Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 33


Chapter 33 Amelia gave an OK sign and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll call you if anything happens. Rest assured that I’ll treat my sweetheart well. ” Then, she stepped into the lift and went downstairs. Amelia hailed a cab and returned to her apartment in the city. She took the elevator to her floor and headed to her door. Just as she unlocked her door with her keys, someone pulled her in with great force from inside. Before she knew it, she was pulled into a tight embrace and even bumped her nose against the person’s rock hard chest. It almost made her tear up in pain. She tolerated it and looked up at the man. Giving him a smile, she asked, “Mr. Clinton, you’re oddly passionate today. Did you miss me?” Oscar lifted her chin forcefully and queried in a demanding manner, “Who was the man who ate with you today?” The woman burst into a chuckle as her cheeks flushed in happiness. “Mr. Clinton, are you jealous?” The man’s eyes flashed ominously at this question. He warned her sternly, “Don’t beat around the bush. You should know what’s going to happen if you betray me. ” “Mr. Clinton, you’re like the thief that steals a horse but doesn’t allow another to look over the hedge. Don’t forget Ms. Yard is already back, which means that we won’t be husband and wife soon. It’s not your business as to who I was with. ” Oscar lowered his head and bit her lips in frustration, causing her to cry out in pain. After he let go, Amelia brushed a finger against her lips and saw blood. She scoffed and remarked, “I didn’t know that you liked biting so much, Mr. Clinton. ” “You’re still mine since we’re not divorced yet. If you ever betray me and flirt with other men, I won’t go easy on you. Don’t blame me if I disregard our status as husband and wife. ” “Did you ever care in the first place? You hung out with your ex-girlfriend in my presence and said that I wasn’t related to you. Did you ever care about how I felt?” Amelia questioned. The man narrowed his eyes. “Are you protesting now?” She looked up and stared deep into his eyes as she asked, “What do you think, Mr. Clinton?” “Amelia, don’t forget that our relationship is purely contractual. ” She nodded and retorted, “That’s exactly what I wanted to say. When we signed the contract, it was made clear that you would not interfere in any of my matters as long as I carried out my duties. That’s the extent of our relationship. Did you forget, Mr. Clinton?” Oscar’s expression turned even darker. “So, is that man your boyfriend now?” “Don’t make it sound so bad, Mr. Clinton. Don’t worry. I won’t have any boyfriends during this period of time. You know, not everyone can have so many partners at once like you. You must be having such a good time. ” Oscar really hated this defiant side of her. He wanted Amelia to be as obedient as a pet. Right now, she was behaving so defensively and rebelliously. “Amelia, what are you trying to do? Rebel?” “No, sir. You’re my source of income! Why would I rebel against you? I’m just unhappy that you’re so quick to doubt me. ” He frowned very deeply and questioned, “Is there something wrong with you today?” In response, she wrapped her arms around Oscar’s neck and seemingly reverted to her normal shy, obedient self. With a gentle smile, she replied, “Mr. Clinton, I was wrong earlier. Please don’t take my words to heart?” He just looked at her indifferently. However, Amelia was not afraid and asked him, “Mr. Clinton, isn’t Ms. Yard already back? Aren’t you going to spend more time with her?” “She’s busy with her piano concert. ” Oscar provided a simple explanation. She nodded. “No wonder you have time to be here. ” In one swift movement, he picked her up and walked upstairs into the bedroom. Just as he was about to toss her onto the bed, she hurriedly stopped him

“Mr. Clinton, my body has been aching the past few days. Please don’t use so much force when you put me down. ” Oscar conceded and placed her on the bed gently. Then, he shot her a sharp look as his gaze darted to her belly. His brows furrowed together as he asked, “Why does your belly look bigger?” Amelia’s heart skipped a beat. She let out a nervous laugh and returned the question, “Are you saying that I got fatter?” “I was only away for a month. How could your belly get so big?” Oscar’s frown got even deeper now. The woman sat up on the bed and smiled. “Mr. Clinton, have you ever heard of a stress-free life? I had such a great time eating and hanging out with my friends when you were away. Tiff is getting better too. I stopped dieting because I was so happy. Maybe that’s why I got plumper. ” “As far as I know, you’re not the type to fatten easily. Also, you only gained weight in your belly and not elsewhere. Are you pregnant?” Oscar got straight to the point. Amelia trembled slightly at his question. However, she kept smiling and avoided answering it. “What makes you say that, Mr. Clinton?” His gaze turned sharp once more as he repeated his question, “Are you pregnant?” “If I say yes, will you ask me to abort it?” “Yes,” he spat. Her expression changed slightly. She managed a smile and told him, “I never knew that you were this ruthless, Mr. Clinton. You’re even willing to abort your own child?” “So you’re really pregnant then?” “I would have already asked for a big sum of money from you if I was really pregnant. I wouldn’t wait till now, would I? If you don’t believe me, you can get the family doctor to do a check-up. I will head to the hospital for an abortion right away if I’m really pregnant. ” Oscar got up from the bed and dialed a number. After he finished the call, he glanced at Amelia and told her, “I already called Mr. Lancester. He’ll be here shortly to do a check-up on you. Amelia could no longer keep her cool. She got up from the bed too and looked at him coldly. “Oscar, I’ve never met someone as ruthless and cold-hearted as you. Let’s get a divorce. I don’t want your money. In fact, I would rather leave this marriage penniless. You don’t have to worry about me being a threat to you and Cassie even if I’m pregnant. ” After she finished, she walked past Oscar and prepared to leave. However, Oscar grabbed her hand and stopped her. His tone was carefully neutral as he questioned, “Are you really pregnant? For how many months?” She turned her head and scoffed. “Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Clinton, but I’m not pregnant. I just ate slightly more these few weeks and got fat. I can’t do anything more to make you believe me. ” Oscar immediately recomposed himself and replied, “Amelia, only I have the right to say no in this marriage. If you breach this contract unilaterally, you’ll have to pay a hundred million. Don’t forget that. ” Smiling sweetly, she adjusted his shirt for him. “Mr. Clinton, there’s nothing to be angry about. I remember all of that. But I suppose we’re getting a divorce really soon, aren’t we?” He swept her up into his arms and was ready to throw her on the bed once more. However, something struck him and he changed his mind. Instead, he placed her on the bed gently and pinned her body down. He lifted her chin and told her calmly, “Amelia, don’t forget that you’re just one of my pets. Don’t even think about trying to make me angry. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences. Pets always behave in a certain way, understood?” She tugged at his tie and blinked her large eyes as she asked, “Have you ever seen such a beautiful pet, Mr. Clinton?” “Cassie is headed back to Erihal in a few days. We won’t be getting a divorce so soon. ” With what seemed like a smile, Amelia stared at him and queried, “Should I be thankful for that?” “You should just behave as you should

Be good and obedient. ” Using some force, Amelia pulled the man closer to her. Their lips were just inches apart as she asked, “Mr. Clinton, can a pet like me sleep with you and do things which were previously forbidden?” Oscar’s gaze went dark as he felt the adrenaline rush through his body. Gritting his teeth, he warned, “Don’t seduce me!” Amelia still persisted. “Mr. Clinton, don’t you want to fulfill your needs? You invested so much money in me after all. ” After a short pause, she continued, “In fact, I’m surprised that you aren’t ravishing Ms. Yard now that she’s back. Aren’t you afraid that she’ll be unsatisfied?” The man’s face darkened menacingly. He lowered his voice and said to her, “Amelia, you better watch your mouth. Cassie has always been a pure and innocent girl. Don’t impose your dirty thoughts onto her. ” “Are we talking about the same person? If she’s really that pure and innocent, she wouldn’t have gotten my number while she was far away in Erihal. She even threatened me over the phone, mind you. However, I suppose she does look quite pure and innocent. No wonder you pine for her. All men like women like Ms. Yard. ” Oscar was quite annoyed at this. He glared at her and spat, “Amelia, I thought that you knew your boundaries, but it seems like I was wrong. You’re such a despicable person. ” “Mr. Clinton, what do you mean?” Amelia burst out in laughter. Oscar got off the bed and adjusted his shirt. Without turning back, he told her, “You better not try anything funny with Cassie. I’ll let you know when’s the right time to get divorced. Cassie prefers to stay overseas now, so you would have to continue being my partner for a while until she decides to return. I’ll give you your freedom then. ” Amelia let out a bitter laugh. Damn. Not only am I Cassie’s substitute, now I have to fulfill his biological needs too? “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll get angry and refuse to do as told?” “We signed the papers at the law firm that day. If you want to pay me a hundred million in damages, please feel free to leave. ” He only knows how to pressure me with money. “How can you do this? You’re a man of great stature, yet you abuse your power and money. Don’t you think that it’s a little shameful?” He turned around and challenged her, “I can be even more shameless than this. Do you want to try me?” She got down from the bed and walked towards him. Embracing him from behind, she said, “Darling, we’ve been husband and wife for four years now. Regardless of whether we married because of the contract or because we like each other, I’m sure we don’t have to make things difficult for each other when we divorce, right?” “It’s best if you think that way. ” “That has always been my plan,” Amelia responded sweetly. After a pause, she continued, “Darling, I’m quite tired of these days where all I do is shop. I got someone to recommend me a job. I’m headed to work on Monday. Are you alright with that?” He turned and asked, “Are you in need of money?” She shook her head and laughed. “You give me a lot of pocket money each month. I’m not in need of money. I’m just too bored and want to find a proper job to pass the time. ” Oscar nodded. “Sure. Where’s your office?” She informed him of the address. “It’s a good location, but I’ve never heard of the company. Is it a startup?” he asked. “It’s been around for a few years. The Clinton Corporations is a large company, and you’re a busy man. That’s probably why you haven’t heard of it. So I take it that you’re alright with this?” “Everything was in black and white when we got married. I won’t interfere with your social life, nor will I stop you from going to work. Of course, if you flirt with other men in your workplace, you’ll suffer the consequences. ” She pouted. “What a demanding man