Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 35


Chapter 35 Cassie’s seemingly invulnerable façade began to falter. Feigning concern, Olivia continued, “Amelia, how should I put this? Cassie’s decision to study overseas was all for the sake of her career. It’s just a pity my son couldn’t accompany her. Then again, I did hear that Cassie had a new pianist boyfriend who went with her. I wonder if they’re married now?” Olivia still held a grudge towards Cassie. My son was such a catch! Simply the cream of his crop! Yet Cassie had the audacity to run off with another man, and right before the wedding at that! What an insult to our family! Why, we were the laughing stock of the upper classes! Our families may look friendly now, but I’ll never forget what Cassie did to my son! Charlie and Elizabeth’s expressions were awkward, while Cassie appeared chagrined as she looked at Olivia. “Mrs. Clinton, I used to be your favorite. I know my decision to study overseas hurt Oscar’s feelings, but I truly love him. There was no one else with me when I went overseas, much less another man. You must not fall for baseless rumors. ” Olivia smiled patronizingly at Cassie. “Cassie, of course I was very fond of you back then. The fiasco between you and Oscar happened so long ago; I won’t hold you to it forever. I also want you to be happy. ” Cassie returned a gentle smile. “Mrs. Clinton, I’ve been single the whole time I was overseas. I didn’t come back just for the concert; I also wanted to see Oscar. ” “Are you going back overseas after this?” asked Olivia. Nodding, Cassie answered, “Yes, I’m going back in a few days. ” Olivia’s smile suddenly took on a lot more sincerity. “You’re such a renowned pianist these days. Now that you’re successful career-wise, isn’t it time to start thinking about settling down? After all, it’s good for us women to have a family to return to at the end of the day. ” Cassie replied demurely, “I realized during my time overseas that Oscar is the best man I’ve ever known. I should’ve appreciated him more when we were together; now that I’m thinking of rekindling our relationship, he’s already married. ” As if realizing her words were somewhat inappropriate, she turned towards Amelia sheepishly. “Ms. Winters, I hope you don’t mind my words. I didn’t mean anything by them. ” “Don’t worry, I know that Oscar’s a pretty good catch. It’s normal for other women to be hung up on him. I’d be exhausted if I threw a fit of jealousy at every woman who had feelings for him,” Amelia replied, completely unperturbed. Olivia added, “That’s a great mentality to have, Amelia. So open-minded! Not like those women who throw tantrums all the time. Men tend to be busy with their work, so it wouldn’t do for us to make a big fuss over these matters all the time. What a sensible woman she is; that’s why I like her so much. ” Olivia’s words seemed to imply something more. Amelia’s expression changed. Mrs. Clinton doesn’t seem to like Cassie very much. I guess it’s understandable considering she betrayed Oscar once before. Olivia patted Amelia’s hand. “Amelia, can you check on Oscar? Why is he taking so long to change?” Amelia stood up. “Mr. and Mrs. Yard, please make yourselves at home. I’ll go upstairs and check on Oscar. ” Once Amelia had gone upstairs, Olivia took a sip of her tea gracefully. “These two kids, they’ve been married for four years but they’re still such a lovey-dovey couple. They‘re practically joined at the hips! Even an elder like me can’t stand them sometimes. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much. ” Charlie and Elizabeth appeared uncomfortable. Olivia pretended not to notice and continued on, “Cassie, you’re not a young woman anymore

Did you date anyone when you were in Erihal?” “Mrs. Clinton, I’ve been busy with work. I traveled all over the world to perform, and I couldn’t settle for long in any location. But I think I’ll return to Chanaea after another couple of months and settle down for good. ” “You’ll have so much more opportunities and make a better living if you stay in Erihal. There are so many impressive men in Erihal as well. Why wouldn’t you want to build your future in Erihal?” asked Olivia. You’re lucky I didn’t ask you straight out to remain in Erihal and stay far, far away from my son! If Cassie was affected by her words, nothing showed in her expression. “No matter how excellent the conditions are overseas, the people I miss are not there. My heart feels empty all the same, and I’d rather come home and chase my dreams here. ” Olivia poured a cup of tea for Owen. “Owen, why are you so quiet? Visits from Charlie and his family are so rare, you should at least say something to our guests. ” Owen finally lifted his head. Oscar was almost a spitting image of Owen, though the latter’s gaze was much softer than that of his son’s. Donning a pair of glasses, he looked more like an intelligent scholar than the wealthy businessman he actually was. “Charlie, I bought a lovely chess set the other day. We should have a go at it after lunch. ” Charlie smiled. “Owen, I’ve been itching to play some chess lately. Thank you for the invitation; I’d love to play a few rounds with you. You’ve always beaten me at chess, but I’m going to turn the tables today. ” Owen nodded. “Good, then let’s play a few rounds after lunch. ” Olivia laughed. “At your age, other people are already enjoying their retirement at home; only you would insist on spending your twilight years working at the company. And you have no other hobbies besides playing chess either. I’d be so happy if you got a new hobby!” Owen listened silently to his wife. Cassie laughed at her impassioned words. “Mrs. Clinton, I think Mr. Clinton’s hobby is great. It’s great for keeping the mind sharp and building patience. All those years spent playing chess with my Dad also turned them into lifelong friends. Olivia could only smile at her reply. Just then, Stephanie strode into the house. She wore sky-high stilettos and had an LV purse on her arm. At the sight of Cassie sitting on the sofa, her eyes widened. She hurried over and cried, “Cassie, you’re back?” Cassie stood up and opened her arms, welcoming Stephanie into her embrace. “Cassie, when did you get back? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Cassie laughingly replied, “I just got back two days ago. I’ve been buried in preparation works for the concert and only had a spot of free time today to come visit Mr. and Mrs. Clinton with my parents. ” Stephanie sat down next to Cassie before asking, “Have you met Oscar yet?” Cassie nodded. Stephanie did not miss a beat as she asked without a hint of subtlety, “Then when are you getting back together with my brother?” The words left her mouth just as Oscar and Amelia were about to come downstairs. They heard her question loud and clear, while Olivia frowned. “Steph, why do you always speak without thinking? Your brother and Amelia have been married for four years! Don’t you think other people will misunderstand when they hear your question?” Stephanie pouted. “Mom, you call that a perfect sister-in-law? She has no status or money, and Oscar probably only married her for some secret reason he hasn’t told us. I bet she’s after our family’s wealth. I’ve never recognized her as my sister-in-law; you’re the only one who’s been treating her like your biological daughter. ” “What nonsense are you spouting? When have I ever taught you to judge your relatives like this?” Olivia’s expression darkened. Stephanie looked at Cassie as if she was the one who’d been wronged. “Cassie, Amelia must have cast some spell on my Mom if she loves Amelia more than me. ” Something flashed across Cassie’s eyes, though a gentle smile remained on her face. “Steph, Mrs

Clinton has always been fair to everyone. If she loves Amelia so much, it must be because Amelia has some endearing traits. ” Stephanie opened her mouth to speak, but Amelia cut her off by announcing, “Dad, Mom. Oscar and I are coming down now. ” She hooked her arm through the crook of Oscar’s elbow. Strangely enough, he didn’t shake off her arm but merely glanced at her. After coming downstairs, Amelia and Oscar sat together on another sofa. Stephanie shot Amelia a disdainful look and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. “A substitute is still just a substitute. The only thing they can do is step aside when the real deal is back. ” Amelia pretended she didn’t understand her words, though Olivia chided, “Steph, if you’re going to continue spouting nonsense, you can head upstairs right now. ” This effectively shut Stephanie up. Olivia looked at Amelia lovingly. “Amelia, have you and Oscar eaten breakfast yet?” “Mom, we already ate on the way here. ” Olivia nodded. “If you haven’t eaten, I’ll have Maggie whip up something for you. ” “Mom, we’ve already eaten. Please don’t trouble yourself. ” Olivia smiled and nodded once more. Time seemed to fly as they chatted idly about nothing in particular. Soon it was time for lunch. Amelia sat to the right of Oscar at the dining table. Intentionally or not, Cassie ended up on his left. Olivia sat to Amelia’s left and tapped her hands. “Don’t worry, Amelia, you’re the Clintons’ official daughter-in-law. All these other women are merely fleeting visitors in Oscar’s life. ” Amelia glanced at Cassie and replied softly, “Mom, you shouldn’t overthink as well. They’re our guests; as the daughter-in-law of the Clintons, I will do my best to help you entertain them. ” Olivia’s fondness for Amelia grew. “What a good child you are. Tell me if Oscar ever bullies you; I’ll teach him a lesson!” “Oscar’s busy with work on most days, but he’s very caring towards me. Recently I got bored and found a job. When I told him, he didn’t seem to mind,” Amelia uttered with a smile. Furrowing her brows, Olivia questioned, “Why are you thinking of working? Is Oscar’s allowance not enough?” “Mom, don’t misunderstand. I just got bored at home and wanted to look for a job to kill time. I studied design back in university, so I got a job at a design company,” Amelia explained patiently. “Young people should be out and about, not bogged down by heavy workloads or difficult bosses. Just resign and I’ll have Oscar arrange a sinecure for you in Clinton Corporations. ” “Thanks for your kind intentions, Mom. But if the company is too hard on me, I can always join the family business later on. ” Olivia nodded. Stephanie cast a disdainful glance at Amelia and snarked, “Apparently someone graduated university, though I’m pretty sure it’s some third-rate institution. No wonder you’re living off of our family. ” Olivia gave Stephanie a warning look. “Steph, how can you be so rude towards your own sister-in-law! And in front of guests nonetheless! Do you want me to tell you off in front of them?” Pouting, Stephanie whined, “Mom, I really wonder what sort of spell she has you under. Dad, Oscar and I aren’t particularly fond of her, yet you’re always defending her. ” “Talking back to me again? Are you trying to cut your lunch short? Such improper and disrespectful behavior for a young lady of your age! All the etiquette I’ve drilled into you must have gone down the drain. I want you to write an apology letter after lunch. ” Stephanie set down her silverware in a fit of injustice. “Mom, why are you defending her over your own daughter? Who do you think of as your real daughter anyway? You’re always taking her side!” Oscar placed his silverware down and stared at Stephanie intently. “Steph, apologize to Mom. ” Stephanie was evidently scared of her brother as she immediately deflated at his words. “Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to argue with you