Love Comes To Me

Chapter 27 I Will Be Good


Hector bent down to pick him up and coaxed, "No, Miss Eloise likes you the best. "Then why did she run away?" Solomon sobbed on his dad's shoulder. Hector patted him on the back and said, "She was bullied by the bad guys. It's daddy who didn't protect her well. I'll ask uncle to come and pick you up later. You go back with him first. Daddy promises you that I will help you bring Miss Eloise back, okay?". Solomon lifted his head and looked at him, "I want to go with you. I want to see Miss Eloise. "Now is not the time. If you still want to see her, be good and go back. Otherwise, you might not see her for the rest of your life. After hearing this, he pouted and wanted to cry again. Hector looked at him, "Okay?". He sniffled, "I will be good. Hector was satisfied. He took out his phone and called Rupert, telling him to come and pick Solomon up as quickly as possible. Rupert was having fun in the clubhouse with a large group of friends, enjoying the pleasure of being surrounded by wine and beauty. When he received endless calls from his brother, he was just about to complain. But when he saw his nephew crying with red eyes, he was so distraught that his heart was breaking. "Baby Solomon, what's wrong with you? Why are you crying? Come on, let me love and hug you. "Uncle. Solomon flung himself into his arms. His voice choked with sobs, simply aggrieved. Rupert's heart broke into pieces. He hugged and coaxed Solomon. He even reprimanded his brother, "Brother, I don't want to blame you, but Solomon is still so young. Can't you speak to him more nicely? Every time you use that scary way of reprimanding people. Hector interrupted his brother's chatter and said coldly, "Didn't you want to deal with the Gardner Group? How is it going now?". Rupert trembled and said warily, "I hadn't started yet. I'm waiting for them to make contact with Excellent Company. But it should only be in the next two days. What's wrong? ". Hector narrowed his eyes dangerously and said, "When you do it, don't show any mercy

Rupert finally noticed something wrong and said, "What's wrong? Did that Gardner guy piss you off again? Or did he mess with future sister-in-law again?". Hector had no intention of explaining. He picked up the jacket next to him and put it on, while saying, "Solomon will be your responsibility tonight. "Huh?" Rupert froze and hurriedly said, "Okay, but you could at least tell me what happened first. But his brother didn't say a word and left without looking back. After he came out of the restaurant, he drove hurriedly to Flower Community. The original half-hour drive was shortened to twenty minutes. When he arrived at the community, he looked up at Eloise's home and found that the house's lights were on. All of a sudden, his heart, which had been nervous, became peaceful. Luckily, she d idn't have the habi t of running around! . After breathing a sigh of relief, h e got out of the car. At th at moment, upstairs. She was sitting i n the bathtub, burying her head in the water. She was still in an emotional turmoil and unable to calm down. She despised herself because she had run away. She felt even more guilty when she remembered the image of her leaving Solomon behind. How upset was t hat sweet and cute l ittle kid right now? . The thought tha t he might be crying made her heart break. Yet, she had to tell herself that thi s was the best option. She, Solomon and Hector were people fro m two different worlds. And even if they cro ssed paths now, they would end in the future. It was better to break it of f now, rather than being so unwill ing to give up when the time came. "Besides, we have known each oth er only for a few days, so maybe that little kid will forget about me soon. She got out of the water and wiped the water from her face as she soothed herself. But for some reason, she did not feel relieved, but r ather a little uncomfortable. At this mom ent, the doorbel l suddenly rang. She was startled, and h er first thought was that So lomon and Hector had arrived. She subconsciously got up, wrapped her robe a round her body and ran to the door barefoot, ignor ing her hair, which was still dripping with water. Her heart was pounding so fast th at she didn't open the door immediatel y but looked out through the peephole. She saw an unfamiliar face, a woman with a black cap on her head and a green T-shirt. She recognized th em as the uniform of the convenience store downstairs. She opened the door with some confusion, and when she was about to speak, she heard the woman said in a friendly m anner, "Hello Miss Thompson, here is the water you ordered. After that, a larg e bag of chilled minera l water was handed over. "Huh?" Eloise was a bit conf used, "I didn't order water

Did y ou deliver it to the wrong place?" . "No, it's the corre ct place, Block B 408, M iss Thompson, it's you. The staff smiled and stepped forward, s hoved the water into her arms, and then said , "This water is a little heavy, be careful. After giving it to her, the s taff turned around and walked away without waiting for her reaction. She was a bit confused. She had no choice but t o put the water inside first before she closed the door. But as soon as she turned around, she saw a tall figure leaning against the doorf rame, staring at her in a dignified manner. Hector's gaze was serious, and he pursed his lips. It was so handsome tha t one couldn't take one's eyes off them. Only hearing wha t he said, "That wate r is indeed for you. The voice was as g ood as the tune of a ce llo, low and melodious. Only then did she realize that the water was bought by him and, in t his way, to get her to open the door! . "What are you doing here?" She asked with slight embarrassm ent, feeling ashamed to face him. "Wh at do yo u think?" . He asked instead of answeri ng. He slowly stood up straight, walking towards her step by step. Her gaze flickered a bit, sub consciously taking two steps back and wanting to say something, "I…" . But she didn't know w here to start. Wh at can be said? . 'I don't want t o have anything more to do with you all?' . 'Or do I ask you not to come ba ck in the future?' . She coul dn't seem to s ay either one. While she was thinking, he had already arrived in front of her. His eyes were dark, staring at her face. His gaze was burning with a strong compulsion. She was so uncomfortable by the look that she had to raise h er head and weakly meet his gaze. But just at this moment, he sudd enly stretched out a hand, gently cupp ed her chin and lifted her whole face. Immediately afterwar ds, he leaned in slightly and moved closer to her. A frivo lous move but flirtatious! . She watched his face enl arged in front of her eyes. S he was completely dumbfounded. " ???" . She held her breath, her h eartbeat out of control, and he r words stuttered, "Mr Rogers??"