Love Comes To Me

Chapter 567: Memories Emerge


An upscale hotel in country X. Eloise stands on the terrace and enjoys the evening breeze. The feeling made her feel very comfortable. The reason she was able to come to X this time was because the Rowson Institute had a recent research project exchange to come over here. On hearing the news, Eloise immediately said that she wanted to take Sweety with her and have a look around. Over the years, she had always wanted to travel and see the world, but never had the time. It was a rare opportunity that she didn't want to miss. Naturally Rowson was fine with it and agreed to it right away, saying it would be a family outing. They have come over here to visit several attractions and have a great time. Eloise is not at all like a tourist, but more like a local, completely integrated into the area and not at all alienated. This country, this city, it was as if something kept pulling her. A cool breeze brushed her face and Eloise felt a chill on her exposed skin and she couldn't help but sneeze. Rubbed his shoulders to warm himself up. I didn't realise there was quite a big difference in temperature between day and night. It was hot at noon, but the cool breeze started blowing in the evening. "Catching a cold?". Rowson frowned and came over, pulling his shirt off and draping it over Eloise's shoulders. Eloise stood at the edge of the balcony, smiled back and wrapped her coat tighter. "No, the wind is blowing, it seems a little cooler over here than in France. "Then go back to your room and stay there, you've been standing here for a long time and you'll catch a cold. " Rowson warned. Eloise shook her head, her eyes falling in the distance as she held her gaze out over the landscape. Fire clouds in the distance, haloing the sky with fiery red hues. Looking at the city, a vague sense of familiarity arises in Eloise's mind. It was as if, once upon a time, she had been here. This feeling is nurturing in a way that is both nonsensical and natural. From existing memories, she should not have been in the city before. "What's wrong?". When Eloise didn't say anything, Rowson lowered his eyes and asked. There is a vague sense of unease in the mind. He was a little scared by Eloise's performance today

He also sensed that Eloise 's past was, in all likelihood, inextricably linked to the city. It was the only way she wouldn't act lik e a guest, she and Sweety both blended in so q uickly as if he was the only one out of place. Her reac tion disturbe d him greatly. Perhaps here is where Eloise's m emory will trigger. Rowson always had the illu sion that after coming here, El oise would not go back with him. "Noth ing. Eloise looked back, smiled and withdrew her gaze. Turning to Rowson, he asked, "By the way, a re you leaving tomorrow?" . She hadn't forgotten that R owson wasn't here on a tour and h ad serious business to attend to. Rowson replied softly, " Well, it might be late, so do n't you guys wait up for me. Eloise nodded, "You do your job, Sweety and I don't need you to worry about it. As the words le ft his mouth, Rowson thought of something. Afraid of waking Sweety up, I had to lower my voice and instruct Eloise, "You remember to take Sweety to eat properly, and you can go out and play if you want to, but you have to remember to turn on your location at all times. He was really r elieved to be away, mother and daughter. Eloise laugh ed softly, seeing Rowson's concern. I couldn't help but tease, "What? Are you sti ll afraid we'll get lost?" . "Tha t's not p ossible. Rowson's mouth curled up in a smirk , looking at Eloise's confident expressi on and seemingly expressing his distrust. Eloise gave him a blank look without speaking. For some reason, the city gave her an inexpli cable sense of confidence. She felt she wou ldn't get lost even i f she closed her eyes! . The next day, Rowson. g ot up early and was ready to go to the networking session. A small smile played at the corne rs of his mouth as he looked at the sl eeping mother and daughter in the room. Gently closing the door beh ind him and making sure there was nothing else, Rowson walked out. It was n oon before El oise woke up. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw her l ittle girl staring at her with wide eyes, and when she woke up, she immediately jumped into her arms. "Mumm y, Sweety is hungry. Eloise smiled at Sweety and replied dotingly, "Okay, Mummy w ill take you out for dinner now. Mother and daughter got up and tidied up for a while and went out into the street. The familiar stirring in E loise's heart grew stronger as she watched the people pass by

Finding a rather ni ce restaurant, she walke d in with Sweety in tow. As soon as she stepped th rough the door, a tingling sen sation came over Eloise's head. Eloise frowned an d shifted to remove the uncomfortable feeling. Choose a seat ne ar the window and orde r a few items of food. Somehow, she always felt that she had been to this place with someone. It was clear that this place was still new to her, but the sense of fa miliarity inside her was unmistakable. The little girl in fron t of her rolled her big eyes and looked around, excited. Ten minutes later, Eloise's order was served. Looking at the foo d on the table, Eloise couldn't help but frown. This seems to be a meal that people from memory particularly enjoy, though these dishes are not Rowson's favourites. She was also quite sure that the person who surfaced in his memory was not Rowson. The man was tall and his fi gure was blurred. Countless times he appeared in her d reams, and whenever she tried to touch hi s body, the man would instantly disappear. The discomfort coming from her head has left El oise with little appetite. Eloise smiled as she w atched the little girl acro ss the table eat with gusto. The duo finished th eir meal and wandered ar ound the nearby streets. Walking up to the door of a bridal shop, Eloise s topped in a ghostly manner. Looking at the mode ls in the window, Eloise gets a strange feeling. Suddenly images came to mind of a man who once said he would give her the most unique wedding dress in the world. Promising her the best wedding ever , the man got down on one knee, diamond r ing in hand, and looked at her smittenly. But thi s man . is not Rowson. Abruptly, there was a sh arp stabbing pain in her head and Eloise had to crouch down. The hands cradle d the head, hoping to ease the discomfort. The little girl at hand was so abs orbed by the wedding dress in front of h er that she didn't notice Eloise at all. Sweety looked inside as someone was t rying on a wedding dress, so she let go of Eloise's hand and ran into the bridal shop. By now Eloise was white with pain, heavy shadows were appearing in front of her eyes a nd the shirt on her spine was damp with sweat. Feeling the little girl run away from her, she tried to go and pull Sweety back, but there was no more strength in her hands. The pain int ensified and Elois e did not survive. In the last seconds before she fainted, Eloi se mouthed Sweety's name