Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 36


Chapter 36 Olivia’s face was calm as she said, “Let’s eat. There’re guests around today. Let’s not make a fool of ourselves in front of them. ” Due to Stephanie’s fit of temper, the Yard family trio left swiftly after the meal. As Owen’s earlier proposal wasn’t taken seriously in the end, he didn’t ask them to stay either. After the guests left, Owen turned to look at his daughter. “Steph, you’re getting out of hand. Your mom is an elder. How could you talk back to her?” Stephanie shot a vicious glare at Amelia and said, “Dad, I wasn’t talking back to Mom. I simply cannot stand a particular person, that’s all. ” “Steph, no matter what, Amelia’s your sister-in-law. To shoot your mouth off in the presence of outsiders not only embarrasses her, but it embarrasses your brother as well. If the Yards were to gossip about this with others, how do you suppose others would look at our family? The Clintons have been made enough of a joke in society because of the Yards. How are you still so ignorant?” Stephanie was visibly upset. “Dad, are you lecturing me?” Amelia, being the peacekeeper of the house, chimed in, “Dad, this matter aroused because of me. My family’s background is unworthy of Oscar. It’s only natural for Stephanie to dislike me. ” Oscar frowned, disliking how self-deprecating Amelia was behaving. He uttered coldly, “Stephanie, apologize to Amelia. ” Stephanie stared at Oscar in disbelief, her face flushing red in rage. “All of you are too much! You’re all bullying your own family for an outsider”—she stood up-“you expect me to apologize to her? Dream on! I detest her!” She then stormed upstairs before anyone could stop her. Olivia held onto Amelia’s hands and tried to smooth things over. “Amelia, Steph is temperamental and mischievous. Please don’t take her words to heart. ” Amelia chuckled. “Mom, don’t worry. Steph’s my sister-in-law. I won’t mind whatever she says. I’m only looking forward to being with Oscar for a long time. I won’t fret about irrelevant matters. ” Olivia patted her hand in content and praised, “You’re a sensible child. ” Standing at the side, Oscar uttered, “Mom, there are still matters to handle at the company. I’ll return before dinner. ” “It’s the weekend. What matters could there be?” “Technical issues. I’ll be back soon. ” Olivia glanced at him in disapproval and chided, “You should be spending the weekends with your wife. Don’t be like your father and become a workaholic. ” Amelia wrapped her arm around Olivia’s, playing her part as an understanding spouse. “Mom, the Clinton Corporations has thousands of employees. There’s a lot of pressure on Oscar. Working on weekends is normal with the amount of workload he has. Don’t blame him. ” “Oscar, you should be satisfied having married such an understanding wife. No matter how busy work is, you ought to find time to spend with her. Don’t think about unnecessary thoughts as soon as someone has returned. Though Amelia doesn’t blame you, I as your mother won’t let you off easy. I may not have a job, but I’m not a fool. If you’re going out with Cassie Yard, you can forget about ever calling me your mom. The Clintons will not accept anyone with the last name Yard,” Olivia declared sternly. Oscar’s expression clouded over as he shot an unknown look at Amelia. Noticing that, Olivia immediately rebutted, “What are you looking at Amelia for? Didn’t you say you have business at the company? What are you waiting for?” Oscar simply nodded and turned around to leave. “The kids have grown up now

You should leave them to it. Oscar’s capable and he handles the matters at work very well. He’ll be able to handle his own relationship matters. Quit getting involved,” Owen said to his wife. Olivia turned toward Amelia. “It’s late. Why don’t you go take a nap?” Amelia nodded in agreement. As soon as Amelia had gone upstairs, Olivia went to take a seat next to her husband and muttered, “Are you still thinking about separating Amelia and Oscar?” Owen flipped open his newspaper, his eyes brightening as if he was drawn into it. In one swift move, Olivia removed them from his hands and grumbled, “Owen Clinton, stop pretending that you can’t hear me and say something. I’m telling you-the only daughter-in-law I’ll accept is Amelia. The others, especially Cassie Yard, will not be considered. I will rightly refuse her if she aims to be married into the Clintons. ” Owen glanced at her curiously. “What’s so great about Amelia? She’s merely a pitiful child. You should be clearer than anyone else why Oscar married her in the first place. Cassie had done Oscar wrong previously, but now that she’s back and even personally came to visit, what are you still bearing a grudge for? I recall you used to treat her nicely. What’s changed?” “Owen Clinton, as it turns out, you have such a big heart. You could turn a blind eye to everything Cassie Yard did. Fleeing the wedding aside, she had even escaped with her new boyfriend. What did she treat Oscar and the Clintons as? She’s completely naive if she thinks she would be forgiven with a mere apology. ” Olivia was typically calm and composed on usual days, but should anything be met with her ire, it would not be a matter easily forgotten. How strongly she had once liked Cassie was how strongly her dislike had grown for her. Owen reached for the newspapers once again, saying in a soothing tone, “Stop worrying about it. It’s Oscar’s marriage and he’s a man now. He’ll handle his own relationship problems. However, I think he’s still hung up on Cassie. You should just stay out of it, lest you create any unnecessary trouble. ” “Owen Clinton, are you saying I’m a busybody?” Embracing his wife, Owen gently coaxed, “I’ll hand the work on-hand to Oscar in a few days and take you to Caspardion for a holiday. An old friend has recommended a small town with an exceptional view. You’ll love it when you see it. Olivia’s face gradually lightened up. “Not mad anymore?” “Given that you’re standing on my side, I’ll quit being angry. But you can’t turn a blind eye to Oscar’s matters. I know you’re not wholly accepting of Amelia’s family background, but she’s already married into the family. The Clintons are not one to be hypocritical. Your dad only had one wife, and you only have me, hence Oscar must only have one too with no exceptions. ” Owen looked nonplussed. “Dearest, aren’t you being too authoritative? If the marriage is failing, divorce is unavoidable. What’s the point of forcing them to be together?” Olivia glared at him. “So what you mean to say is that you’re supportive of him and Cassie getting back together?” “Dearest, you’re thinking too much. Since when did I make such a claim?” Owen sighed and coaxed, “The younger generations will be all right on their own. You’re right. I’m not very satisfied with Amelia’s family background, but I won’t help outsiders go against our daughter-in-law. Let’s not dwell on these frustrating things. In a few days, we’ll go to Caspardion for a big vacation and only return when you’re feeling better, all right?” Olivia wasn’t an unreasonable person, hence she no longer said much. But suddenly remembering something, she said, “Owen, I noticed Amelia’s belly is bulging out. I’m a mother and I’m experienced. It’s obvious it isn’t weight gain, I think she’s pregnant. ” Owen’s tranquil gaze flickered for a moment. “Are you sure?” “I’ve given birth to two kids. Of course, I could differentiate between a chubby woman and a pregnant one. I’m certain-she’s got to be pregnant. ” “If she’s truly pregnant, then it’ll be the Clintons’ first grandchild

There must not be any mishap,” Owen commented. “Earlier, you were still being indifferent. Now that you hear your daughter-in-law may be pregnant, you’re thrilled? Aren’t you afraid Amelia will be upset if she finds out?” Owen had no reaction to being teased and clarified, “Is she really pregnant?” “Most likely, but we’ll still have to get Robert here to take a look. He’s treated us for decades. I’m confident in his medical skills. ” “I’ll give him a call then. ” “Let’s not be hasty,” Olivia stopped him. “Let me have a word with Amelia first. It’ll be utterly embarrassing for us both if this is a misunderstanding. ” Feeling anxious, Owen urged, “Then go quickly. They’ve been married for four years and they’re still childless. ” “Why are you so impatient? I’m going now. ” Olivia shook her head and went upstairs, knocking on the door until Amelia told her to enter. With one hand, she closed the door behind her as soon as she entered the room. “What’s the matter, Mom?” “I was worried you’ll be bored, so I came to have a chat with you. ” Amelia laughed. “Take a seat, Mom. ” Olivia’s eyes zeroed in on Amelia’s belly as soon she sat down. Confused, Amelia questioned, “Mom, what are you looking at?” Olivia didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point. “I see your belly’s gotten a little rounder. It doesn’t seem like you’re gaining weight. Are you pregnant?” Amelia’s heart knotted for a second, her brain hurriedly working to think of a believable excuse. She was aware that if she wanted to keep being the Clintons’ daughter-in-law, the only way would be to confess to Olivia that she was pregnant as the elder would never allow her son to divorce her for the sake of her grandchild. But she couldn’t delay a divorce for eternity. By the time she’d given birth, Oscar would no longer care about Olivia’s objection. By then, all she would be reduced to was a measly sum of alimony. Even her child would be snatched by the Clintons. That wasn’t her intention. She loved the child and was willing to give up everything in exchange for it, hence she made a decision to keep it from Olivia. Mom, I’m sorry! Amelia apologized silently on the inside. “Mom, I know you’ve been wanting a grandchild. I thought I was pregnant too, but after a check-up at the hospital, the doctor said I’ve been eating too much recently, hence I’ve gotten slightly bloated. Sorry, I may have to disappoint you. ” It would be a lie to say Olivia wasn’t disappointed, but she was fully convinced she was right. Hence, she continued, “You’ve only seen one doctor. Maybe it was misdiagnosed. Why don’t I get Mr. Lancester to take a look? His medical skills are top-notch. He would be able to tell if you’re pregnant with a single glance. ” Amelia guiltily replied, “Mom, I know you’re eager, but my belly is really just fats. I’m very sorry that Oscar and I couldn’t give you a grandchild despite our four years of marriage. If you can no longer wait, I’ll divorce Oscar. After all, I’ve always felt ashamed to face you for not getting pregnant too. ” Olivia had been dismayed at first but was shocked when she heard Amelia’s words. She frantically grabbed Amelia’s hand and exclaimed, “What nonsense are you saying, you foolish child? I may be disappointed that you’re not pregnant, but there’s no need for you to say such brainless things. Hurting Oscar aside, you are also hurting my heart!” Amelia lowered her head. “Mom, I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention. Oscar and I have been married for four years and we’ve also seen the doctors. The doctor said that my ovaries are blocked and it would be hard for me to get pregnant. That’s why I feel like it’s for the best for Oscar and me to get divorced since we’ve already discussed it. ” Olivia anxiously asked, “You two have even talked about divorce? Do you even regard me as your elder? How could you not inform me of such a grave matter? Are you trying to piss me off?” “Mom, we just didn’t want to worry you