Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 38


Chapter 38 A cell phone ringtone broke the ambiguity between them, and it was Cassie’s cell phone ringing Cassie picked up the phone and took a look. Her face darkened. “Who is it?” Oscar asked. Panic flashed in Cassie’s eyes, and her hand holding the phone was tight. Oscar pressed harder and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem with the call?” Cassie took a breath and reluctantly found an excuse. “It’s a call from the team leader. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www. techkaushal. com) I’m afraid he’s calling me to go back to practice piano. What should I do? I don’t want to leave your side. ” “Just hang up if you don’t want to answer the call. ” Oscar said, his voice soft. Cassie got up and apologized, “Oz, I’d better answer it. I’m afraid it’s urgent. ” Oscar nodded. Cassie ran into the bathroom and came out after talking on the phone for five minutes. She looked at Oscar and was a little hesitant to speak. “What’s wrong? Is something bothering you?” “The team leader wants me to go back now, saying that I need to be informed about some matters regarding the recital. But Oz, I don’t want to part with you so soon. ” Oscar stood up and stated, “Since it’s work, let’s go. I’ll send you there. ” “Okay,” Cassie replied with a smile. When they were going downstairs, Oscar unexpectedly received a call from Olivia, who asked him to return home. As soon as he hung up the phone, Cassie asked, “Oz, what’s the matter?” “My mom wants me to go back. Can you drive there by yourself?” “Mrs. Clinton is looking for you? Well, you should go. ” Oscar nodded, kissed her on the cheek adoringly, and whispered, “I’ll go back first then. Be careful on the way. Call me when you get there. ” Cassie nodded obediently and was genuinely relieved when Oscar drove away. She took out her phone and returned the call just now. As soon as the call went through, she questioned in a rude voice, “June, what are you doing in Chanaea?” “I missed you. We agreed to work hard together in Erihal. Why did you go back to have a recital by yourself? Oh well, do what you want. I won’t interfere with your future. Anyway, I missed you, Baby. I’m waiting for you at the Evergreen Hotel. Come, or I’ll go directly to Oscar. He must be interested in the matter between us. ” “How dare you!” “It depends on your performance, Baby. I will give you an hour. If you’re not gonna come, I have several videos of us in my hands. What do you think that man will do if he sees it?” Cassie’s pretty face was a little distorted. “Are you threatening me?” “Baby, how can I bear to threaten you? I just miss you too much. You didn’t leave me a message when you went back to Chanaea and I didn’t blame for you that. Aren’t you touched that I’ve flown all the way here to find you?” Cassie tried hard to hold her temper. “Baby, five minutes have passed. If you don’t arrive in fifty-five minutes, I will send the video to that man. ” “Wait for me. I’ll be there soon. ” Cassie hung up the phone. Arriving at Evergreen Hotel, Cassie took the elevator to the fifteenth floor. She knocked on the door and was pulled in with brutal force instantly when the door opened as a tall figure then pushed her against the wall. He started kissing her lips, but she raised her hand and slapped him in the face

“June, have some respect, please. You are in the territory of the Yard family. If you frustrate me, I will have my way to ban you, as a foreigner, from coming back to Chanaea. ” Cassie stared at him viciously, showing no trace of weakness. June was a tall foreigner who had the chiseled features of a male model. “Baby, I haven’t seen you in a few days. You look more attractive than before, like an angel. What should I do? I think I fell in love with you all over again. ” June didn’t even take Cassie’s threat to heart. He was still carefree as always. Cassie pushed him away and said, “June, we’ve already broken up. Go back to where you came from. You’re not welcomed here. ” “Baby, who said anything about breaking up? We’ve been together for four years. I’ve helped you so much in your studies and spent so much money on you. You can’t just break up with me like that. It’s so unfair to me. ” “June, I’ve paid you with my body. Isn’t it reasonable for you to spend money on me? It’s a fair deal between us, so you lose nothing. ” June pinned her against the wall and whispered, “Baby, that’s not what I meant. I really love you. In my eyes, you are an angel. You are so gorgeous that I can’t live without you. I can spend all my money on you as long as you don’t break up with me. My family background is no worse than that of Oscar. If you marry me, you will enjoy all pleasures of life. Don’t girls like men with more money?” Cassie looked at him coldly and murmured, “Are you done?” June raised his hands and said, “Baby, I surrender. I know you are different from other women. In my eyes, you are an angel. Come on, Baby, give me a kiss and we’ll go back to how it was before, just like old times. ” Cassie responded coldly, “June, what exactly do you want? Is it money? Don’t forget that we’ve already broken up. June exaggeratedly declared “no” several times. He held Cassie’s face in both hands and uttered, “Baby, you have misunderstood me. As long as you don’t break up with me, let alone money, I can even give you more than one house. I know that the Yard family still has a bit of fame here, but they are no match to my home overseas. ” Cassie unceremoniously slapped his hand away and yelled, “June, your family is not short of money and I know that. But it’s really over between us. ” ‘June forced her against the wall, looking malicious. “Baby, you’ve used me to gain your place overseas. I’ve sacrificed so much for you and now you want to leave me alone after you’ve become famous? Do you think it’s that simple? Let me tell you, I’m not done with you. If you want to be with the man from Clinton Corporations, you gotta seek my approval. ” Cassie knew his temper far too well. He could do anything if he were to be driven to a corner. The top priority at the moment was to calm him down. Cassie’s eyes reddened as two drops of tears slid down her cheeks. Her tears made her angelic face looked all the more delicate and charming. June panicked. He wiped her tears carefully and comforted her, “Why are you crying?” Cassie shook away his hand and cried, “June, you don’t love me. You treat me like a pet. ” June had never fully understood the mind of a woman, so he genuinely thought that Cassie was sad. “Okay, don’t cry. I truly love you. As long as you don’t return to Oscar, you can spend my money as you please, and I will continue to organize independent recitals for you. ” Cassie hugged him

“June, you are really good to me, and I don’t want to be separated from you. But the Clintons have extensive power, and Oscar has threatened my parents, saying that if I don’t return to his side, he will take revenge on the Yard family. I am my parents’ only child. ) I can’t be too unfilial, so I chose to break up with you and return to Chanaea to settle down. June frowned in disbelief. “Really?” Cassie looked at him innocently. “June, do you think I’m lying?” Tears gushed down her cheeks again. June wiped her tears away and comforted, “I believe you; I will handle Oscar. After I’ve reached an agreement with the Clintons, you will go back to Erihal with me, and we’ll get married. ” A sharp glint flitted across Cassie’s eyes, but she looked up with a pitiful expression. “June, I knew it. I knew that you really love me. I broke up with you because I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t expect you to chase after me and I’m so happy because of that. ” Cassie feigned gratitude as she spoke. Her acting had obviously manipulated June as he said, “Don’t worry. Oscar can’t harm me. As long as you are loyal to me, I will rescue you from his hands. ” Cassie clenched her hand tightly before slowly loosening it. “June, I am happy that you’re here. When this recital is over, I will go back to Erihal with the group and by then you can go back with me. The focus of your work is in Erihal. Don’t act childishly for me,” Cassie said gently. June said, “I will stay in Erihal obediently as long as you don’t think of staying here or getting back together with Oscar. ” Cassie rolled her eyes and said, “June, I’ve heard that your family business intends to expand its market in Chanaea. The Clintons are your first choice; you shouldn’t offend them because of me. ” June was an arrogant, rich tycoon. Nothing was impossible as long as there was money, good looks, and power. He was confident that any woman who loved another man would fall for him if he wanted them to. Well, wasn’t the woman in his arms one of them? “Don’t worry. The Clintons are indeed powerful in this city, but my family is not weak either. I’ve decided to start a foreign trade company here to protect you from all harms,” June said with pride. Cassie’s lovely face twisted for a moment. “June, I know you’d do all this for me, but I still hope that you can focus on your career in Erihal. I don’t want you to ruin your great future because of a woman. ” June lowered his head directly and kissed the lips that he missed eagerly. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www. techkaushal. com) Yet little did he expect to be pushed aside by Cassie mercilessly the next second. “Baby, why?” June roared in dissatisfaction. Cassie looked at him aggrievedly. “June, I’ve been really busy with the recital these days. I’ve been sleeping for only four to five hours a day. I am really exhausted now. Let’s just chat, okay?” June hugged her and said indifferently, “Come on, do you think I wouldn’t know that you and Oscar were in a hotel and that you two were alone in the same room? I know what the two of you have been doing. ” Cassie’s expression turned unpleasant as she shrieked, “Have you been following me?” June sat back on the couch. “You’re finally showing your true colors, eh?” Cassie looked at him condescendingly and inquired, “June, what exactly do you want?” She knew that this man was like a piece of gum, stuck on the bottom of her shoe, and it would be difficult to get rid of him. However, she didn’t expect him to go to the extreme. Not only did he come to Chanaea, which was thousands of miles away, but he had also been stalking her. June raised his head to meet Cassie’s annoyed gaze, stating casually, “Baby, you are mine. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www. techkaushal. com)This game is not over until I say so. With all the ladies I have toyed with, I am always the one who ends the game, not them