Midnight Scars

Chapter 4 Let go


'it's time for me to live on my own'. I decided. It's been years. I was hesitant at first because I thought, Nathan is the one and only I have now, but then I realized, Relying on someone won't help me stand on my own. After I talked about my plan, Nate didn't agree at first, but eventually agree after many attempt. "I understand," Nate said, but his words were stained with sadness and objection. "You don't need to go this far Nate. I'm old enough, I can take care of myself," I insisted. Nate shut his eyes and breath heavily. "You didn't even accept my proposal to handle one of my companies or to accept my daily allowance for you," this time his eyes were already open and already settled on me. I smiled at him, "Stop worrying about me, your reckless cousin is dead, I'm a different person now," I chuckled. "We still have the same family name and you," he rolled his eyes at me. "But that doesn't mean, I'm connected to you anymore. His eyes were fixed on me. I felt an urgency to chuckle at his serious reaction, "What's with your face?" I asked. "I'm still your cousin, I'll let you do whatever you want, but don't push me away," He seriously said and rolled his eyes. "Yes sir!" I happily clapped my hands and jumped out distance and embrace him "You said I can do whatever I want? so that means I will not accept your company or your allowance anymore?" I asked. "Yeah, whatever. Years had passed. I finally gained a reason to live and to continue. Nate become my guardian angel through my hard times, he help me accept everything and he tried so much to make me feel normal for once. I am not the same person from the past-- or if that's what I think? I erased my traces and existence. I stopped engaging in my previous deed and even start attending Sunday mass. I changed my name and my personality for so many reasons. No one from my family or any of the organization know that I'm alive after Nate broke the news of my sudden death. Nate is the only one I trusted since the incident, but I started to feel embarrassed. Nate had been very good to me, he let me stay in his place and help me within his limit with sincerity. I feel indebted to him. I couldn't resist and decided to part everything. I want to lessen his problem. I bet that even if he didn't try to tell me, I can see that he's also suffering. His family started to pressure him about the state of their company and his plan for marriage. Yet here I am, Instead of living on my own, I was being a burden to him. When I told him about living on my own, he instantly disagree, but I pointed out the reason why should he let me and why he need to. Miraculously, he let me

Arceus, my white tiger was taken care of by Nate. He insisted that he'll take care of my pet while I'm trying to figure out what should I do. I cannot also bring Arceus with me even if I wanted to. Arceus isn't an ordinary pet, he's not a cat t hat I can easily carry and bring with me. He's huge and I'll probably face concerns about owning a tiger in the neighborhood. "Should you go now?" I asked him after I let go a nd distance myself from him. "Where?" He asked, I raised m y brow and fix his necktie. I slig htly punch his chest and chuckled. "To your work , silly!" . "I'm the boss Lils, I don't give a fuc k," I rolled my eyes. His door was open and it gave me an opportunity to push him out. "What are you doing?" He asked, he's tall and strong , but all the years of being a good fighter paid me well, I got a strong physics that I can make Nate move a little. "Just go!" I said and pushed hi m out of his condo. "Lily!" He called after I locked and leave him banging on his door. I chuckled when I heard him curse and muttered my name, I h eard a long silence after, and that made me think he already left. I smiled widely while facing the door, knowing that he is not around anymore, but my smile instantly v anished when I turn my back. My eyes lost their emotions and all. I walk inside my gloomy room and rested m y body on the bed. I silently stared at the ceiling. Maybe, half of myself didn't really leave me after all. -- . "I'll be busy starting tomor row, Dad's retirement made my lif e even more tiring," Nate started. I raised my brow and watch Nate grab an instant co ffee sachet from my cabinet and started making his own c offee. I was left hanging. I did not reply for a moment. "Since when?" I a sked after I realized the silence between us. "Yesterday," he answered . He gracefully mixed the coff ee and sipped it from the cup. "So, I won't be seeing you th at much?" I asked. "Prob ably. Typical Nathan 'Nate' Morgan. He is an only child that's why he isn't pressured for no reason. He worke d for his father's company since he was in high school and started his empire when he was in college. He's t wo years older than me, he's a smart ass and every high socialite girls in the city wanted to be wed to him. I stared at Nate for a moment, he's good-looking and was blessed b y deities or gods in every aspect

I smirk at my thoughts. He's charism atic, no woman will not be mesmerized by his face or even his net worth. "I'm looking for a job," I said after I noticed that I' m staring at him for too long. He look at me puzzled, "Why? do you need one ? one of my islands needs someone to handle it fo r me, you can have it," he said. I almost choked. "Which one, the Island or the jo b?" I asked. He shrugged and put his c offee on the table and cross his arms. "Yo u can ha ve both. My mouth par ted, "You're crazy !" I said, amused. I can help it, but to be overwhelmed whenever Nate tries to ask me to have one of his asset s. I was born rich, and both of my parents came from a respected and richest family, but I did no t experience being spoiled like any other kids my age. My childhood has never been so good to me. Since Nate agreed about me, living on my own, I chose to rent an apartment, it has a two-bedroom and is se mi-furnished. Nate paid for my five months' rent even though I told him not to bother. He said that it's the le ast thing he can do, I told him that he doesn't need to worry about me anymore, but he's hard hard-headed as me. It's not hard at first, my only problem is, It's hard to conceal my appearance whenever I go out. I alm ost cut my long blonde hair if just Nate did not appear and scolded me for an hour, I planned to cut it shor t and dye it brown, but Nate bought me a wig and contact lenses instead to partially hide my real appearance. Nate become my grocery supplier and tried to give me an allowance for a couple of months. I was te mpted at first, but I declined as I remember everything he had done to me, I caused him too much troubl e. He was hesitant at first, but he did not have a choice after I throw a fit on the same day I ask him. I become totally a different person. Back then, I was always calm and quite crazy. My hap piness depends on how many people I saw crying for their lives and the money I collected after my missions, but now I'm the one who's trying to throw a tantrum to manipulate my own cousin. "I saw this while I'm on a jog earlier," I grab the flyer I stripped from one of the walls I pass through, "They're look ing for a waitress, what do you think Nate? can I pull it off?" . I was so proud of the job I found on my way home, it w as a nice opportunity for me to raise money myself. He grabb ed the flyer from my hand, I saw how his brow met and frown. He looks at me, trampling my confiden ce, "What?" I mumbled. "Do what you want," he said and throw the flyer back to me, my heart flutte red, and my lips formed a bright and sincere smile, "Thanks, Nate!" I happily sa id. It's not fake. I got mixed emotions after hearing Nate not disapprove of me. Nate on the other hand did not help, but smile at me, "You have your own freedom, who am I to cage you? I want to protect you, but you're on your own life now . Just promise me one thin g," he paused, his eyes become serious and sharp, "You will  never let yourself get hurt. I gulped, I feel a pan g in my throat, but flash a smile, "Y-yes, of course