Master Odell’s Secret Ex-Wife Novel

Chapter 9


In the black car that was speeding down the road, Liam sat in his child seat and was staring straight ahead. He said, “No need to pick me up tomorrow. I’m going to have dinner there. I’ll go home with Uncle Ben and Uncle Jacob after dinner. Uncle Ben and Uncle Jacob were the bodyguards responsible for safeguarding him. He was telling this to Odell, who was sitting next to him. Odell frowned, looking a little displeased by this. The child had always spoken with a commanding tone, and it seemed like he would never accept any form of questioning once he had announced something. One would wonder where he learned such manners from. Truly, he was Odell’s flesh and blood. Odell scowled and stated sternly, “Don’t play till too late, and remember to come home early. It seemed like Liam did not hear what he said. His eyes continued staring ahead of him while his mind was still filled with thoughts about the time he spent with his mother and sister. ‘My mommy is so gentle and my sister is so cute. If only I could be with them all the time…’ Odell, who could not draw a response from his son, shot him an unimpressed glare. After a while, the car stopped at the Carters’. When Liam entered the house, Odell turned to the two bodyguards. He asked them, “Which classmate’s house did Liam go to today?”. One of the bodyguards replied, “It was the desk-mate of the young master. Her name is Isabel. “A girl?”. “Yes. “What’s she like?”. “She’s very vibrant and charming. The young master enjoyed playing with her. She’s a child actor who’s gained a bit of popularity. A child actor?. Then again, the kindergarten they went to was reputable for upholding privacy, so it was not surprising that a child actor would enroll there. Odell had no further questions. He just instructed them, “Watch him closely and make sure to report to me immediately if anything comes up. “Yes, sir. The next day, Sylvia finished her work ahead of time and bought a large bag of groceries back. home. Liam mentioned that he was not picky, but Sylvia did not know what his favorite snack was either. She settled with making Isabel’s favorite snacks with some additional healthy snacks sprinkled in the mix. She finished preparing just as soon as Isabel and Liam came home. As usual, the first thing Isabel did was run to her for a hug. Sylvia obliged and hugged her, then she hugged Liam as well. Finally, she led them to the table. Isabel began munching on the food right away. Liam had an Englishman’s mannerisms and only ate after putting on a pair of gloves. He ate with such elegance and moved with such calculated movements as if he was a noble prince

Sylvia ate with them, then spent time playing games with them for a while. Dusk arrive d sooner th an expected. Since Odell was not coming to pick him up, Sylvia felt safe brin ging Isabel with her to escort Liam downstairs. It was only after she saw the car leaving that she led Isabel back into the house. S C . The days passed quickly, and it was soon Friday. As usuál, Sylvia spent time with the children until it was dark outside. It was almost time for Liam to leave. Isabel hugged him with longing. “Bro, we won’t be able to see each other for two days. I will miss you. ” Liam only frowned and said nothing. Sylvia went to console her, “Isabel, two days wil l pass in no time. Why don’t you let your brother go home now?” Although she did not want to be separated from Liam, she felt content enough to get to see him five days a week. Isabel muttered a brief, “Oh” befor e letting Liam go. I T . I M . 1 1 . It was easy to tell ho w disappointed she was by looking at her pout. Sylvia patted her head and took her hand to escort Liam downstairs. w e re . The bodyguards and the car were only right by the entrance. After bidding farewell, Liam walked towards the car. Although they would only be separated for two d ays, Isabel’s eyes and little nose were puffed red as if she would never see her brother again. Sylvia gently took he r daughter’s hands and squeezed them weakly. Liam, who was about to get into the car, suddenly stop ped and looked back at them. His eyebrows could be seen p erking up when he saw his sis ter’s reddened eyes and nose. Sylvia took Isabel into her ar ms and said to him, “Liam, get in the car quickly. Don’t worry . abo ut h er. Liam hesitated for a mo ment, then he turned aro und and entered the car. Isabel rubbed her nose, then she turned her head and buri ed her face in Sylvia’s neck. Sylvia watched the car leave before carrying Isabel upstairs while consoling her, “Come on, Isabel. Don’ t be sad. We’ll see your brother again in two days. Isabel nodded stiffly, feeling down. Sylvia sighed helplessly and continue d doing what she could to comfort her. At the Carters’, by the time Liam returned home, both the old madam and Odell were in the living room. The old madam was drinking tea and conversing with the old butler while Odell was loung ing on the couch while reading the newspaper. Liam walked past Odell and stopped in front of the old madam. Then, he said, “Grandma, I want to invite my best friend to our house next weekend. ” The old madam seemed delighted to see her dear great-grandson coming to her on his own for once

“Of course, that’s fine. Is this best friend the one whom you visit every day after school?” . Liam nod ded. The old lady smiled and answered, “Alright. It’s only right that we should host her as well seeing that you have dinner with them every day. ” After obtaining such a satisfactory answer, Liam quickly darted back to his room. He wanted to call h is sister. Right then, he heard a solemn and commanding voice from behind him. “Stop,” O dell call ed to him. Liam turned to Odell. There was a look of impat ience mixed with insolence on his face that see med like he was waiting for his father to speak. Odell frowned and tried his best to suppress his urge to pu nish the child. “Since you happen to have some time tomorrow , I’ll take you and that friend of yours to play somewhere. Liam was startled by this proposal. He was not expecting his busy father to find time to spend time with him . He then r emarked, “No need. Odell’s face d arkened. Before he could get another word out, Liam ran back to h is room without looking back. Odell was fum ing with rage at this point. Old Madam Carter who was nearby sighed helplessly. “Well, this is the consequence of you ne ver paying attention to your son and choosing to spend time with problematic folks out ther e all the time. I hope you’re happy now. Liam isn’t even an adult yet, and he already thinks . O U . he doesn’t need a father like you. ” This was like pouring oil onto the fire. He stated, “Grandma, Tara is my girlfriend. She’s not what you call ‘problematic’. ” The old madam’s expression changed. Tara was his obsession, his muse. Regardless of his gra ndmother’s contempt for their marriage, and despite all the other women who tried to seduce him away from her, he would never abandon Tara. This went to prove the standing Tara had inside his heart. In many ways, the old madam understood that the handso me and stoic young man was no longer her innocent little grandson who used to run circles around her. He was at the helm of the Carter Corporation and was one of the most deeply revered men in Westchester City, known for his decisive and harsh measures. Not knowing what more to say, she stated, “I just w ant to remind you that Liam is your only child. Do y ou want to see him turn into a mirror image of you?” . To turn out like him… He had been neglected by his father from a young age and subjected to t he devious threats and plots of his stepmother… . A dark cloud cast over Odell’s eyes. After a mome nt of silence, he announced in a deep voice, “Don’ t worry. I won’t let such a thing happen to Liam