Love Comes To Me

Chapter 21 Pay the Price


Hector frowned deeper when he heard this and he walked forward to help Eloise who was bending down. His movement was very gentle and almost made Rupert surprised. Eloise was also stunned because she did not expect him to react like this. Hector didn't change his expression and one of his hands held her shoulder while the other hand patted her waist softly. He said, "You can stand up and say what you want to say, there is no need for you to bend down. Suddenly, Eloise forgot to react when she was slightly touched by him. She only felt that there was a sense of numbness at the parts touched by him. After a while, she got back to the sofa. Hector was like nothing had happened and sat beside her then said, "What did you mean you can't make it just now?". Eloise did not feel panic anymore and said, "I have resigned from Excellent Company. "Resigned?". Hector stared blankly because he was surprised and asked, "Why so sudden?". Everything was fine this morning and she even looked energetic. Why did things change over the morning?. Eloise took a deep breath and thought that she should not lie then said, "Actually. it is not a resignation. To be honest, I had been fired. Hector's eyes looked deep, showing that he was unpleasant. Fired?. Why did that company fire her for no reason?. Eloise misunderstood him for being angry because she broke her promise so she was trembling with fear. She said, "I am really sorry, I have disappointed Solomon and you. So, if you want to beat or scold me, I will not resist!". "I do not have the habit of beating on women. Hector seemed to be amused with an imperceptible arc at the corner of his mouth. He said, "There is no need for you to say sorry to me because I think you are not intentional. So, please do not care much about it. About the present, I can't help you to pass to Solomon. I hope that you can pass to Solomon personally when you meet him the next time. Eloise was stunned and said unbelievably, "Can. I? Aren't you angry? Wouldn't you blame me?"

Hector nodded slightly and said as soft as possible, "Of course not. I think Solomon will be happy when he receives this gift. After Eloise heard the words, she was delighted and her eyes were so bright to the extent that it was hard for Hector to look away from it. Hector looked at it with gr eat interest and he raised the co rner of his mouth uncontrollably. After some time, Eloise left. As soon as she left, Hec tor's smile disappeared and w as replaced by endless gloom. Rupert was terrified when he looked at his brother's changes. Originally, he would want to claim the credit but he turned into trembling with fear, "Brother, just say an ything you want to say, don't change your attitude so dramatically. I am scared of you. Hector glimpsed at him and ordered, "Go and check what has happened. "What to check?" Rupert could not react to it until thr ee seconds later, "Oh, investigate why sister-in-law was fire d, right? Could it be that there was something hidden in it?" . Hector looked ind ifferent and said, "We will know after this. Rupert did not dare to neglect and changed the way he behaved usu ally. He said, "Yes. I will go now. Within an hour, Rupert had investigat ed Eloise's unemployment with clear detail s. Then, he immediately reported to Hector. After listening to Rupert's inv estigation, Hector had an extremely u npleasant look with a sense of anger. Rupert was not afraid this time and stood aside then said, "Eloise is so pitiful. She was bullied by two shameless people. You can't let them go, brother. Hector did not reply but just s quinted fiercely and looked at a nam e displayed on the computer's screen. R obbie G ardner! . He investigated El oise before so he knew w ho Robbie was naturally. This person represented Eloise's past and also her u nknown weakness in her heart. Before this, he never thought that he would hate a person to such an extent! . Even though. this person was negligible to him. But he was still a trouble that must be rem oved as soon as possible! . Hector sighed slightly to suppress his inner gloom. When he raised his head again, he looked calm and smart as usual

He looked at Rupert and said, "Gardner Group had lot s of actions these two years to expand their business pla n. Their first option is collaborating with Rogers Group. Rupert rubbed his chin and recalled something then said, "When you said that, I remember that someone asked Charle s Davies to send me a message a few days ago. He said that the person in charge of Gardner Group would like to collabor ate with me to earn big money together. But, I was busy on my vacation at that moment so I did not care much about it. It seemed like Robbie did not give u p and he chose Excellent Company as a step ping stone to get closer to Rogers Group. Hector sneered with disdain, "His am bition is not small. Rupert smiled and added, "Isn't it? Robbie is also unlucky, how dare he offend you. " Afterwards, he thought of something interesting suddenly and broke into a sly grin, "Brother, I think I am quite free recently, what if. I help you to solve this matter?" . Hector looked at his facial expression and knew that he was intrigued with it. He said softly, "You c an handle this, but you need to meet my requirement. Rupert promised immediately, "No problem. Wait and see, I guarantee tha t I will make Robbie regret to death. He must pay the price for bullying his future sister-in-law. In the following da ys, Eloise started to se nd her resume everywhere. Her resume was not bad because she had good grades in school and she was the vice chairman of the student union. She also participated in a calligraphy competition at the provincial level and even won awards. She could be said as an all-rounder student. By right, such a talente d person like her should be ch osen by all the big companies. But after a few days, all her resume was like sinking int o the sea without any splashes. It mad e her doubt her ability! . But, how she knew that her "good stepsister", Agnes Thompson, had tak en away all her sent resume secretly. Meanwh ile, at Thom pson family. Agnes was sitting at the co urtyard and throwing all the res umes sent by Eloise into a fire. The fire was burning vigoro usly and all the resumes had tur ned into black ashes in a while. Agnes was delighted and smiled evilly. She said, "El oise, you slapped me twice. I want you to pay millions of times the pain and price! This. is just about to start!"