Master Odell’s Secret Ex-Wife Novel

Chapter 12


Two days later, it was Monday. It had been two days since she saw Liam. The thought that she would get to see her son again made Sylvia especially ecstatic. She took an early day off and left by noon. She went to a nearby shopping mall where she bought large bags of ingredients, then she headed to the toy store to buy Liam and Isabel their favorite toys before making her way home. Right after she entered the car and was just putting on her seat belt, the kindergarten teacher called her. The teacher’s voice sounded anxious on the phone. “Miss Ross, your daughter got into a fight with someone at school. Please come as soon as you can. Sylvia’s expression shifted in an instant. “Okay, I’ll be right there. After hanging up the phone, she quickly revved the engine and zoomed off. It took her less than ten minutes to reach the kindergarten. She went to the teacher’s office, and as soon as she came in, she saw several children standing by the wall. The one that immediately caught her attention was the girl whose hair was so messy that it could have been mistaken for a bird nest. The child still wore a disdainful, upset expression on her face. It was Isabel. Next to her was Liam with what seemed like claw marks on his fair face. Sylvia became upset and frowned. She approached the two. She peered at them up and down to make sure they had not sustained any other injuries before she began to question, “What’s going on? Why did you two start a fight?”. Isabel snorted and pointed at the two little boys next to them. “They were the ones who bullied my brother first. He was sleeping and wasn’t even bothering them. They were the ones who started throwing erasers at him unprovoked. The two little boys were rather large for their age and seemed tough. However, their faces and necks were riddled with fresh marks; they were either claw marks or red spots as a result of sustaining blunt force. They quickly bowed their heads as if cowering in fear when Isabel pointed at them. This was surely her work. Sylvia turned to Liam. He remarked with a faint pout, “I don’t blame my sister. She stood up for me and beat them. me. u p . Sylvia put a hand forward and patted his head. “ Liam, you two are siblings and should help each other. Mommy won’t blame either of you for that. She knew what Isabel’s temper was like. She was not the type to start trouble unless someone . provok ed her first. Besides, the thought that these two boys picked on Liam upset her just as well as it upset Isabel

Isabel felt vindicated, an d her demeanor grew more ar rogant when she heard this. Liam also responded with a faint smile. This was when the headteacher appeared. : She relayed the story to Sylvia, and it was the same as what Isabel said. It was the two boys who had provoked them and caused trouble first. Still, Isabel and Liam did more than stand up for themselves; they beat the two boys up until they s obbed and begged for mercy before stopping. The headteacher remarked, “Miss Ross, I acknowledge that those two boys were in the wrong, but Isabel went overboard. Sylvia scratched her nose and stated, “I’ll make sure to s peak to her when we get home. The parents of t he other two boys arrived as well. They first saw the poor state their children were in, then they were informed that their children were the ones who had started it in the first place. Finally, when the teacher informed them that Liam was t he son of Odell Carter, they immediately became pacified and even made their children apologize to Liam. Since Isabel was protected under Liam’s wings, they did not dare cast an ounce of blame on Isabel either. They even exchanged some pleasant words with Sylvia. Shortly after that, the chi ldren made up. Since it was nearly time for the children’s lunch break, the punctual headteacher announced,” Alright, ladies and gentlemen, why don’t we let the kids enjoy thei r lunch break now? Don’t worry. We promise to take good care of them, and we won’t let such a thing happen again. ” With that, the parents of the two boys left. S ylvia combed Isabel’s hair and grazed her finger against Liam’s face. She asked tenderly,“ Liam, what would you like to eat tonight? Mommy will make it for you. Liam’s eyes brightened. He recalled the fantastic, delicious barbecue that he ate last Wednesday night and requested, “I want to have a bar becue. ” Sylvia pinched his nose gently. “Alright. ” That was when Isabel chimed in as well, “Mommy, I want to have a barbecue as well, so pl ease prepare more. I love meat. ” Sylvia chuckled and patted her dear head. “Alright, your mommy’s got it. Now run along with your brother. The two children left happily whi le holding hands. Meanwhile, Sylvia walked to the parking lot outside the schoo l. Just as she was about to reach her parking spot, a jet-blac k car approached out of nowhere and stopped right next to her. Sylvia was st artled. Before she could figure out what was happening, the car window lowered before her very eyes and she immediately recognized t he handsome and blank stare of the person in the driver’s seat. Sylvia widened h er eyes, then sh e turned and ran . Odell pushed the car door open and bolted out of the car. He chased after her and quickly caught up with just a few stri des, grabbing her by the back collar, so Sylvia had to stop. She pulled the front collar of her shirt and d emanded, “Odell, let go. ” Odell scoffed, “What happened? Weren’t you always good at running?” . Sylvia tried t o shake him off but could not. She had no choice but to turn around and face him. She spoke to him with an arrogant smirk,” How can I run anywhere when you’re grabbi ng me like that?” Her smile appeared sinister like that of a witch

Odell sneered. Sylvia proceeded to act the fool and asked obliviously, “Master Odell , what brings you here in the first place?” . “I’m the one that shou ld be asking you that,” Odell replied harshly. Sylvia stated nonchalantly, “Nothing, just taking a walk. ” “D’you think I’m going to buy that?” Sylvia sighed. , “I’m t elling the truth. I can’t help it if you don’t believe me. Odell narrowed h is eyes and looke d at her sharply. Sylvia continued smil ing and let him stare at her all he wanted. Then, Tara appeared from behind him. She immediately began interrogating, “Sylvia, you know t hat Liam studies in this kindergarten, don’t you?” “Who’s Liam?” Sylvia continued the act. of course, she knew that. She also knew that they were here because Liam had gotten into a fight. Tara was slightly flabbergasted by this display. She had a feeling tha t Sylvia already knew that her son Liam was studying here, but she was not expecting her to be so shameless as to continue putting up an act. She turned to Od ell. “Odell, sho uld we tell her?” . Odell glared at Sylvia and chu ckled. “Do you really think th is woman would be so ignorant?” . Sylvia smiled innocently. “I truly have no idea what you’re talking about. ” Odell yanked the collar of her shirt again. “I’ll ask you one last time–why are you here?”. Sylvia could feel the collar tugging ag ainst her neck and digging into her flesh. She grimaced and told them, “I’ll tell you if you let me go. Odell snorted. “Tell me, or else, I won’t let you go. ” Sylvia gave him a sly look. “Uh… your girlfriend is right here. I don’t think it’s a good look if you keep grabbing your ex-wife in front of her. ” Odell scoffed, “I’m grabbing your collar, not your body. Out with it unless you want to die!” “Alright. ” Sylvia shrugged helplessly, then t ook a step forward. She took one quick step forward and stopped so near to him that her forehead was practically touching his stout chin. Everything suddenly became quiet. Odel l fr oze. Tara beheld this scen e with her eyes agape and screamed, “Odell!” . Odell immediately loosened his grip on Sylvia’s collar as if he was flingin g a dirty cloth off his hands, retreating a step backward as he did this. B efore anyone could react, Sylvia turned and took off, running like the wind