Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 445 Love Triangle


The moment Amelia returned to the design department, Rory walked toward her and said, “Amelia, the manager asked you to go to his office. He wants to talk to you. A flash of doubt appeared in Amelia’s eyes. “Don’t be scared, Amelia. The manager isn’t the type to believe in rumors. Jamie’s the one who fabricated everything, anyway. She only did that because the person backing her up has had some conflicts with the manager. Please don’t misunderstand!” explained Rory quickly, having misinterpreted the look on Amelia’s face. When Amelia heard that, she burst out laughing and assured, “I didn’t misunderstand, Rory. I’ll go now. Talk to you later!”. Upon entering the office, Amelia asked politely, “Are you looking for me?”. The manager, who was sitting at the desk, immediately jumped to his feet, revealing his bulging stomach. “You’re Amelia, right?” The manager had just received a call from the CEO, asking whether there was an employee named Amelia in his department. When he thought about it, he remembered that he had asked Rory to recruit her. The CEO instructed him to treat Amelia nicely, saying that she came from a formidable background. Since she was the wife of Clinton Corporations’ only heir, she must not be offended. Not expecting such a powerful person to be working in his department, the manager was so shocked that he broke out into cold sweat. “Yes. May I know why you summoned me to your office?” asked Amelia, feeling a bit uncomfortable by the middle-aged man’s intense stare. The manager returned to his senses. A meaningful smile spread across his chubby cheeks as he said, “Amelia, it’s the company’s blessing that you are working for us. You’ve truly graced us with your presence! Since the CEO isn’t here, I welcome you to the company on his behalf. I’m really happy! I didn’t expect you to be so pretty too. Only the most outstanding and talented man is worthy of you. Amelia was completely confused, unable to figure out why he was saying all that. As if he could sense her confusion, the manager laughed heartily. “I’m just spouting nonsense, Amelia. Go back to your work. I’ll assign you to design some important blueprints later. I heard that you’re a design major, so you are probably very skilled at designing blueprints. Do a good job as I have high hopes for you. If you don’t like working in the design department, just tell me which other position you’re interested in. There’s no need to stand on ceremony with me. Amelia’s expression turned gloomy as her suspicions toward Oscar grew. If he had not said anything to the company’s boss, the manager would not have been so submissive toward her. “Sir, did someone say something to you?” Amelia asked tentatively to test the waters. However, the manager replied calmly, “No! I heard that you have a good relationship with Rory. She mentioned to me that you’ve graduated from a renowned university and that you’re very talented. That’s why I wish to treat you as an important asset. Don’t overthink and just focus on your work instead. If you have any grievances, just tell me. If Jamie is getting too overboard, tell me too. I’ll raise it up to the boss. Since you’re the company’s lucky star, no one can protect her. Although Amelia was still confused, the manager dismissed her with a wave. “Return to work. Remember to tell me about any grievances you face!”. Amelia had no choice but to leave. When she returned to the design department, she could see her colleagues raising their heads and shooting her a strange look

Amelia could guess that they were wondering about her relationship with the manager. She could not help but sigh secretly. No wonder people said that office politics is like a war. Anything minor that happens in the department can be misconstrued in such a ridiculous manner! Gossips can arise out of absolutely nothing. If I want to succeed in the workplace, I must be strong. Regardless of the rumors, I mustn’t be defeated. Ignoring their gazes, Amelia returned to her seat and focused on her work. Finally, it was six in the evening. After bidding Rory farewell, she left. Oscar was already waiting in the car with Tony downstairs. The moment she entered with her bag, Tony pounced at her. Hugging her tightly, he s aid in a sweet voice, “I miss you, Mommy!” . Amelia hugged his chubby body a nd asked with a smile, “Did you behave at your grandma’s place?” . “Yeah! I tried to make Grandma laugh, but she doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. She ignored me most of the time,” admitted Tony honestly. Amelia insti nctively glan ced at Oscar. “What’s wrong wi th your grandma, Tony?” she asked. “I don’t know either. All I know is that Grandma doesn’t seem t o like me anymore. I want to be close to her, but she instructe d the maid to take me away. ” Tony felt rather upset as he spoke. Amelia hugged him and consoled, “Perhaps she’s not feeling well today. It’s not true that she doesn’t like you, Tony? You’re so adorable tha t she likes you a lot! How can she dislike ever you? Don’t overthink. “Re all y?” . “Have I ever lied to you?” . Tony shook his head. The glo omy expression on his face f aded and he stopped pouting. He’s s till a child. As Amelia was hugging Tony, she did not ask Oscar how his talk with Olivia wen t. Instead, she kept playing with Tony. Oscar drove to a newly-opened re staurant. A valet quickly rushed forward to park the car for him. When Oscar carried Tony, he tried to resist. Ho wever, Oscar whispered softly, “Your mommy’s st ill here. If you kick up a fuss, she’ll be sad. Although Tony stoppe d struggling, he gla red at Oscar sulkily. The moment the three of them entered the restaurant, Amelia spotted two familiar people standing nearby. Facing Jennifer, Carter had his back against Amelia. Th eir gestures were very agitated as if they were in the middle of a huge argument. Jennifer’s furious voice sounded. “Carter, do you hate me this much? We’re already here! Why are you so reluctant to enjoy a meal with me?” . “Stop kicking up a fuss, Jennifer. Something urgent came up in the office, so I need to rush over. Just eat alone and I’ll settle the bill,” replied Carter exasperatedly. “You’re too much, Carter. ” Jennife r’s voice broke, making her sound like she was on the verge of tears. Amelia glanced at Osca r, asking him silently if they should go over. Before they could walk over, Jennifer lifted her hand and slapped Car ter across the cheek, the crisp sound echoing across the lobby. The pa ssers-by stopped in their tracks and stared at both of them curiously. Carter could have dodged the slap

However , he did not for some reason. His head tur ned to the left because of Jennifer’s slap. Just by hearing the sound, Am elia could almost feel the se aring pain on Carter’s cheek. Tony gazed at Amelia in confus ion and asked, “Mommy, why is Ms. Larson hitting Mr. Scott?” . Since Tony’s voice was quite loud, Carter an d Jennifer looked over. When Carter spotted Amelia standing not far away, the look in his eyes changed instantly. He raised his hand and wiped the cheek that had be en slapped by Jennifer, trying to erase the swollen marks on his cheek. Jennifer was already at the peak of her fury. When she noticed his reaction, her eyes reddened. She shot Amelia a complex look before bursting in to tears. Covering her mouth with a hand, she exclaimed, “You’re too much, Carter! The woman you’ve been yearning for already has a husband and a son! There are already two people by her side who love her dearly! However, all you can see is her. Why can’t you just look at me seriously too?” . Due to Amelia’s sudden appe arance, a flustered look fl ashed across Carter’s eyes. “Stop messing around, Jennifer!” chided Carter softly. He was afraid that Amel ia would misunderstand because of this. Jennifer could not help but laugh and cry at the same time as she glared at Carter. Sorrow washed over her. “Carter, I really think that your heart is made of stone. Nothing can ever melt it. Even a cactus might bloom one day if I watered it religiously. However, you show no signs o f falling in love with me. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m really that horrible. Otherwise, why would you refuse to even spare me a proper glance?” . Carter raised his hand, wan ting to wipe her tears away, but he put it down halfway. He said apol ogetically, “I’m sorry. He was apologizing for be ing unable to fall in love with her after two years. Amelia said, “Oscar, let ’s go over. Osca r no dded. When they walked over, Amelia greeted timidly, “What a coincidence to bump into you here, Carter and Ms. Larson. Jennifer, who had yet to wipe her tears away, glared at her and demanded, “Are you satisfied now, Amelia? Looking at how pathetic I am, are you secretly mocking me for being shameless? E ven though I’ve pursued him for two years, he only loves you. You must feel very smug, right?” . Amelia smiled bitterly. Even though she did not wish to meddle with Carter a nd Jennifer’s complicated relationship, she always ended up involved in them . What kind of twisted fate is this? Why am I always dragged into this mess? . “You’ve misunderstood, Ms. Larson. I’ve never found it embarrassing for a woman to pursue a man. Everyone has a right to chase after love regardless of gender. ” Amelia looked at Jennifer and said seriously, “Ms. Larson, you can try speaking to Carter c almly. There’s no need to argue in public. Why don’t we book a private room? Both of you can have a proper discussion inside. Jennifer scoffed coldly. “Stop putting up a show and pretending to be kind. Every time you bump into me, I’m being pathetically cast aside by Carter. I really wish th at I’ll never see you ever again!” spat Jennifer through gritted teeth. Not knowing how else to explain herself, Amelia felt overwhelm ed by a feeling of exasperation