Love Comes To Me

Chapter 24 You Are Very Beautiful


Hector was stunned when he heard these words. He looked at him, then at Eloise, his eyes seemed to be examining. Eloise thought it was funny and said in her heart, how can he take it seriously!. She and Solomon weren't even related by blood, how could they resemble?. Hector was originally intending to reply perfunctorily, but when he looked around, he was surprised to find that the both Eloise and Solomon's eyes and eyebrows were somewhat similar. Their faces were all delicate. Especially in the way they acted and behaved they were similar at least seventy to eighty percent…. "Yeah, quite similar. Hector said in an astonished tone and stared at them more carefully. The more he looked at them the more similar they looked!. Hearing his serious tone, Eloise suddenly stared at Solomon skeptically. However, the more she looked, the more she felt that Solomon was a smaller version of Hector. They had same perfect, handsome facial features and elegant aura… It was all almost exactly the same. "Very similar indeed. She also said sincerely and felt the power of genetics. They both were so handsome. Solomon didn't understand what she meant and mistakenly thought that she was talking about him and her. He laughed suddenly. His eyes bent like crescent moons and he said softly and sweetly, "Resembling Miss Eloise is really an honor to me!". Eloise immediately became happy. At this young age, to say words like a gentleman was really unbelievable. He was going to grow up as an expert at flirting with girls. Even at a glance it was clear that it wasn't taught by his father!. Eloise looked at him fondly, couldn't help but reach out and pinch his cheek and said with the same expressions, "No, this should be my line. You are so handsome and I am so honored to resemble you!". Hector said, "Miss Thompson, don't humble yourself, you are very beautiful!". Eloise did not expect that Hector was going to praise her, she couldn't react on the spot, her beautiful eyes wide open in shock. Solomon seconded happily in Hector's arms, "Yes, Miss Eloise is really pretty. Among the people that I have seen, you are the most beautiful. Eloise returned to her senses only to realize that she was wrong. Solomon's flirting skills were indeed taught by his father. Their expressions, their compliments were all exactly the same!. She reacted rather slow and blushed and felt a little embarrassed. She didn't dare to continue the topic and hurriedly changed her tone, "Let's not stand here, let's think about what to eat. Dinner can't be made now, how about a casual dinner somewhere outside?". Hector said, "It can't be casual since we are celebrating. I'll get a reservation at the restaurant. " Saying that, he handed Solomon over. Eloise quickly reached out and took Solomon in her arms

By then, Hector had already taken out his phone out of his pocket and was ready to make the phone call. Eloise sai d, "It seems a l ittle impolite. Hector glanced at he r and said, "You don't ne ed to be polite with me. Eloise thought to herse lf, "It's only with you that I need to be polite, okay?" . Although, Solomon was sa ndwiched between the two, whi ch made it look less awkward. But after all, they had only known each other for a few days, and already lived and ate together. No matter h ow she thought about it, this development looked strange. Eloise wanted to say something about it but Hector often used Solomon as an excuse, so she had no choice but to drop the subject. While she was thinking about it, Hector ha d already finished his phone call and said to h er, "You wait here, I'll go bring the car here. Eloise n odded and watc hed him leave. Half an hour later, the three of th em were already sitting in the private lo unge of the largest restaurant in City J. That place was the same as the restaurant they visited last tim e. It was famous far and wide. The dishes there were notoriously exp ensive. One meal there could cover half a month's salary for Eloise. Eloise felt that Hector was spending too much money and c ouldn't help but saying, "Mr. Rogers, you don't have to be lik e this, I am not that picky. I can eat just eat some veggies. Hector remembered that Eloise didn't eat much meat last time, so he nodded slightly, "There are also vegetables here. Let me order yo u a golden silk white jade. It tastes pretty good, you will like it. Eloise aske d doubtfully, "W hat is in that?" . Hector said simply and blun tly, "Bok choy. Eloise was speechless and thought that the name s ounded like a palace feast. After a while, Hector finished ord ering and poured a cup of scented tea fo r Eloise and Solomon each before dinner. Eloise thanked him , took a cup and helped Solomon drink it first. While drinking, Solomon looked very gentle. Even while takin g a sip, he managed to look inexplicably elegant, quite similar t o Hector besides him. He looked especially heart-warming and cute. After Solomon had finishe d drinking his tea, Eloise too k her cup and started to drink. Just as she took a si p, the door opened and a wa iter came in with the bill. Hector put his hand on the tab le casually and Eloise glanced at th e bill in passing. Then… she choked. Hector frowne d and said, "Why ar e you so careless?" . While speaking, he reac hed out and patted her on her back, acting a bit intimate. Seeing this, Sol omon also stood up an d helped pat her back. Eloise didn't care ab out them both but stared a t the bill with wide eyes… . She could see it wri tten clearly: Golden silk white jade, x1, 5000 yuan. Green will ow pearl chicken , x1, 5000 yuan

Ball Shell, x1, 3400 yuan… . Looking at the several dishes one after another, Eloise was really dumbstruck. She said inwardly, "Is there gold in the dishes? Why are they so expensive?" . Was it possible th at Hector was being che ated by the restaurant? . At this moment, the door was knocked ag ain. A waiter entered pushing a dining cart full of all the dishes that they had ordered. Eloise finally became calm and stopped coughing. She immediately looked fo r the so-called golden silk white jadet. The clear golden yellow soup was indeed decorated with Bok choy leaves and a few wolfberries. It looked very beautiful. The rest of the dishes didn't look any special. Seeing her stare at the soup, Hect or immediately began to scoop it in a b owl for her and said, "Hungry? Try it?" . Eloise thanked him and to ok it. Because it was so expen sive, she hesitated to eat it. But after drinkin g it, she knew why this dish was so expensive. The main p oint of the dis h was the soup. The broth was clearly made from a variety of ingredients. It tasted deli cious, sweet, refreshing and lingering. However, for a poor person like Eloi se, eating a few leaves of Bok choy for a few thousand was still a bit unacceptable. Only, she didn't say it ou t loud foolishly, she just saw the gap between her and Hector. It was like a chasm that was d ifficult to cross! . She spent the meal in a c omplicated mood. Later, when the three of them were almost finished eating, Eloi se got up and went to the bathroom. As she came out, she unexpectedly ran into a few people she didn't want t o encounter in her life in the corridor. It was Robbie, Agnes, her fa ther Josh, step mother Ela, and Ro bbie's parents, Stanley and Olive. The two famil ies seemed to be e njoying themselves. Her father was smiling as he said to Robbie's parents, "Robbie, is getting better and more outstanding as time goes by, it is such a b lessing that our Agnes is with him. It is really a blessing from God. Stanley smiled and said, "Oh, no, no. Agnes is also excellent. She is beautiful and smart. Our family is lucky to have our son marry Agnes. Olive also seconded her husband, "I think, they are in the perfect place emotionally. We should jus t quickly pick a wedding date and get them married. Agnes and Robbie look ed at each other and smile d, "We have no objection. The two families were talking and laughing me rrily. At this moment Robbie's sharp eyes spotted Eloise standing there and his expressions changed