Love You Enough to Leave You

Chapter 476 The Devil


Oscar and Amelia enjoyed a night of passion, while Cassie woke up with a splitting headache in a hotel the next day. She held her head and groaned from her hangover. “Awake?” A woman’s cold voice rang out in the room. Startled, Cassie lifted her head and met the gaze of an unknown, expressionless woman. She croaked, “Who are you?”. Jean ignored her question and shot straight to the point. “That’s not important. If you’re clear-headed, I’m leaving. ” She was almost at the door when Cassie screeched, “Stay right where you are. Jean grimaced, having hoped that she could leave without fanfare. Still, considering Cassie’s friendship with Oscar and Amelia’s orders to look after Cassie, Jean could only swallow her indignation at dealing with the hungover woman’s rudeness. “Yes?” Jean turned around. “Who sent me here last night?” Cassie tapped her head, struggling to recall what had happened after her argument with Amelia. Despite her best efforts, nothing came to mind. It was as if her brain had stopped remembering anything at that exact moment. “Boss and Mrs. Clinton sent you home after you drank yourself into oblivion. You looked even more pathetic than the homeless ruffians on the street,” Jean scoffed as her gaze roved over Cassie. “I have no idea what Boss saw in you in the first place. You’re way below Mrs. Clinton’s league. In fact, I’d venture to say you’re like a swan that regressed into an ugly duckling. Cassie’s face twisted with rage, and she threw a pillow at Jean, shrieking, “Get lost! Get out of my sight!”. Jean gladly left the massive presidential suite, leaving a stunned Cassie on the bed. Her gaze was unfocused. She was seemingly lost in her thoughts. Suddenly, Cassie scrambled off the bed and ran barefoot into the bathroom. She began appraising herself in the mirror, gently running her hand over her pale face. A self-deprecating laugh bubbled out of her. No wonder she called me an ugly duckling. I’m giving those poor ducklings a run for their money. Her gaze traveled across the mirror as she took in her bloodshot eyes, dark eye circles, and pale lips. Stray freckles dotted her face, and there was a light smattering of bumps on her forehead. It was a horrifying sight. “Ah!” Cassie wailed as she cupped her face, questioning her sanity in accosting Oscar in such a state. Two whole years had passed, and despite her claims of hating Oscar and plans to sabotage Clinton Corporations with June, Cassie had never gotten over Oscar. She could never bring herself to execute their plans and had chosen to drown her sorrow in alcohol. Cassie broke down and muttered to herself, “This isn’t me; this can’t be me! How can I look like this?” She could not come to terms with the fact that Oscar had seen her in such an unkempt state. Oh God, he already hates me enough. He must’ve been so disgusted last night. She suddenly felt like throwing up. Exhausted after her mental breakdown, Cassie collapsed on the floor, staring mindlessly at the luxurious fixtures in the bathroom. A spark of determination flickered in her gaze, pushing her to get off the floor. She murmured in a frenzy, “I have to change

I have to get back on my feet again. Oscar sent me here last night because he still cares about our old relationship. I’m sure he hasn’t gotten over me! I just need to return to my old, innocent self, and he’ll love me again. Yes, yes! That’s right! I’ll go home, eat a little, and put on some nice makeup. Oscar loves a caring woman. I’ll be kind and caring toward him, and he’ll remember how nice I was. Invigorated by a sense of purpose, Cassie arranged for a hotel employee to bring her some fresh clothes. She changed and began applying her makeup meticulously, successfully covering the dark eye circles that had horrified her earlier. Cassie scrutinized herself in the mirror, pleased with the results of her artfully applied makeup. Unfortunately, she could not do much about her gaunt face. June called her as she left the hotel. She ended the call, only to receive a text message instead. Cassie read the message. Honey, answer the phone. I got a fright when you disappeared last night. I’ve been searching for you all night. Now be a good girl and come home. If you’re really into that stuff, I’ll get some for you. I just didn’t want you to get addicted. You’re my only baby. I can’t find a better toy if you’re out of action. Cassie fumed at the contents of the text. Her anger and hatred for June ballooned. I wouldn’t be in this pathetic state if not for him!. It would not have been an exaggeration to call him the devil incarnate. Cassie recalled how he had dragged her straight to hell to avenge his past humiliation at her hands. She had followed him to every unsavory establishment imaginable and had been encouraged to drown her sorrows in sex and booze. It had been the lowest point of her existence. Things were different now. Cassie had recovered the motivation and courage to pursue Oscar. She had had enough of escaping reality through all manners of shady pursuits. It was as though she had received an epiphany regarding her life and June’s intentions. She never hated June more than at that moment, and she believed that he had single-handedly orchestrated her downfall. Her phone began ringing with another call from June. Rage consumed her entire being as Cassie answered the phone and yelled, “June! You’re despicable! I’ve wallowed under your control for years. Turning me into an alcoholic was one thing, but now you’re trying to groom me into becoming a drug addict? Are you intent on ruining my life?”. Ignoring her rants, June asked, “Tell me where you are. I’ve gone mad trying to find you the whole night. “June, you sicko. Go to hell!” Cassie snarled. “Aren’t you just preening after causing my downfall? Well, you can leave Chanaea happy now! Get lost, and don’t ever come back! I despise you!”. June’s voice hardened when he realized she was serious. “Honey, I know this is just the alcohol talking. I’m letting your harsh words slide since you’re just acting out in your hungover state

Come now, be a nice girl, and tell me where you are. I’ll fetch you right away. Don’t throw a tantrum. ” He dropped his volume and added, “I’m sure you wouldn’t want your parents to worry. His faux concern struck a raw nerve, and Cassie exploded, “Keep my parents out of this! You pretentious *sshole! I’ve never met a man as vile as you!”. She hung up before giving him a chance to reply. Cassie took a cab back to Yard Manor, and to her dismay, June was entertaining her mother in the living room like the perfect son-in-law. June had shrewdly kept Elizabeth in the dark about Cassie’s wayward exploits over the past two years. June’s presence infuriated Cassie, who strode over to him and thundered, “You pretentious *sshole! What are you doing here? Get out of my house right now!”. “Sorry, Baby. I shouldn’t have stopped you from going to the bar last night, but I only had your well-being in mind. If you need to blow off some steam and visit a bar tonight, I’ll go with you. Please don’t be mad at me, okay? It’s all my fault,” June apologized sweetly. His act merely riled Cassie, who pointed at his nose and accused, “Just drop your pretense already, June! I’m this close to puking at the sight of your faux concern. June’s worried expression remained admirably in pace. “What are you doing, Cassie?” Elizabeth interrupted her daughter’s rant with a stern reprimand. “Dear God, you’ve been getting more out-of-hand these few years. Where are your manners? Only June is patient enough to deal with your antics. Hurry up and apologize to him. Don’t think about frequenting bars, either. Those shady places are hardly suitable for a lady like you. Cassie continued pointing at June as she muttered indignantly, “Mom, do you know what he’s done to your daughter over the past few years? He has been playing you and Dad for fools for years! He has brought me to bars, nightclubs, and the wildest parties you can’t even imagine! He’s a devil; my downfall is entirely his doing!”. “Nonsense!” Elizabeth turned to June next and placated, “June, Cassie must’ve been triggered by something last night. I hope you can forgive her tantrum. I’ll have someone whip up your favorite dishes later. You must promise to stay for a meal. June smiled affably and replied, “Of course, Mrs. Yard. I guess I’m in for a treat today. Thank you so much for the invitation. Cassie was instantly overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness at the sight of her mother falling for June’s elaborate lies. My obstinance over the years has utterly shaved away at my parents’ patience. They’d rather believe in a stranger than their own daughter at this point. Sadly, she concluded that she had brought this fate upon herself. Cassie implored, “Mom, he’s the bad guy here. You can’t believe him, or he’ll rob our family of our wealth. “Cassie, what is wrong with you?” Elizabeth frowned. “I haven’t even begun to lecture you for staying out the whole night. Go upstairs and clean yourself up. Don’t throw a tantrum here like some madwoman. Cassie trudged upstairs, defeated. She turned around and stared at June, conflicting emotions in her gaze. June happened to look up and met her gaze, shooting her a satisfied smirk. Frightened, Cassie sped for the safety of her bedroom