Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 34


Chapter 34 “You’re my wife. You can only serve my needs. Don’t even think about anything else. ” “Mr. Clinton, I’m not going to be your wife soon. When that happens, I’ll take a leaf out of your book and find two hunks for myself. One shall be a muscular man while the other should be a model with a good figure. That would be the ultimate pleasure in life. ” Oscar’s face turned extremely dark upon hearing this. “Can you not be this shameless, Amelia?” “Huh?” Oscar insisted, “I’ll break your legs if you find another man. ” “Mr. Clinton, aren’t you being overbearing now? We aren’t going to be related soon. ” “Don’t even think about leaving when I haven’t given you permission to do so! That’s not going to happen. ” After he finished, Oscar left the bedroom and went to the study. Amelia was left in the bedroom, blinking her eyes innocently. It’s getting more and more difficult to read Oscar’s thoughts. He was the one who initially professed his love for Cassie and wanted a divorce. But now that Cassie’s back, why isn’t he in a rush to get back with her? Surprisingly, he’s here to spend time with me and doesn’t seem to want to leave. What’s going on? Shaking her head, she picked up a sleeping gown and headed to the bathroom for a hot shower. After that, she stepped into the kitchen to make a glass of warm milk and went upstairs to the study. She knocked on the door and entered only after Oscar gave her permission to do so. “Mr. Clinton, I got you a glass of milk. It’s good to have some milk before you sleep. ” She placed the glass on the desk in front of him. Just then, Oscar looked up and noticed her in the rather revealing sleeping gown. Immediately, his eyes darkened. On the other hand, Amelia was very satisfied with his reaction. “Mr. Clinton, it’s getting late. Isn’t it time to get some sleep?” It almost seemed like she was trying to seduce him. 1/7 Oscar had to admit that Amelia was very good at the art of seduction. She could probably get by even without a job because so many men would willingly court her and spend their money on her. In fact, it was not an exaggeration to say that she would be gifted luxury bags, clothes, shoes, and many more. She was very good at captivating men’s hearts, which was what made Oscar so enchanted by this woman. The thought that she would belong to another man one day made him really unhappy. Naturally, his tone went cold as he said, “You better dress more conservatively when you’re meeting other men. Look at you. What are you wearing now?” Amelia thought this was weird. She glanced at him innocently and replied, (This novel will be daily updtaed at www. techkaushal. com) “Mr. Clinton, I thought you liked that I dressed like this? If I dressed like a nun, you would have kicked me out of the house already. ” Oscar looked even more annoyed at her reply. “Mr. Clinton, you look like a really jealous husband right now. Are you in love with me?” The man was getting frustrated now. “Go to sleep. I’m not done with my work yet,” he commanded while pointing to the door. Amelia leaned forward and rested her hands on the table as she spoke flirtatiously, “Mr. Clinton, a pretty lady is right in front of you now, yet you seem to have no reaction. There are only two reasons for that. One, your little one down there isn’t working. Or… you’re not a man at all. ” All of a sudden, the man stood up and stepped around the table. He picked her up swiftly and hissed through gritted teeth, “I’ll show you that I’m a man. ” No man wanted their manhood to be doubted—it was like an attack on their pride and ego. The duo had an intense session for the entire night. The next morning, Amelia was awakened by her phone ringing. With drowsy eyes, she glanced at the screen and saw that it was a call from Carter. She picked up the call. “Hello?” 2/7 Carter’s doubtful voice could be heard on the other end of the line. “Are you still sleeping?” “I just woke up. Is something wrong?” “Oh, no, I just wanted to ask if you feel better. ” “Thanks for asking. I’m fine now. I’ll get to work on time the day after. ” “Don’t worry about coming to work. If you don’t feel like coming in, you can start work next week instead. ” Amelia responded, “I don’t want to be a freeloader. I know that you’re rich, but your employees will gossip. ” “Alright then. Come to work if you have nothing else to do

Make yourself at home. We are friends, after all. Also, I can help you pay back the few million that you owed previously. As a friend, of course. You can return me the money when you’ve earned enough. ” “Carter, thank you so much. I’ve already paid back the money though. Tiffany and I are living our best lives now. Everything is good and peaceful. Don’t worry. ” “All right. I won’t disturb you then. Goodbye. ” “Bye. ” After she hung up and was ready to get off the bed, (This novel will be daily updtaed at www. techkaushal. com) she realized that Oscar was already awake and staring at her. She jumped in shock upon seeing this. “You’re awake?” Oscar asked, “Is that the man you were eating lunch with?” She nodded. “Are you going to work for him?” She nodded again. “You can’t go,” Oscar quickly ordered. “But Mr. Clinton, you agreed to it yesterday. ” “He’s obviously interested in you. I don’t like the way he looks at you. Don’t go. ” “Mr. Clinton, do you really think I’m such a loveable person?” Amelia laughed. “Don’t deflect. No means no. ” “I already signed the contract and agreed to start work on Monday. Why are you making my life difficult?” “I’ll pay any contractual damages. ” Amelia got out of bed and put on the sleeping gown which had been tossed on the floor last night. With what looked like a smile, she looked at Oscar and said, “Mr. Clinton, if you don’t give me a good reason, I’ll still head to work on Monday. We already agreed not to interfere in each other’s work lives. I’m sure you remember that. The man narrowed her eyes. “Amelia, you’re getting more and more rebellious. You even dare to threaten me now?” She walked into the bathroom with Oscar following right after her. He pulled her into an embrace from behind and looked at their reflections in the mirror. “Don’t go to work there. If you need money, I can give you more. Or else, you can come and work at Clinton Corporations. ” “Mr. Clinton, I like to design. While his company is not comparable to Clinton Corporations, it gives me the platform to display and showcase my designs. Unfortunately, I do insist on going to work there. Unless you can give me a good reason not to?” “Are you rejecting me right now?” “We already agreed not to interfere in each other’s work lives when we signed the contract. If you’ve forgotten, I can show you the exact clause in the contract. ” Oscar looked extremely upset at this. “Amelia, you are indeed getting more daring. ” how to protect my rights. ” “Fine. You can go to work. However, I want you to stay away from that boss. No man can ever come close to you,” he asserted. Putting down her toothbrush, she used a towel to wipe the water off her face. With a smile, her gaze moved to Oscar as she clarified, “Mr. Clinton, can I take it that you’re jealous?” He walked out of the bathroom right away. Amelia winked to herself in the mirror and began washing up. After half an hour, she stepped out of the bathroom while Oscar stepped back in. Her phone rang again. It was a call from Olivia. She picked it up and said, “Hello, Mom. ” “Amelia, is Oscar with you?” Olivia asked in a benevolent fashion. “Yes, he is. Are you looking for him? Let me pass him the phone. ” “It’s alright. Since he’s with you, tell him to bring you home for lunch later. We have some guests over,” Olivia told her happily. “All right. We’ll head back to the Clinton residence after he’s done washing up,” Amelia replied courteously

“Okay. I’ll hang up now. See you soon. ” “See you. ” When Oscar exited the bathroom, Amelia informed him, “Mr. Clinton, Mom asked us to head back to the Clinton residence for lunch. ” He nodded. They got themselves dressed and drove back to the Clinton residence. After parking the car, they walked to the front doors. The butler welcomed them with a smile. “Mr. Oscar, Ms. Amelia, you’re back! Mr. and Mrs. Clinton and the guests are waiting inside. ” Oscar nodded at this. After entering, she was surprised to see that the guests were, in fact, Cassie and her parents. Cassie was quite happy to see Oscar initially. However, her smile vanished almost instantly after she saw Amelia standing next to him. Meanwhile, Olivia was happy to see the two’s arrival. She waved them over and said, “Amelia, come here. ” Amelia approached the older woman with a smile. Olivia treated Amelia quite well. One could say that she loved Amelia like her own daughter. On the other hand, Owen was a little more indifferent. After all, he had wanted Cassie to be his daughter-in-law, and Amelia did not come from a prestigious family. In fact, the Yards and Clintons argued badly when Cassie went overseas. Luckily, the Yard family apologized after that. With Oscar mediating matters, the two families were finally at peace with each other. Olivia held Amelia’s hand and said, “Charlie, this is Oscar’s wife. I suppose you haven’t met her because she married Oscar when our two families were still at odds with each other four years ago. My daughter-in-law is such a lovely woman. She’s kind and filial, and I really like her. Her presence makes my life so much more fulfilling! Owen and Oscar are always so busy with work, and Steph is always at a party or a gathering. None of them have the time to keep me company. Thankfully, Amelia is always here. ” Cassie’s parents shifted in their seats uncomfortably at this. Cassie’s mother, Elizabeth, managed a laugh. “Oscar definitely made a good choice. However, why do I feel like she looks so familiar? I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Charlie, what do you think?” Cassie’s father, Charlie, chimed in, “Now that you mention it, I think she resembles Cassie a little. ” Cassie sat off to the side, acting very docile and feminine. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www. techkaushal. com) She looked exactly like the dream girl from a novel-obedient, gentle, beautiful, and kind. It was as though she was a compilation of all the aspects one would dream for in a woman. It was no wonder why Oscar fell head over heels with such a perfect woman. Amelia observed Oscar, noticing that his gaze never once left Cassie the entire them they were in the room. Disappointment flashed through her eyes. No matter how hard I try, I’ll always remain as a substitute for Cassie as long as she’s around. Now that she’s back, nobody will like a substitute like me anymore. She’s the real deal. Olivia noticed Oscar’s behavior too and let out a small cough. “Oscar, take off your suit since you’re home. Maybe dress in something a little more comfortable. ” Oscar quickly looked away and nodded. After he went upstairs, Olivia said to Amelia kindly, “Amelia, this is Charlie and Elizabeth Yard. This is Cassie, their daughter who was supposed to be Oscar’s fiancée back then. They almost got married, but unfortunately, that did not happen. ” Feigning ignorance, Amelia greeted the trio politely, “Mr. Yard, Mrs. Yard, Cassie, it’s nice to meet all of you. ” Cassie nodded with a gentle smile. “Ms. Winters, hello again. What a pleasure to see you here. ” “It’s indeed a pleasure. I always thought that the woman who abandoned Oscar and ran off to Erihal must be a very unlikeable person. Today, I realize I was so naive to have thought that back then! Ms. Yard, you’re so kind and beautiful. You’re definitely not someone to abandon your loved ones, right? There must be some misunderstanding here, but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. I have to thank you for letting such a perfect man come into my life