Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 29


Chapter 29 “Oscar. ” They heard a man’s voice and both looked in that direction. Their gaze landed on a very tall man, and Amelia could recognize him as one of the specialists from Anglandur. Tall and handsome, he looked very attractive in his doctor’s coat. One could easily believe that he was a professional model when he removed his doctor’s attire. “James!” Oscar walked up to him and greeted him heartily. “I haven’t seen you for a few years, Oscar. You’re looking better than ever. However, you’re not a very good friend, are you? If not for your wife’s accident, you might not have remembered me, your old friend,” said James. Oscar smiled and introduced Amelia to him, “This is my wife, Amelia. The one you saved was her friend. ” He then introduced James to Amelia, “Amelia, this is James, my schoolmate back in Anglandur. ” Amelia reached out her hand and smiled. “Nice to meet you, James. ” James gave her a warm hug and kissed her cheeks. “Wow, you’re really Oscar’s wife? What a pity, I was about to ask you out on a date. I didn’t expect you to be unavailable. Looks like it’s not my lucky day!” Amelia smiled graciously and said, “There are plenty of pretty women here. With your qualifications, you could get any woman you want. ” James chuckled. “I hardly ever come to Chanaea, but you’re making me very excited, Amelia. Come on Oscar, let’s hit the bar!” Oscar looked at Amelia, who smiled and uttered, “Go ahead, guys. I’ll stay here to watch over Tiffany. ” Oscar nodded. “All right. I’ll get Jimmy to come and keep you company. ” “There’s no need, I’ll be fine on my own. Go ahead with James. When Tiff recovers, I’ll cook up a storm to thank James properly. ” “Come with us, Amelia. I’ll get two nurses to take care of things here. Don’t worry, I brought them here with me, so they’ll definitely care for your friend well. ” (Post updated daily www. techkaushal. com) Amelia shook her head and smiled. “Please go ahead. When Tiff recovers, I’ll personally cook up a feast for you to repay your good deed. ” “I eagerly await that then. ” After James and Oscar left, Amelia continued standing at the glass window to watch Tiffany. It was another hour before she left to return to her room. The next morning, the nurse told her that Tiffany was awake and had been transferred to a regular ward. Amelia was so excited she immediately sped out of her room to Tiffany’s. The moment she entered the room, she saw that Tiffany’s eyes were opened. However, her friend still looked pale with the oxygen mask covering her mouth. Amelia walked closer to her and exclaimed, “Tiff, you’re finally awake. I was so afraid for you!” Tiffany could not move any part of her body, but she did blink at Amelia, which indicated that she was fine. Amelia did not know whether to laugh or cry at that. Finally, she said, “Tiff, if not for you, my child and I may not be alive today. You’re my child’s savior. Thank you!” Tiffany attempted to move her arms but she had no strength at all. She shook her head slightly but this little movement shocked Amelia. “Don’t move, Tiff! You barely survived this ordeal; what if something happened if you moved?” Amelia immediately stopped her. Tiffany merely looked at her quietly. After a brief moment, Amelia caved in. “Fine, I said the wrong thing just now. We’re family, and we shouldn’t say this kind of unpleasant things. ” Tiffany kept blinking her eyes blithely

In response, Amelia smiled. The gloom in her heart dissipated. The next day, Oscar went to the hospital and instructed Amelia to meet him outside her room. Dispassionately, he said, “I’m going to Coldbridge. When I return, we’ll (Post updated daily www. techkaushal. com) discuss the divorce. Your friend is fine now, and I’ve asked James to pay special attention to her, so you don’t have to worry about that. ” When she heard that, she was slightly disappointed. She had thought that when Oscar rushed to her, it meant that there was hope for their marriage. Turned out her feelings were not reciprocated. However, she could not ignore the fact that he had helped her with Tiffany, so she smiled and said, “You should go on with your work, Mr. Clinton. Just give me a call when you reach Goldbridge. ” He nodded. “Take care. ” She nodded and watched him as he left without even turning back. Amelia smiled bitterly to herself when he had truly vanished from her sight. Caressing her belly, she whispered, “Baby, your Dad is bent on divorcing me. Seems like it’s just gonna be you and me from now on, buddy. ” Suddenly her phone rang, derailing her train of thought. It was Oscar. She raised her eyebrows in confusion as they had been apart for barely ten minutes. She picked up the phone only to hear his domineering voice say, “I’ve already hired the best lawyer for your accident. When we bring the culprit to court, I’ll make sure that the guy loses everything that he has. ” “No. ” need. Before she could finish her sentence, he had already hung up. Amelia smiled wryly and thought to herself, This is really the way Oscar is. Everything has to be done according to his whims and fancies. It was like that when we got married, and he was also the one that decided on the divorce. It’s as if I have no say in this entire matter at all. How did I fall in love with such a domineering man?Anyway, it’s too late for me to think of all these things now. She then composed her emotions and walked into her room. Soon, one month had whizzed past them and Tiffany could remove her oxygen mask. She could also finally eat some soft food. Amelia had her helper Molly prepare some nutritious food to bring to the hospital. (Post updated daily www. techkaushal. com) With a pleasant smile on her kindly face, Molly brought her meal into the hospital room and said to Tiffany, “Ms. Winters, I’ve brought you some food. How do you feel today?” Tiffany raised her skinny arm that looked devoid of muscle and replied, “Molly, I’ve become as strong as an ox thanks to your excellent dishes. ” Clearly, Molly really liked Tiffany’s personality. She laughed and answered, “You’re such a jokester, Ms. Winters. I’ve been cooking all kinds of food for you this month, and you’ve been eating quite a lot. However, I don’t see you putting on any weight at all. You must be like Mrs. Clinton, the type that never puts on weight. ” Tiffany giggled as she sat cross-legged on the bed and asked, “So what did you prepare for me today, Molly?” “I made you some beef and vegetable soup, together with a couple of side dishes. ” Tiffany laughed out loud. “I’ve been craving beef and vegetable soup! Thank you, Molly, you’ve read my mind. I’m sure I’ll have put on a few pounds when I leave the hospital. While others lose weight in the hospital, I’ll be the only one gaining. ” “A few pounds wouldn’t hurt you. You’re so skinny now, just like Mrs. Clinton

It’s good to look a little plumper, and you’d look healthier too,” Molly said as she scooped a bowl of soup for her. “Molly, it’s the trend to be skinny these days. Everyone can’t bear to have an ounce of fat on them. However, I do prefer to be plumper, just that I can’t put on weight no matter what. ” Molly replied disapprovingly, “That’s the thing, all you young people go on crash diets blindly and end up looking all skin and bones. You could be blown away with just a gust of wind. ” Tiffany burst out laughing and gave her a thumbs up. “Molly, you’ve hit the nail on the head. ” Molly liked Tiffany a little more now. Tiffany munched happily on the beef and said, “Molly, you’ve really changed my palate this month. After I had your cooking, I realized that I’ve been eating crap before this. What will I do without you from now on?” (Post updated daily www. techkaushal. com) Molly said, “You can go to Mrs. Clinton, and I’ll cook for you too. ” “I’ll pass. It is Mr. Clinton’s personal space after all. I don’t think he would welcome an outsider like me. ” Molly knew Oscar very well and did not insist further. She merely smiled and said, “If you like my cooking, I’ll just ask Mrs. Clinton to bring it to you when I cook more. ” Tiffany smiled. “You’re the best, Molly!” Actually, Tiffany was far from being a bad cook. In fact, her cooking was on par with five-star hotels. However, she just enjoyed basking in someone else’s care and concern. Even though she earned enough as a freelance writer, she was incredibly introverted. She kept to herself so much that she did not have many friends apart from her editors. Tiffany had just finished eating when Amelia came in. “You’re already eating?” Tiffany smiled. “Amelia, you’re just a tad bit late. Molly’s cooking is getting better and I’m getting addicted. In fact, I’m sad that I won’t be able to eat all this delicious food after I’m discharged from the hospital. ” Amused, Amelia offered, “Why don’t I lend Molly to you? However, her salary is rather high and I don’t think you can afford her on your writer’s paycheck. ” Tiffany glanced at her and said, “Are you looking down on me now? I’m still a bestselling author, and I can sell thousands of novels easily. Therefore, I can still afford a helper. Molly, Mrs. Clinton has already sold you to me, so just name a price. I can’t wait to be an empress and be waited on hand and foot. ” Like a kind parent, Molly watched them as they argued. She then smiled and said, “Mrs. Clinton, I’ll leave you to chat with Ms. Winters. I’ll head back first. ” “Take your time, Molly. You don’t have to bring lunch for Tiff later,” Amelia said. Molly laughed. “That was just a little banter. Are you really stopping me from bringing food to Ms. Winters?” Amelia replied, “Don’t misunderstand me, Molly. I’m getting her discharged from the hospital this afternoon, and that’s why you don’t have to send a meal to her. ” “So soon?” Amelia nodded. “I’ve just asked the doctor, and he said she’s basically recovered. She can go home to rest now. ” (Post updated daily www. techkaushal. com)