Midnight Scars

Chapter 5 Runaway Trouble


"You're hired. A woman in her thirties said, she fix her glasses after reading my resume and throw me a look. "You can start tomorrow. After I applied at Bob's diner yesterday, I am basically here for the interview, the manager did not ask further and hired me after looking down at the resume I give. She's easy to deal with and they pay well. "Thank you, ma'am," I politely said and plastered an angelic smile on my face. The woman stared at me and sigh, " Don't call me ma'am, Mrs. White will do," she said, she takes off her glasses and look at me with a hint of admiration written all over her face. My smile fades and awkwardly look at her, "Uh? Is there something wrong?" I asked after I noticed that she keeps staring too much which made me uncomfortable. "You're gorgeous, why didn't you try to start modeling? I knew someone that can help you," she said. I softly laugh, "I am not really interested and my father won't approve," I said. Thinking about Nate acting as my strict father made me shrug about the realization that he'll disagree even though I'm not even starting to talk about it. Modeling isn't for me, it was just like saying to everyone that I'm exposing myself fashionably in magazines or even on advertising screens all over the city. After my interview, I headed toward my apartment. Wearing high-waisted denim pants and white plain shirt and a cap, no one will bother me. I walk the distance between Bob's Diner and my apartment. I have no car and I'm trying to be practical in the meantime. I can't lose a single penny when I can just walk home than commute. I look at the sky when I noticed that the clouds getting darker, and even the wind is getting colder. The forecast didn't say that it will rain today but looks like it will. I stopped at the playground when I saw no one. There is no one around, maybe because the rain will start to pour soon. I sat on the swing and push myself using my feet. I can't remember if I visited a playground when I was a kid, I didn't know that it can be this entertaining. "Shoot," I silently murmured when a drop of water fell on my hand, I looked up and stared at the dark heavy clouds, ready to drop its every water. I straightened my neck and look everywhere, looks like they'd already sheltered themselves, but I still have no intention to get up and go home. This morning, the sky was clear and the sun is even brighter than my future. Turns out, dark clouds are just ahead and waiting to cover the sun and poured its heavy rain. The rain started to pour, and my clothes started to get wet, but my feet still don't want to get up or even move.   Thunder started to growl. People run in different directions while holding an umbrella, and those who do not have to use their bags to shield themselves from getting wet. After a while people around the park vanished, leaving me alone

I swing myself, I rested my head on the handle. "I wish you were here to push this swing," tears escaped from eyes that joined the raindrops falling, "Silas, I can't understand. " I started to sob. There is a huge hole in my heart that I've been keeping all by myself, it is pain and confusion. I've been wounded physically many times, it sting and ca n easily heal, but it doesn't hurt like what I feel, it was just like yesterday. I feel betrayed, but at the same time, those feelings were telling me that there is still par t of humanity inside me, It was something that I lost. Emotions rushed through my veins and desirin g something. But every time I thought about how he died, I was in the middle of darkness, confused. I closed my eyes, I feel the water rushing through my skin and the tingling sensation of coldness. I was about to open my eyes when I heard gunshots in multiple directions. I stay still, I sharpen my senses and wait for wha t happens next. Many footsteps start to invade my ears, I continue swinging, not minding what will come after. Two people at four o'clock, six heavy footsteps at eleven whi le three other light footsteps are at two o'clock. The three light footsteps are getting near while the other changes its direction. Hearing them made me think that if I stay here, I'll be inclu ded in no time, trouble is not my thing anymore, it's just a waste of time and Nate will going to turn into a beast if I even try to. My thoughts didn't last long, I sigh after I heard the footsteps stop a few steps away f rom me. I slowly open my eyes, my lids are wet which made me look uninterested. My eyes met t hree children, they were shivering and scared, a sign of something that can put me in trouble. "W hat?" I asked. "H-help us. " One of the children stuttered, and I stared at them. Two looks aged raging seven to ten, a boy and girl. My eyes dropped at the wet child and any time soon will lose consciousness, a boy who was possibly five years old. He's hiding behind the girl's back, his eyes and nose were swollen and he got a bruise on his forehead. I rolled my eyes and pull myself up, "What's happening?" I a sked, no one bothered to answer after we heard gunshots and a pol ice siren. The three kids run in my direction and hide behind me. "Damn," I grabbed the smallest o ne and hold him. He's shivering, his lips are already pale as white paper. Two guys appear ed in front and poin ted their guns at us. "Hey missy, g ive the kids to us ," the goons asked. "The kids o bviously don't w ant to," I said. He breathed heavily and tried to shoot me, but I ea sily dodge even though I'm holding one of the kids, the o ther two ducked as the bullet flew, "Give us those kids!"

"You're annoying!" I irritatedly said and kick his gun, it flew while the other one tried to throw me a punch. I tightly hold the chil d that I'm carrying and kick the two guys who are trying to defeat me. "Argh! Nate gonna preach me!" The last blow made the two weak imbeciles hold their abdomen and face, kneeling because of pain. The rain didn't stop, I have no choice, but to bring them with me, "You can walk?" I asked the other two, and both of them nodded. "Okay good, then let's run. We run till we reach the bus stop and sheltered ou rselves from rain even tho we are already wet. I grabbe d my phone from my pocket, good thing it's still alive. "S-sis, please t-take us with you," the older boy said. I was still holding the you ngest while the girl is clinging to my feet. "I'll think about it," or not , because I'll send them back to t heir parents or an orphanage after. As I opened my phone, Nate's messages and misse d calls erupted in my notifications. My phone shut a nd I forgot to inform daddy 'Nate' that I'll be late. Nat han: . How 's your i nterview? . A re you home? . I'll visit you a fter lunch. W here a re you? . I'll f etch you, wh ere are you? . Lils, pick up y our phone. I did not read the rest. I called him and he picked u p after one ring, "Hey Nate--" . "Where are you?" He calmly asked. "I'm stra nded, Green Str eet, bus stop. "Okay, I'm comi ng," he ended our ca ll too fast, I sigh. After a minute, Nate's jaguar appeared in fro nt of the bus stop. He opens his door and hurriedl y gets out from his car while holding an umbrella. "Lily, I've been in y our apartment for hours-- wait, who are these kids?" . "I don't know either," I said. I gave him the child I'm holding and grabbed the umbrella away from him. "Hold him , I'll take ca re of the two