Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 446 A Bad Accident


“Don’t blame others if you can’t grasp a man’s heart, Ms. Larson. You only have yourself to blame as you are not charming enough. ” Oscar pulled Amelia behind him before continuing bluntly, “It’s getting late anyway. The two you please settle your relationship issues outside and don’t affect the other diners’ moods. Amelia, let’s not get in their way and leave. I don’t want anyone to bite back at our kindness. Upon hearing that, a hint of embarrassment and awkwardness flashed in Jennifer’s eyes. Amelia turned to face the other woman, saying in a gentle tone, “I have no intention to compete with you. Carter and I are just friends. I’m also very happy to know that he has found happiness. Honestly, I think the two of you are quite compatible. Despite her words, she was met with a vehement glare from Jennifer. Noticing that her persuasion was useless, Amelia then added, “Carter, Ms. Larson, I’m going for dinner with Oscar. It’s getting late, and my child will be hungry. We won’t trouble you further then. With that said, she took Oscar’s hand and left. Carter stared straight at her retreating figure, and he could not help but blurt out, “Amelia. As Amelia halted in her steps, Jennifer’s expression grew increasingly awkward. Carter walked toward her and gave her a gentleman’s smile while ignoring her interlocking hands with Oscar. “Do you mind if I join you? I happen to be hungry as well. Before Amelia could reply, Oscar spoke up with a stoic expression. “Mr. Scott, I mind. Seeing as your relationship issue hasn’t been resolved, I advise you not to approach my wife. Nothing will happen to you if your woman gets jealous, but trouble might befall my wife. As her husband, it’s my responsibility to get rid of all possible threats. Carter’s face turned grim. Amelia tugged at Oscar’s clothes, signaling for him to stop before saying in a pleasant voice, “I think it’s best if you talk to Ms. Larson first, Carter. We still have many opportunities to catch up, so there’s no hurry for that. Don’t you think so?”. Carter pursed his lips while staring intently at her. He could not tell if it was due to Oscar’s words or Amelia’s warm gaze, but he did not have the heart to refuse her. Hence, he gave her a nod. Upon seeing that, Amelia smiled. “We’ll head for dinner now, Carter. Do have your meal as well after you’ve talked it out with Ms. Larson. Carter turned around and went to her side, looking at her with a grim expression before saying curtly, “Let’s go. ” He walked out as soon as he said that, leaving Jennifer to glance at the second floor in resentment before following after him. Standing at a remote field, Carter crossed his arms, and a trace of impatience flashed in his eyes when he looked at Jennifer. “You’ve already hit and scolded me, Jennifer. Can you get over it already? Please, I beg of you, stop pestering me. It’s been two years. You’re exhausted and so am I. I don’t want people to keep thinking that we’re a couple. I’ll admit that I’ve loved Amelia for ten years, no, it’s maybe longer than that. I’m afraid it’ll be hard for me to love another woman again

I’ll only hurt you by marrying you. In the end, we’ll definitely end the marriage with a divorce,” he articulated each word. I don’t love her. She’ll be miserable, and so will I if we get into a loveless marriage. Many people in this world are in such marriages, but I don’t wish to settle for that. Jennifer’s eyes reddened as she took a deep breath. She did not wish to show any vulnerability, knowing that Carter would n ot feel distressed even if she did. She was a proud woman who maintained her composure in front of a man who did not care a bout her. Even though she had pursued him for two years, she would never allow herself to show her weakness in front of him. “Carter, what you said is so unfair to me. You’ve never given me a chance, so how would you know that things won’t work out between us?” Jennifer stared at him with bloodshot eyes. “I can tolerate you liking someone else. I only hope that you’ll treat me more fairly and make a little room for me in your heart. I won’t ask for mo re. I am serious, but just have some space for me in your heart. You’ve always closed your heart to me. Don’t you know that I’ve tried so hard to get through to you?” . Carter furrowed his br ows as a flash of guil t appeared in his eyes. He would be lying if he said that he did not feel anything for the beautiful woman who treated him with respect and dign ity. However, that was not enough for him to fall in love with her. Other than being moved and liking her a little, he fo und it difficult to take it to the next level. So instead of prolonging it, he would rather push her away from the start. He bowed to her for the first time. “I’m so rry, Jennifer, but I can’t love you. Please stop pestering me. It’ll do us both good. Jennifer shook her head vigorously while stari ng at him in disbelief. “I don’t want to do that. I’ve wasted two years on you. Don’t think that you can escape me. I’ll never let you go!” Jennifer felt as though she was trapped at a dead end. At that moment, she did not know if it wa s due to her love for him or her reluctance to accept the outcome, but she was determined to hold onto him. “I won’t let you go, Carter Scott!” she shrieked with all her might befor e covering her face and running away. Jennifer got into her car and drove at a high speed with her emotions in disarray. Her vehicle collided with a t ruck driven by a drunk driver while crossing the highway. When Carter rushed to the hospital after rece iving the news, he realized that both his and her family members were already waiting there. As soon as Laura saw him, she pounced at him like a madwoman and threw punches at him. “My daughter dres sed up nicely to have a meal with you, Carter Scott, so why was she driving alone and getting hit by a t ruck while you’re unscathed? Weren’t you with her? Why would she be involved in an accident?” she sobbed. Carter merely stood there and allowed her to hit him . Despite wanting Jennifer to stop pestering him, he never thought that she would get into a car accident. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Larson,” he apologized as the col or drained from his face. “Is there any use in apologizing? Jennifer spent nearly three hours doing her hair an d choosing her clothes just to have this meal with you. She left the house in high spi rits, so why would she be involved in an accident? Where were you then?” Laura wailed. She only had one daughter and c ould not bear to lose her. It w as a torment greater than death. Without a care for her image as a wealthy lady, Laura continued crying and hitting Carter, hating him to the core. The great satisfaction she felt toward him at the very beginning had morphed into hatred of the same intensity. No mother would be able to stand her daughter acting so desperate ly over a man. If I had the power to predict the future, I wouldn’t have brought Jennifer back to the country and allowed her to meet such a fate

Seeing this, Faye and Vincent rushed forward to pull the two apart, the former frowned with displeasure. However, taking into consideration that Jennifer wa s still in the operating room, she felt it was not right to speak too harshly. “Please calm down. Jennifer is a good person. I’m sure she’ll be fine. If her accident is truly related to Carter, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson. However, Carter is obviously innocent, so you can’t keep accusing him this way. I also lov e Jennifer very much and am heartbroken that she met with an accident, but you can’t put all the blame on Carter, right?” . Laura stared at Faye with reddened eyes and sneered, “Mrs. Scott, I don’t care who’s responsible for her accident at the moment. I don’t wish to see your family again. Leave and don’t ever appear in f ront of us again. I must’ve been blind back then in bringing Jennifer back to the country. Get lost!” . Hearing this, Faye also felt her temper rising. She tugged Carter ’s hand as she said, “Let’s go, Carter. This family is simply unr easonable! Let’s not waste time here and get scolded for nothing. However, Carter did not move and whispered weakly while staring at the operating room, “Why don’t you head back first, Mom. I’ve let Jennifer down. Faye’s eyes widened in shock. “Are you saying that Jennifer’s accide nt is truly related to you? I know that you’re upset because of the accident, but you can’t simply say things like that,” she chastised. “Mom, I was the one who made Jennifer angry and caused her to be emotionally sta ble, which then led to the accident. Hence, her accident has a lot to do with me . Go back first. I’ll stay here,” said Carter as he turned to look at his mother. Faye’s chest rose an d fell heavily in ang er upon hearing that. She grabbed onto his collar and said angrily, “You brat. What did she do to you that you constantly cause her so much grievan ce? Now, she’s in the operating room fighting for her life. She’s an only child. If something happens to her, how are you goi ng to compensate her parents? Why are you always making me worry? Are you happy now that she’s lying on the operating table?” . Carter remained silent. Laura, who was held in the arms of Vincent, also g lared at Carter as she howled, “Get lost! All of y ou! I don’t need you to shed crocodile tears here. “Carter is also very apol ogetic, Mr. Larson, so pl ease don’t be angry. We…” . “Get lost!” Laura repeated, “If something happens to Jennifer , I’ll fight your family in every possible way, even if I have to use all our family’s financial resources and go bankrupt. Faye’s expression turned grim as she hurried ly pulled Carter over. “Apologize to Mrs. Lar son now. Do you really wish to drive me mad?” . He stepped forward and said solemnly, “I’m so sorry , Mrs. Larson. No matter what happens to her, I’ll s houlder all responsibility toward her and you both. “Scram! If Jennifer survives, I’ll let her marry anyone but you. I’ll never allow my only daughter to be with so meone who doesn’t cherish her,” Laura exclaimed angrily. If the nurse had not walked over to remind th em to keep their voice down, Laura would have had an emotional meltdown and yelled at him. She was dragged to the side by Vincent to avoid seeing the Scotts. Car ter, on the other hand, stood rooted to the spot. His mind was in utter chaos, and he could not figure out what he was feeling at that moment