really hate me that much? I know you still take what happened all those years in your heart, but we were childhood sweethearts after all. Although we can't be lovers, we can still be best friends. I don't want our relationship to be destroyed completely. During the years you were missing, I've sent people everyw here to look for you. I was quite happy to see you again the other day, but I never thought you would do such a thing to Agnes… I treated you that way because I was mad at that time, and I hope you don't take it to your heart. His tone was sincere, an d with his harmless face, his words were really convincing. If it was before, E loise would have believe d him without hesitation. But now, his wo rds only made Eloise feel more disgusted. From the bottom of her heart, she felt that th is man's brain must have been caught in the door, t hat's why he came here to say such disgusting words! . Did he mean they coul dn't be lovers, but they c ould still be best friends? . She, Eloise, unless she was widowed, would only make enemies of her ex-boyfriend in this life. "Mr. Gardner! I really don't know you well, and I d on't want to catch up with you here, so please leave righ t now. I still have things to do, don't hold me up here. Speaking of which, Eloi se took out her keys, opened the door and wanted to go in. But the doo r panel was held down by Robbie