Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 477 Perverted Lunatic


Elizabeth glanced upstairs and tugged June’s hand. “June, we spoiled Cassie too much. She was traumatized because of Oscar previously, and she lost all of her interest in playing the piano that she loved the most. She must be suffering. I hope you can bear with her as her boyfriend and don’t be mad at her. June smiled gently. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Yard. I have been chasing after her for many years. She’s precious to me. I know she can’t forget about Oscar, but I believe she will fall in love with me one day. I plan to get engaged to her soon. Perhaps she will stop thinking negatively once she settles down and gets married. “Oh, June, do you really think so?” Elizabeth asked. June nodded and sighed. “Mrs. Yard, I have long wanted to set a wedding date on my schedule, but Cassie has been suspecting that I have ulterior motives toward her and wanted to take over the Yard family by using her. This might sound awful, but compared to my family’s wealth and status, the Yard family is substantially wealthy, but it’s close to nothing compared to the Adertons. The riches in your family don’t interest me at all. “June, Cassie tends to overthink. Don’t be offended by her. Go upstairs and check on her, and try to talk to her nicely,” Elizabeth said. “All right, I’ll go up and check on her, lest she have negative thoughts again,” June said softly. However, his face turned terrifyingly wicked when he got upstairs. June twisted the doorknob. Noticing that the door wasn’t locked, he opened it and went in before closing it behind him. Before he could take more than three steps into the room, a pillow flew toward his face. He caught the pillow with his quick reflexes and quietly walked over. “Get lost!” Cassie shouted in anger. June walked over to the bed and looked down at Cassie, who was sitting on the bed, glaring at him. He said solemnly, “Are you done? I’ve given you two years to fool around. Shouldn’t you be more mature now?”. Cassie held her head and said in frustration, “June, what do you want from me? I’ve been leading a befuddled life for the past two years, and my body can’t take it anymore. Are you happy now? Can you please leave my house and go back to your country?”. June bent down, propped one hand on the bed, grabbed Cassie’s chin with the other, and said in an ominous tone, “Baby, I’ve wasted so much time on you. Do you only think I wanted revenge? I could have done it without investing my time in you if I wanted revenge. Do you really not understand my feelings for you?”. Cassie tried to break free, but her struggle was futile. She could only glare at June. “Baby, you have been a good girl for the past two years. What happened? Why are you suddenly going against me? Tell me, who did you meet last night? Was it Oscar? I think it was. There’s no other person who can ignite your fighting spirit. ” June smiled creepily. His words were so disturbing that Cassie had goosebumps all over her body. “Baby, how loyal can you get? You wanted revenge, and you regretted it in the end. I heard Amelia has returned, and the two of them are like lovebirds

But look at you, you’re so skinny. If it weren’t for the fancy clothing, I would have mistaken you for a beggar. I’m afraid Oscar won’t even bother to look at you. ” June humiliated Cassie with his words. He told her the truth that Cassie didn’t want to admit. “Bullsh*t!”. Cassie began to struggle again. A murderous intent flashed across June’s eyes. He got up and pressed Cassie under him and covered her mouth with his palm. “Honey, I’ve been so kind to you. I gave you everything you wanted and listened to your every word. Can Oscar treat you the same? No. But why won’t you stop thinking about him? It’s making me very angry, and that is why I want to punish you. But how should I do it?” There was a menacing glow in June’s narrowed eyes, which caused Cassie to feel threatened. Cassie struggled with all her strength. June leaned into her ear and said, “Honey, struggle harder if you want your mother to come over. I don’t mind her watching you being raped. Your mother is a beautiful woman with tender and smooth skin. Or should the two of you pleasure me together? What do you think?”. Cassie’s eyes widened in disbelief. June patted her cheek as if everything was fine. “Don’t worry. I’m just joking. She’s my future mother-in-law, and she deserves all the respect. I wouldn’t dare to touch her. What a lunatic! He’s a lunatic with a twisted mind!. Cassie shouted in her mind. However, June was aroused by Cassie’s fearful look. He ripped open her dress and stared at her slim and supple figure, caressing her body as if admiring a fine piece of art. “Baby, your figure never fails to fascinate me. Oh, how I wish to suck you dry. He violated Cassie’s body aggressively, stripping her of her pride and dignity. Once he was done, he kissed her, who couldn’t speak from enduring the pain, and said, “Honey, this is your punishment. Do you like it? If you ever think about other men behind my back again, I will meticulously torture every inch of your body until you remember what I said. Cassie could only feel the pain. Not only did June torture her physically, but he had also tormented her mentally. At that moment, she had an indescribable fear of having intimate relationships. “You’re a f*cking pervert!” Cassie mustered her strength and cursed through gritted teeth. “Thanks for the compliment, Baby. I thought you knew it from the beginning. ” June owned up to it. Cassie simply closed her eyes. “Honey, I’ve been treating you so well. Shouldn’t you consider my proposal? My family has seen your photos, and they like you. They even asked me to arrange for you guys to meet up. Let’s go on a trip to my home country

You’re about to be their daughter-in-law, and you will have to meet my parents sooner or later,” June said while playing with Cassie’s hair. Cassie kept her mouth shut. “If you don’t answer me, I’ll take it as a yes. I’ll set up the engagement party with our families. Don’t worry. I won’t mistreat you. I’ll invite every influential figure in the city, including the man you can never forget. I think you’ll be delighted if he can witness your engagement, right?” June licked Cassie’s cheek and smiled gently. “You’re a tainted woman, and I’m a dirty man. We’re a match made in heaven. I want him to witness our marriage. Don’t thank me. I’m just doing it to grant you your wish. Cassie opened her eyes and glared at June, amazed by the shamelessness of this man. June playfully ran his fingers across her eyes and said, “Honey, are you touched by my thoughtful generosity?”. Cassie scrunched up her face. “No. I’m just disgusted by your shamelessness. “Honey, you forgot. You’re just as shameless as I am. That’s why we’re meant for each other. I still remember when you danced indecently with other men on the dance floor, sat drunk on the couch, and kissed several men. It’s because you were so raunchy that I thought you were attractive. No couple in the world can be as perfect as us,” June said, infatuated. Cassie remained silent and continued to look daggers at him. June stroked her eyes and said, “That’s it, Honey. I could get off just by watching you look at me like that. We have the same dirty blood. I’m the only suitable man for you. Can Oscar tolerate your ugly side? Can he stand you getting it on with another guy? He can’t. That’s why I’m the only one worthy of being with you. Promise me you’ll marry me. It doesn’t matter if you can’t have children. We are still young, and we should have fun while we’re young. What’s even a child? As long as we have the money, we can have as many children as we want. That’s not a problem at all. Let’s be together, okay? Stop thinking about Oscar. I’m the only one who can grant you eternal happiness. “You’re crazy,” Cassie snapped through gritted teeth. She was utterly frightened by June’s madness, especially in the past two years. His mindset wasn’t the same as ordinary people’s. He was like an absolute lunatic with a twisted mind. Cassie was afraid that she might die in the hands of this man one day. She was playful, but she didn’t want to lose her life for no reason. She wanted to escape his grasp. She didn’t want to be with him anymore, fearing that he would ruin her life sooner or later