Love Comes To Me

Chapter 5 Let Me Try It


In the Flower Community. In a small bachelor apartment, Eloise, wearing an apron, was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen. Beside her, a young boy with a glass of milk wandered back and forth, curiously surveying the surroundings, "Is this where Miss Eloise usually lives?". "Yes, it's just a small place, certainly not as luxurious as your home. Eloise replied casually as she put the chopped vegetables on a plate and set them aside. Solomon tilted his head and asked her, "Does Miss Eloise live here alone?". "Yeah. "Doesn't Miss Eloise have any family?". "I've family, but none of them live here, so I'm usually the only one here. Solomon was silent for a moment, as if he was worried that she might be sad. He immediately patted her seriously and softly comforted her, "Don't be afraid, with me, there will be two people here from now on. Eloise was amused to hear it. He really was…a smart kid. She liked him more and more. "Well, I'm going to cook and the air here will be filled with the smell of cooking smoke. You sit outside for a while, dinner will be ready soon. "Okay. Solomon nodded obediently. He went out immediately, sitting on the couch and waiting. While Eloise got busy. In order to save money, she used to cook by herself, so her cooking skills were quite good. The three dishes and one soup were all served in less than an hour. There were seafood, pork ribs, and green vegetables. The meat and vegetarian dishes were well-matched, while both their color and aroma were excellent. They looked delicious. However, Eloise was still a little worried. After all, Solomon was the youngest master of the Rogers family. He had been used to eating delicacies, and she wasn't sure if these home-cooked dishes would be to his liking. Eloise gave Solomon a bowl of rice and said, "Try it first, tell me if you don't like it, I'll take you out to eat. Solomon nodded, picked up the spoon and scooped a mouthful of rice into his mouth. He chewed the rice so hard that both cheeks puffed out, looking very cute. Eloise smiled, and as she was about to sit down to eat, she heard the eager ringing of the doorbell. Eloise co uldn't help bu t feel strange

Normally no one wou ld come to her house. Who would come at this time? . With conf usion, she walk ed to the door. What reflected in he r eye was a slender figur e standing in the doorway. His face was so handsome, just like an uncanny workmanship of the gods; his beautiful thin lips were pursed into a straight line; his features were so delicate that it was difficult to outline them with a brush; his cold and indifferent eyes were as dark as the night and deep sea. A trim and exquisite suit wrapped tightly around his tall and upright b ody, making him look energetic and handsome, while his legs wrapped in the p ants were long and slender. Both his temperament and figure were impeccable. This was the first time since Eloise grew up that she had seen such a perfect man. For a mom ent, she even f orgot to react. When she just managed to snap out of h er trance and was about to ask the identity of the man, she heard a sound from behind. Eloise hurriedly looked back and saw Solomon slamm ing his spoon on the table and grunting arrogantly. Then he took off on his short legs and rushed into the room. And he even slamm ed the door! . Both Hector and Eloise were re ndered speechless. She won dered, "What 's going on?" . While she was still puzzled, she h eard the man in front of her slowly say , "Hello, I'm Hector, Solomon's father. Eloise fr oze and was a little stunned. She had expected that the Rogers family wou ld come to her sooner or later, but she never ex pected that Hector would come to her personally. She had heard some thing about Hector, who was standing before her. It was said that he was a cold and ruthless business legend w ho had always kept a low profile. He held a lot of power in his ha nds, and his status was so prestigious that made others intimidate. His younger brother, Ruper t was also suave, elegant and w ell known in the business world. If it was before, it was impossible for Eloise to be as sociated with someone like him. She couldn't believe that he would come to her s habby home in person today. Eloise barely came back to her senses and responded, "Hello, you'r e here to take Solomon back, right?" . "Yes. " Hector nodded, glanced inside the apartment and asked, "May I come in?" . "Of course. " El oise hurriedly turne d her body sideways. Hector strode into the apartment and Elois e felt her place became even more cramped as He ctor stood inside at his height of over 180 cm. Hector, on the other hand, didn 't have much reaction, but just subc onsciously surveyed the surroundings. Although the apartment was small, it was very w armly decorated. On the dining table, steaming dishes were laid out, making him inexplicably feel

warm. Hector didn't k now why he had such a thought in his mind. Before coming her e, he had read the inf ormation about Eloise. And he had a general idea o f her background. At the time, he thought that maybe Eloise was appro aching Solomon for a purpose. After all, according to the external rumors, he had never been close to women , and Solomon also didn't like to be close to strange women. It was a rare occasio n that Solomon liked her, she might take this opportunity to try to please Solomon. Eloise, who was st anding behind him, was unaware of his thought. Instead, she was a little emba rrassed when she saw Hector paying attention to the meal on the table. "What I've prepared is jus t some simple fare. It may be n ot to the young master's taste. Hearing Eloise's words, Hector said lightly, "He's not a pampered rich kid. He can eat anything. Thank you very much for taking care of him today. Eloise immediately waved her hand and said, "D on't say that, Solomon's well behaved, uh. I just don't know what happened to him all of a sudden. "It has nothing to do with you, probably he's having a ti ff with me. I'll call him out. Speaking of which, Hector walked to t he bedroom, knocked on the door and said, "Solomon, it's time to go home. Come out. Solomo n didn't ma ke a sound. Hector seemed to have anticipated this and patiently added, "You've been crossed with me for three days, it's t ime to stop, and you're not a three-year-old kid anymore. Eloise, who was standi ng behind, heard this and wa nted to laugh for no reason. Solomon was completel y indifferent. Hector knitted his eyebrows, and his to ne turned cold, "Solomon Rogers, you've one minute to come out now, or I will barge in. There was finally a little movemen t in the room, but it seemed that Solom on still had no intention of coming out. Eloise c ouldn't bear to look away. It would be strange for Solomon t o be willing to come out if Hector kept threatening and scaring him like this. So she couldn't help suggesting, "Mr. Rogers, h ow about. let me try it?"