Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 37


Chapter 37 “Were you both planning to inform me only after the divorce?” Amelia nodded in acquiesce. Olivia held a fist against her chest, visibly angered. Realizing that, Amelia asked worriedly, “Mom, what’s wrong? Is your chest hurting again?” Olivia waved her hand. “Do you even regard me as your mom?” Panicking, Amelia rushed to say, “Mom, even if Oscar and I were to get a divorce, I’ll always regard you as an elder. Ever since I married into the Clintons, you’ve treated me as if I was your own daughter. That was the most flattering thing for me. I’ve never once thought a noble lady like you would treat a daughter-in-law who had no family background so well—well enough that I’d want to stay with the Clintons for the rest of my life. But fate is unpredictable. Perhaps we’ll no longer be in-laws very soon. ” Amelia wasn’t an impulsive person, but in the presence of someone who treated her wholeheartedly, she truly could not bear to come up with more lies. Should she get a divorce from Oscar, the person she would miss the most would undoubtedly be the lady sitting in front of her. Olivia inhaled a deep breath, calming herself down. “Oscar’s the one who initiated the divorce, am I right?” Olivia sounded absolutely certain despite her questioning tone. Amelia didn’t deny it. “Mom, Oscar and I no longer have the affinity to be husband and wife. I’m only telling you now so that you won’t be caught unprepared for it. ” Olivia’s hand trembled in rage. “Did he go back to Cassie?” “Mom, Oscar has only loved one woman in his life. I’ve tried all ways to find my way into his heart. It’s been four years. It’s time for me to admit my defeat,” Amelia confessed defeatedly. She’d spent four years trying to win one man’s heart, yet he didn’t even want the child between them. Olivia rose and claimed, “I’m against the divorce. I’m gonna call him back right now. Don’t worry. He won’t do anything to you as long as I’m here. ” Amelia took her hand, her eyes pleading. “Mom, I’d like to handle the matters between Oscar and me on my own. Please don’t get involved. Oscar is a filial son; he’ll obey you, but I don’t want him to force himself to be with me because of it. ” Olivia felt an ache in her heart as she looked at Amelia. “You’re too kind-hearted, Amelia. ” “And this kindness is only given to the Clintons. Don’t worry. If there’s a way to not divorce Oscar, I definitely won’t. No matter what the conclusion is, you’ll forever be my mom. ” “All right, get some rest. I’ll go rest as well. ” “See you later, Mom. ” Olivia didn’t look good after she left Amelia’s room. Seeing that, Owen’s face fell. “She’s not pregnant?” “Trust you to teach such a good son. Before he’s learned anything else, he’s learned to divorce!” Olivia said furiously. “What are you talking about?” “Amelia said Oscar wants to divorce her. ” “That’s impossible. Their relationship seems all right to me. ” “It’s most probably because of that vamp, Cassie Yard. She simply doesn’t wish for the Clintons to live in peace. But this is merely a cheap trick. Trust her to stir up such havoc. ” Olivia was so mad, she nearly cursed. Owen pulled her to sit next to him and cajoled her, “All right, calm down. Let the kids settle their own problems. Oscar may not say anything if you interfered, but Amelia would have to suffer his wrath. You wouldn’t want that, would you?” Olivia finally soothed her emotions. Owen continued, “I’ve confirmed our flights to Caspardion. We’ll leave the day after tomorrow

I’ll take you around for a stroll, so you’ll stop worrying so much. ” Olivia waved her hand half-heartedly. “I don’t want to concern myself about such things either. Even if they do get a divorce, Amelia will still be my child. She’ll still call me mom. It’s just a pity that that foolish son of mine doesn’t know how to cherish such a good woman. He’ll definitely regret it in the future. ” “As you said, he’s foolish. How can a person mature without going through some setbacks in life? When he’s seen through Cassie’s true colors, he’ll naturally realize how good Amelia was. But whether or not Amelia still wants him by then is up to his own abilities. ” “So he’s yet to seen through her even though she’s hurt him before? I think he’s donkey-brained. What’s the point of being smart in business when he’s as inflexible as a stupid pig in relationships?” Owen couldn’t help but laugh. “If he’s a stupid pig, wouldn’t that make you Mama Pig?” Olivia chuckled as well, playfully giving her husband a punch. “Hey, I’m being serious here. ” Owen cuddled her and lowered his voice. “Dearest, don’t you think you dote on Amelia too much? More so than Stephanie? I even suspect that she’s your real daughter instead. Thinking about it alone makes me jealous. ” Olivia looked at him in surprise. “Why would you have such a thought?” “Think about it. Don’t you think you dote on Amelia more than Stephanie and Oscar?” After thinking about it, Olivia came to that conclusion as well. “Owen, I merely feel that I have a lot in common to talk about with that child. There’s no other meaning to it. You don’t-” Owen interrupted, “We’ve been together for ages. Of course, I understand. But Stephanie’s been spoiled by us since her childhood and is used to being in the center of attention. Putting aside someone who’s abruptly out to compete with your love, you’re too protective of Amelia. It’s no wonder she would dislike Amelia. Therefore my compromise is that we’ll go on a vacation and keep our hands out of the youngsters’ business. You wouldn’t want your conflict with Stephanie to worsen,. right?” Olivia thought about it for a moment and sighed. “All right. ” While Olivia was overwhelmed with mixed emotions, Oscar, who had used work as an excuse to leave hadn’t gone to the company at all but had driven to a hotel instead. As soon as he parked the car, he went up straight to the twentieth floor. Once the door was pulled open, a pretty figure jumped onto him and kissed him with delicate lips. Oscar hadn’t avoided it either, taking the opportunity to shut the door and deepen the kiss instead. As they gradually pulled apart, Cassie wrapped her arms around Oscar’s neck and looked at him aggrievedly. “Oz, I thought you weren’t coming. ” Oscar carried her to the couch and said, “You’re my beloved baby. One text from you and I’m here. ” “You didn’t talk much to me at the Clintons’ and your mom seems to misunderstand me and you have a gorgeous-looking wife. I fear I no longer have a place in your heart. ” Cassie’s head drooped slightly. Anyone could hear how aggrieved she sounded Oscar lifted her chin and said affectionately, “Didn’t I tell you I married her because she resembled you?” “But the way you looked at her didn’t seem right. We’ve been separated for four years. I’m afraid the feelings you had for me have all been transferred to her. ” Cassie’s eyes welled up with tears. She had a pure, angelic appearance. Oscar’s heart instantly melted. “You know best who has my heart. ” How affectionate Oscar was being was something Amelia would never get to experience herself. Cassie smiled despite her tears, stroking his face with the same hands she played the piano with, her gaze turning besotted. “Oz, we’ve been separated for four years and I already fear that you no longer love me. Although you said you do, I’ve been back for days, and other than kissing me, you’ve yet to touch me anywhere else. Don’t you love me anymore. ” There was no change on Oscar’s face as he explained, “You’re too pure and innocent. I don’t wish to taint the feelings between us before we get married. ” Cassie leaned on his shoulder

Her eyes flashed with a flicker of ruthlessness, but her mouth spoke in a tone of bliss. “Oz, you’re too nice. I knew you truly loved me. I’ll make sure to remain chaste until the day we get married. But when will you be divorcing that woman to marry me?” Oscar gently stroked her waist-length hair and said, “As soon as you’ve settled your stuff in Erihal and moves back permanently, I’ll divorce her. ” “Can’t you divorce immediately?” His brows furrowed slightly, evidently not very pleased to hear her mention the divorce. Cassie naturally noticed the changes in his expression and deliberately softened her tone. “Oz, please don’t misunderstand me. I only wish to be with you as soon as possible and earn Mrs. Clinton’s forgiveness. I was too willful in the past and had failed to consider your feelings. But going to Erihal was my decision alone. There was no other man. I need you to believe me. ” Oscar pressed a finger over her lips, effectively keeping her quiet. “I believe you. You’re an innocent and unpretentious girl. You wouldn’t cheat on me. Don’t worry about my mother. I’ll explain to her. ” “Oz, what if your mom never likes me?” Cassie asked in a soft voice. “Silly girl, my mom doted on you the most. How could she not like you?” “Back then, I hadn’t listened to my parents and went overseas to fulfill my dream, making a fool of the Clintons. I fear she would hate me for it,” Cassie said worriedly. “I won’t let you suffer,” Oscar declared in certainty. Cassie gazed at him as if love-struck, her words astonishing as she suggested, “Oz, will you touch me? You used to say I was too young, but I’m older now. Please touch me, or I’ll feel insecure. ” Oscar stared at her in incredulity as if she’d said something appalling. “Cassie, you’re a precious gem in my heart. How could you say something like that?” Cassie snuggled into his embrace. “Oz, I simply love you way too much. In the first place, I’d left because you refused to touch me and I suspected you didn’t love me because of it. Now that I’m back and you still refuse to touch me. Is it because you feel that my body is tainted?” Oscar’s heart softened at once. “You dummy! My heart has always been with you and this is an indisputable fact. I’m not touching you because I want to give you a perfect experience. That’s why I’m waiting for us to get married first. ” “Then have you touched Amelia Winters?” Cassie questioned sulkily. Oscar responded righteously, “She’s my wife. Of course, I have. ” Cassie raised her head with the urge to make a fuss. “Oz, have you fallen for her?” He immediately frowned, clearly displeased. “Oz, don’t be mad. I care about you too much. I did go abroad in a pique, but I’ve never imagined you to get married. I was so sad when I heard about your marriage. I fear you wouldn’t want me anymore. That’s why I’m so anxious. ” Oscar cuddled her and said in a coddling voice, “Don’t think too much. Prepare well for your piano recital and go back to Erihal to get your matters settled. As soon as you return, I’ll divorce her. You wouldn’t have to wait long. ” Cassie knew she couldn’t keep harping on it, lest it garner the opposite intended effect. “You said it yourself, Oz. Please don’t disappoint me. ” “You’re the precious gem in my heart, remember? You’re the last person I would ever disappoint. ” Hearing that, Cassie grinned contentedly, finally relieved