Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 39


Chapter 39 Cassie was so exasperated that her chest hurt. He’s been faking it all along? “That’s enough, June. It’s over between us, so there’s no point trying to stay in touch. You should leave Chanaea if you know better, lest you wanna stay stuck in a foreign land. ” June glared at Cassie viciously. “You’re threatening me?” While speaking, he took out a few CDs. “These are our videos. You like it exciting, don’t you? Would Oscar still think of you as the innocent, unsullied girl if I were to show him these? I said you look like an angel, but I left out another word. You’re a fallen angel; you might be able to deceive every man with your looks, but you’re actually wilder than any other woman out there. ” Cassie’s face immediately paled. Her lips couldn’t stop quivering as her teeth chattered “We were in love for four years, June. Do you really have to do this?” June fiddled with the CDs in his hand. “Come back to me and I’ll tell our families that we’re getting married. I’m sure the Yard family would be thrilled about you having such an outstanding boyfriend. ” Cassie refused to cave in. “You’ve gone too far, June! We can’t go back to the past anymore. You’re well-off and good-looking, so I’m sure many other girls are into you. Can’t we go back to being friends?” “I told you that the game’s not over until I say so. If you can’t get over Oscar Clinton, I’ll show him what kind of woman you are. I heard he still thinks you’re a pure and sheltered girl, but only an idiot would ever think of you as a shining angel. ” Cassie trembled all over. She had never expected June to be such an animal. Throughout the four years they . were together, the man had treated her like a princess and used his power to pave the way for her career. That was how she had managed to become the best pianist in just a few years. On top of that, June had always treated her kindly, but it was only now that she realized the man was nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “You’re a monster, June. ” “Come back to me, and I’ll turn back into the nice guy you’ve always known,” June said in an arrogant tone. Cassie raised her chin haughtily. “I’m not the ignorant young woman from back then anymore, June. You won’t be able to win me over like that. If we’re not meant to be, we’re not meant to be. That’s how love is. You can’t call yourself a man if you keep acting like a sore loser. ” June got up, his tall figure making Cassie feel slightly cornered. “Have you forgotten, Baby? You told me that you’d be mine if I turned you into a well-known pianist when we went to Erihal together. But now that you’ve gotten a little famous, you want to return to your ex? That’s not going to happen. ” Cassie gritted her teeth. “What do you want, June? Is it money? A new market in Chanaea? Just say the word, and the Yard family will work with you. But when things do take off, please stop clinging onto me. I don’t love you, so I won’t be happy if you force me to stay. ” June suddenly grabbed hold of Cassie and kissed her by force. Then, he led her to the bed before pinning her down. “June!” she screamed. “Touch me, and I’ll call the cops!” June couldn’t care less; he continued to smother her in kisses. Despite the woman cursing at him relentlessly, she soon felt herself being led away by June’s impeccable skills. Two hours had passed by the time they were done. Cassie lay in bed exhausted as June caressed her smooth body. “Baby, you keep saying you want to break up with me, but your body obviously tells me otherwise. Can Oscar even satisfy you like this in bed?” Cassie slapped his hand away, got off the bed, and picked up her clothes on the floor. “It’s over between us, June. Consider this a repayment of debt. Try anything funny again, and I won’t hesitate to make you pay. ” June immediately dragged Cassie back onto the bed and began to rip her clothes apart

“Trying to get rid of me, eh?” he sneered while gazing at her condescendingly. “Since when were you this naive?” Cassie’s face fell. “What on earth do you want?” “Nothing much. I just want you to come back to me. ” “We can’t go back to the past, June. ” “That’s not what your body says. You know how much chemistry we have in bed. I don’t think any other man can make you feel as good as I can. Come back to me; I don’t mind if you still love Oscar. ” “We can never get back together, June. ” June stripped her bare, and thus began another round of lovemaking. The two bodies intertwined until the sky turned dark. By the time they separated once again, Cassie could practically faint from exhaustion. June continued to caress her soft skin. “I love your body too much, Baby. It’s so smooth and silky. It’s no wonder everyone says that you Astorians don’t seem to age. You look as young as a fifteen-year-old. ” Cassie pushed him away and glared at him coldly. “Are you done with your nonsense?” “You were on fire, Baby,” June remarked with a wave of his hand. “I’m happy, so I’ll stop fussing over you and Oscar. But remember, you’re mine. If I see you getting all cozy with other guys, don’t blame me for what happens next. ” With that, June got off the bed, revealing his perfect build. While putting on his clothes, he gazed at Cassie as though she was a prized. possession. “You should try your best to please me while I still love you, Baby, instead of running away like a fool. I have to have you. If you don’t listen to what I say, I suppose Oscar would look forward to seeing your true colors. ” Cassie’s face turned pale with fright, for she had never expected to have gotten herself involved with such a monster. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. “You’re going too far, June! I love Oscar. If you do something to make him leave me, I’m taking you down with me. ” “Love? You said the same about me too. Or have you forgotten?” “If it weren’t for my career and future, I would’ve never chosen to be with you. Not even ten of you could ever compare to one Oscar,” Cassie spouted in exasperation. June’s gaze instantly darkened. “You’d better be more careful with your words, Baby. Piss me off, and I’ll destroy your reputation. Once I upload those videos on the internet, not only will Oscar not want you anymore, but your career as a pianist will be over too. ” Cassie screamed as her entire body quivered, “June, you scumbag! You said you love me, but can you really call this love? How could you do this to me? Is this how you love someone?” June leaned back on the couch and responded lazily, “Baby, I’m just teaching you a lesson. I want you to understand our little game of love will never end until I say ‘cut’. I don’t want to fail when it comes to chasing my women. ” Cassie whipped out her phone. “Aren’t you afraid I’d call the cops?” she threatened. “Go ahead. I’m sure Oscar would love to see all those hickeys on your body. ” Cassie felt at a loss. “When will you ever let me go, June?” “When I’m tired of you. ” “You’re despicable! This isn’t how love should be! How dare you call yourself a man?” “When I get my woman back, no one would say I’m not a man. ” Cassie wrapped herself with the blanket before getting out of bed and calmly sitting on the couch across the room. “If you’re bothered by how much money you’ve spent on me, I’ll return everything. Give me a number, and I’ll do my best to reimburse you. ” “You know I don’t lack money, Baby

” “Then what the hell do you want?” “Have you forgotten? I only want you. Come back to me, and I’ll love and spoil you all you want. ” “You’re crazy, June! I told you it can never happen again, but you just can’t get over me. You’re not a man at all!” “I’m not a man? Did you forget what we did all night?” Cassie was rendered speechless. She could only glare at him. “What’s there not to like about being with me, Baby? I’ll give you all the branded purses you want. If it’s a villa you want, you’ll get it, and it’d be under your name too. I can give you everything. I don’t see why you’d want to leave me. ” Without responding to him, Cassie picked up the telephone and dialed a number. “Please send a set of woman’s clothes over to Room 1409. Make it quick. ” Then, she immediately hung up. “I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, June. I’m done with you, and I’m done playing games with you. Stop clinging to me if you have even the slightest bit of shame. I’m tired of all this, and I’m sure you don’t like it either. ” “But I just love it when you’re mad, Baby,” June responded nonchalantly. “You have such an innocent face, but you’re always so wild in bed. I can’t get enough of you. ” “Shut your mouth!” Cassie roared. “And you’re just as enchanting when you’re mad. Everything you do captures my heart. I’m the one who understands you the most; are you really going to leave me?” “You can get everything you want, June. You’re practically God’s favorite child! So why won’t you let me go?” June shrugged. “You just answered your own question. Do you think such a perfect guy like me would ever let a woman dump him?” At the end of day, his ego would never allow it. “Fine. Then you break up with me, okay?” “But I don’t want to. Your body’s just too good. I’ve met so many other women, but you’re the one I like most. I don’t want to let you go. ” Just as Cassie was about to cuss at him, a knock came on the door. She opened it to find a female receptionist standing outside. “Hello, Miss. Here’s the outfit we’ve prepared for you. Do give it a try and let us know if you’re happy with it. ” Cassie took the clothes and shut the door right away. Then, she walked into the bathroom to get changed. Upon walking back out, June’s eyes lit up as he saw her. “Your body’s amazing as always, Baby. I personally chose this outfit and left it with them. It suits you so well. ” Cassie grabbed her purse. “I don’t care what you’re after, June. If you dare tell Oscar anything about us, I’m going to make you pay even if it kills me. ” June grabbed her from behind. “Why are you in such a rush to leave? Just stay for the night. ” Instead, Cassie shook him off and headed for the door. “I’ll call you whenever I need you, Baby, so I hope you’ll come over right away. Don’t ignore my calls, or I might just accidentally send those videos to Oscar. ” “You scumbag!” Cassie glared at him before opening the door to leave. June watched the door slam shut. “I’ve spent way too much time and money on you, and now you’re leaving me after you’ve had your fill? Do you think I’m an idiot? You’re mine, and only I get to dump you