Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 449 Do Not Give Up So Easily


“Oscar, let’s send Rory home first. She sprained her leg just before we came down,” Amelia said. Oscar only replied with a nod. While she steadied Rory toward the car, the latter feigned a conflicted expression. “Amelia, go back with Oscar. I’ll be fine taking the bus back home by myself. “What do you mean? We’re friends now. Am I even human to leave you by yourself when you’ve sprained your ankle? Oscar’s a nice person; get in the car. ” Finishing her words, Amelia helped Rory into the backseat before heading for the passenger seat at the front. Inside the car, Oscar turned his body toward Amelia and planted a kiss on her lips. She was slightly embarrassed by his sudden show-off and gave him a push on his chest as she whispered, “Rory is in the backseat. Take it easy, Oscar. Oscar fell back onto his driver’s seat and started his car engines without saying anything further. Lowering her head, Rory tried to suppress the jealousy in her eyes. Moments later, she looked up again; this time, her eyes were as clear and bright as a fresh graduate who had just stepped foot into the society and had yet been brainwashed and influenced by the complex and nasty world. “Amelia, you have a good relationship with Oscar. I thought you weren’t on good terms with Oscar while I was taking care of you back at Beshya, and that’s why you guys had a divorce. I guess my mind has gone into the gutter. You two are truly a match made in heaven. How wonderful!” Rory chuckled as she spoke her mind. Amelia smiled. “We did have a misunderstanding previously, but we’ve talked things out. He’s quite aloof and doesn’t like to talk. Don’t be freaked out by him. Rory secretly sized the focused man up and cackled. “At one look, it’s enough to tell that he’s a successful man, unlike me who has just stepped into the workforce for a few months and would still make mistakes at work. “He’s indeed quite successful with his career. ” Amelia did not go in-depth into Oscar’s job. Likewise, Rory was nimble-witted and did not continue probing. She tried changing the subject and started putting her flattery skills to use. “You’re equally awe-inspiring too, Amelia. You could’ve easily depended on your looks for livelihood, yet you chose to make yourself shine with your talents. I admire that you’d rather carve out your career route with your own efforts and capabilities when you could’ve lived your life comfortably without having to slog your guts out. I already find that you were no ordinary woman back while I was your caregiver in Beshya. And just like I’ve thought, you’re indeed one exceptional woman. Amelia kept a warm smile on her face upon hearing that. “Rory, you’re flattering me. I’m not that great. “Amelia, I knew you’re special ever since the first time I saw you. I’m pretty sure I’m right about that at this point. Don’t you think so, Oscar?” Unlike her reserved appearance earlier when she first met Oscar, Rory was now bubbling with energy. Perhaps caught off guard by Rory’s chattiness, Oscar did not respond. “Oscar, Rory is talking to you,” Amelia reminded. She was afraid Rory would be intimidated by Oscar’s unapproachable and forbidding vibe. “Amelia has always been the best in my heart,” he calmly replied. Hearing that, Rory only felt like she ate dirt. “Rory, he’s always like that, so don’t be scared by his attitude. Rory’s fingers that she rested on the seat twitched slightly as her grin grew wider. “Oscar is a man who has to shoulder great responsibilities. Such a demeanor suits him perfectly. At that, not only did Oscar remain quiet like how he did before, but even Amelia also fell dead silent. And with Rory’s direction, Oscar soon arrived before her accommodation. As the car came to a halt, Amelia hurriedly went over to help Rory get out. At the same time, she took a quick look at the surroundings. Hmm, what a nice neighborhood this is. It’s serene and quiet. She instinctively nodded in agreement with her thought before popping the question. “Rory, this is a pleasantly peaceful area. I’m guessing the rental isn’t cheap?”. The latter chuckled. “It’s half of my salary. I reckoned I should have a nice place to stay after working my fingers to the bone; otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing justice to myself. As for the rest of my monthly salary, I’ll wire a th ousand for my parents and save the rest for daily usage. Amelia, are you judging me for spending way too much money?” . “Why would I? How’s your ankle feeling rig ht now? Do you need us to send you upstair s?” Amelia was like a caring sister to her. “There’s no need. It’s getting late; you guys should head home now. Don’ t let Tony stay up waiting for you

“All right. Be careful, then. C all me if you have any problems . Don’t hold it in. Understand?” . Rory no dded he r head. After she headed up, Amelia looked at the grim-faced O scar, lifted her hands, and tugged his cheeks. “What’s wrong? Why haven’t you been talking the whole night?” . Oscar wrapped his hand on her neck and pulled her in to kiss her. He then pried open her clenched teeth with his tongue and slipped it through to entangle with hers. It was as if their lips were glued that they separate from each other for a long time. By the time they part reluctantly, Amelia felt herself feeling breathless. It was so intense that even her gazes looked a little dazed and out of focus. “Get in the car,” Oscar mut tered lovingly after planti ng another kiss on her lips. After getting into the car, Amelia received a text message from Rory. In it, she said she hoped to vi sit them and play with Tony on the coming weekends. In that instance, Amelia felt an odd feeling rising within her. She found that Rory had b ecome unusually enthusiastic all of a sudden. “Who’s t hat?” Osc ar asked. “It’s Rory. She wants to visit u s and see Tony this weekend. Wha t do you think?” Amelia answered. “You shall decide since she’s your friend. I’m fine with anything. ” Oscar focused his attention on the road but did not forget to warn Amelia. “But I hope you’ll decide if you want to befriend her after you get to know her better. After all, she’s honestly still very young. I’m worried she’s still emotionally immature an d fantasizing about unrealistic dreams that are out of her reach. I don’t want any vain and materialistic women to ruin the peace and harmony within our family. “You do n’t lik e Rory?” . “I don’t like any other women other than you. I would admire women for their competency and entr ust them with responsibilities based on their capabilities. However, that has nothing to do with whether I like them or not. ” Oscar looked intently into Amelia’s eyes as he earnestly explained. A sweet smi le appeared on her face. “What a swee t talker. Bu t I love it. Oscar could no t help but brok e into a smile. “Rory is a good girl, except that she’s still young and naive. All she needs is a few more years of wo rk experience and encountering the shady and dark side of the working life. She’ll be able to mature a nd settle down after that. Don’t scare her off with your sour face, alright?” Amelia casually reminded. “I got it. She turned and stared intently at Oscar before she continued, “By t he way, Jennifer got into a car accident yesterday, Oscar. But I he ard it’s not too serious. Do you think we should go and visit her?” . The man remained calm and colle cted, almost as though he could not muster any emotions at all. “She has nothing to do with us, so there’s no need for us to go. I don’t want other wom en to point fingers and say anything bad about my woman. She only has herself to blame for getting into an accident. She’s lucky that she didn’t die,” Oscar coldly responded. Amelia bit her lips and did no t say anything. Moments later, Oscar stopped his car at the traffic junction and took the free time to turn to Amelia and asked, “Why did you work till this late today?” . “I was helping her with a challenging issue regarding her blueprint, and that’s how we ended up staying till so late. Have you had dinner? I’m hungry now as I haven’t had anything. Shall we g o and get some supper? We rarely get to eat junk food. I’m craving for barbecue,” Amelia whined. Oscar reached his arm out and caressed her cheeks lightly. “You’re always making me get worried for you. I haven’t any dinner either, so let’s eat together then. And don’t you ever dare work overtime till this late anymore in the future. I don’t think your boss is s o inhumane that he’ll force his employees to work overtime. ” After all, she was Oscar’s woman. In truth, no one would dare to do that. Amelia’s smile grew even brigh ter than before. The pair only headed h ome after having suppe r at a roadside eatery. Just as they stepped foot into the apartment, Tiffany pretended to cry as she launched hers elf into Amelia’s embrace. “Babe, you’re finally back

Tony doesn’t get tired, huh? I’m dyin g of exhaustion after playing with him alone. It’s even more tiring than reading my script. Tickled by her appearance, Amelia reached her arms out to grab her. “Where’s Tony?” . “He jus t fell asleep. “Thank you for your hard work. I’ve bought pasta for you. Finish it and have an early rest here tonight. I t’ll save you the hassle of traveling here and there. Tiffany took the pasta despite having no appetite at all and said lifelessly, “I came over today to as k you for some tips to get in the good books of a future mother-in-law. Mrs. Hisson asked to meet me f or shopping tomorrow. I wonder if she’s planning some funny tactics against me. Please save me, Babe. “Our beloved Tiff is invincible and ha s never failed in anything. Are you su re there are things you’re afraid of?” . “Babe, you don’t know how I’ve been in a super difficult situation this period. Mrs. Hisson always comes to my place, yet she says nothing except stare deadly into my soul. She does it to the extent that I’d think that there ’s a floating spirit behind me, and that freaks me out. I honestly can’t figure out what’s in her mind exactly and neither do I know what to do. I wanted to chase her out, but she’s Derrick’s mother. How can I bring myself to do that? Then, I figured I could talk to her nicely, but she would ignore me. I’ve no idea what she might do tomorrow to torment me. I have never met someone like her,” Tiffany cried as she was on the verge of breaking down. Furrowing her brows, Am elia asked, “Why didn’t you tell us about that?” . “It’s embarrassing. I initially thought I could solve it on my own, but Mrs. His son is getting increasingly out of hand. “Did you te ll Derrick about this?” . “No. That is, after all, a fight between us. Getting Derrick involved will only give his m om more reasons to find trouble with me. Don’t worry. I can still handle it. I’m just getti ng a little annoyed by her, so I thought I get recharged by learning some tricks from you. Amelia looke d completely nonplussed. She pulled Tiffany to the sofa and massaged her shoulders. “Let me know if there’s anything that puts you in a difficult situation. I know you aren’t in the right position to complain to Derrick abou t his mother, but you still have me. I’ll help you think of a solution. But to be honest, she’s your future mother-in-law, after all. Try to put up with her as it doesn’t threaten you in any way. Tha t said, that isn’t the ultimate solution. You’re a novel writer. You should be good at reading a person’s mind. I don’t think it’s too difficult for you to think from a mother’s point of view, right?” . Tiffany ro lled her ey es at that. “It’d be great if things are so easy. Mrs. Hisson is a total creep! Though she’s devastatingly beautiful, she’s formidable at tormenting peopl e as she has a myriad of tactics. You’ll know once you meet her. I’d have my ways to deal with her if she goes crazy and screams her head off at me or if she throws money at me to humiliate me. Sadly, she’s too unpredictable and is always out of the norm. Ahh! I’m going bonkers soon!” . Amelia leaned closer to massage Tiffany’ s throbbing temples. “Don’t think about that anymore . I’m sure she’ll realize you ni ce you are as a person one day. Tiffany leaned on Amelia’s shoulders and said, “Babe, she knows I’m Oscar’s god-s ister and can’t talk bad about my background. But she’s tormenting me in other wa ys nowadays. Huh, it’s hard to deal with women from prominent families like her. The latter could not c ontain her emotions an d burst into laughter. Tiffany did not respond to that. Truth be told, she did not hold a grudge against Kate. All she wanted was to vent her frustrations. It had not been easy for Derrick and her to get to their current stage, and therefore there was no way she would give up so easily. She was still looking forward to growing old with Derrick, having their children and even grandchildren, and for their offspring to show their filial piety for them. There was no way she would allow herself to be defeated since she had yet achieved all of her dreams