Mistakenly Abducts the Wrong Lady

Chapter 6: Cucpakes


Evan was staring at his desk while he was touching his chin when Selena suddenly entered the door. He looked at his secretary when he noticed that she looks relieved now. "Sir, Mr. Rabino wants to talk to you downstairs. Sir Frank was also there," she said with a smile. He didn't answer, instead he stood up and walked past her. Every employee at the hallway bowed to him as a sign of respect. He even saw a bunch of employees having some conversation but they immediately stopped when they saw their boss. When Evan saw the bomb inside the box earlier, he immediately told Selena to call the 911 and she panicked when she saw the bomb. All the employees of the building don't have a clue about what's happening because Evan told Selena not to inform them until the bomb squads arrived. He entered the elevator and Selena was still behind him until they reached the ground floor. The lobby was filled with police men. One of them was talking to Frank who's wearing a black t-shirt, dark blue pants, and white sneakers. When Evan came close to them, the police quickly bowed to him and offered his hand for a hand shake that Evan accepted. "Sir Peterson, I'm sorry for interrupting you but I want to inform you that the bomb was fake. You don't need to worry about it, Sir," the police said, whose name is Quimran Rabino, the chief police of San Diego Police Station. Evan's eyebrows furrowed. "Fake?". "Yes, Sir. I think someone sent that to threaten you. Evan's eyes narrowed and nodded. He was thinking about someone who have the guts to send him a fake bomb. And threaten? If there was someone who needed to be scared, obviously it was not him. "Frank. "At your service, Sir!" Frank smiled as he gestured his hand like he was reciting poetry. "Investigate about this. Send me the details as soon as possible," he ordered and turned his back to them. He looked at his wrist watch before entering the elevator. **. "Welcome home, Sir Evan. " The mid 50's maid get his brief case and coat when he entered the door of their mansion. The mid 50's woman was Dalia, the head maid of their mansion. She has been working for the Coleman's family since Evan was a kid. "Where is Elise?" he asked formally when he roamed his eyes around the lobby. Elise was his thirteen years old sister. She was the first person he would find whenever he came home from work. "She's in the garden, Sir. Evan nodded before leaving Dalia. He walked to the brown tiles of their mansion. The ceiling is high with a huge chandelier that they bought from Italy. All the furniture is expensive and the wall was filled with small bulbs that also give light around the place. When he arrived at the glass door, he saw Elise reading a book on the small table beside the pool. She was facing her back at him. Elise has long ebony black hair upto armpit with some light waves. She has a fair light skin tone because she was home schooled. Actually, they have a library but Elise prefered to study there because she said she wants to breathe fresh air while studying. "Have you eaten dinner?" Someone whispered behind him so he quickly looked at his mother, Eva Peterson. "Mom, how long have you been there?" he asked with a wrinkled forehead. Eva chuckled and looked at her daughter before she looked at Evan. If Elise grows as a sweet and charming lady, Evan grows like he hates the whole universe. "Just a few seconds ago. Dalia told me that you already came back. How's your work, sweetie?" She fixed some hair strand that was blocking Evan's face but he immediately held his mother's hand and put it down

He hates being treated like a high school boy. "There's nothing new, Mom. I'm going to rest. " He was about to leave when Eva grabbed his arms so he looked at her. "Elise's birthday is next week. I'm just remin ding you, Evan," she said. Evan gulped and averted his gaze. D*mn! He forgot about Elise's birt hday because of his busy schedule this week. If his sister found out that he forgot about her special day, she would surely ignore him for a month. Evan cleared his throat before pulling his arms. "Of course I know. I didn't forget about t hat, Mom. You know how special Elise is for me. After that, he leaves and quickly gets his phone from his pocket and dial Selena's number. "Selena, I want you to find caterers, the best event organ izer, and a shop that sells the best pastries for my sister's bi rthday next week. I want a fast update by tomorrow's afternoon. "T-tomorrow, Sir?" Selena was stuttering. She was thinking about where she could find the three persons t hat her boss assigned to her in a short period of time. "Do I need to repeat myself?" Evan' s voice was serious so she quickly shake s her head even though he can't see her. "I'm going to send the details tomorrow afternoon, Sir. Consider it done, Sir!" . Evan drops the call aft er hearing her answer and go es upstairs to take a shower. ** . "Come in. Evan was typing on his laptop when he heard a knock from the door. Selena entered his office an d bowed to him before she came closer to his table. "Sir, I already found a shop that sells the best cupcakes an d cakes in San Diego. The owner of the shop was inside with some samples, Sir. Do you want to let her come in, Sir?" Selena asked. Evan was still typing and his eyes were still focused on the scree n when he answered, "Just be quick. Selena immediately leaves and goes outside. A seconds later, the door opened and a woman in above knee yellow asymmetric skirt and purple deep sweetheart blouse came in. Her two inches black t-straps heels pro duced sounds when she started to walk slowly to Evan's table while holding a white box with cupcakes inside. She put it above the table and leaned slightly before she closed his lapto p. Annoyance was evident at Evan's face because of what she did but before he c ould react, his lips parted when he saw the lady in front of him who's smiling. "I heard that you're looking for some delicio us pastries, Sir. I guess I'm that person you are looking for," Hazel said while looking at his eyes. She stopped herself from smirking when she saw s ome sweat falling from Evan's temple even though the a ircon of the office was on. Is he nervous? Or shocked? . Maybe both. After a moment, his face turn ed serious before he leaned to his swivel chair and crossed his arms. "What are you d oing here?" His voic e was cold, as usual. Hazel stood straight and said, "I'm her e because of my job, Mr. Peterson. " She slig htly pushed the box of cupcakes on the table. His eyes turned to the b ox. Is she the girl that his secretary found? She can't be. "I made that. I hope you like it. Those are the best selling cupcakes in my shop a nd probably the best of all cupcakes that you could taste around San Diego. Not so sweet , just right. But I'm sweeter than that. " Hazel winked with a playful smile on her lips

Evan gives her a vacant stare before giving a sigh. He opened the box and saw ten different c upcakes inside. Hazel sat in the chair beside her. "This is strawberry, chocolate, milk, cheese, vani lla, caramel, coconut, peanut, coffee, and mocha flavor ," she said as she pointed to every cupcake in the box. Evan picked the caramel flavored cupcake and tasted it. Hazel was staring at him as he examined the appearance of the cupcake while he was chewing. She smiled because he was serious at everything, even in food. Evan was observant. He put back the caramel. Next, he tasted the chocolate as we ll as the coffee. He takes one bite each of the cupcakes before h e closes the box and gets his tumbler below his table and drinks. He was so careful in tasting the samples because he wants something that his sister will love. Knowing Elise, she loves sweets and he wants the best for her. "So, how was it? Which one do you like, Mister?" . "I like caramel, chocolate, and coffe e. Elise doesn't like strawberries and pean uts so obviously, she will never eat that. "Elise ? Is that y our sister?" . He raised one of his eyebrows. "Let me remind you why you are here. So stop asking questions like we're close, Ms. Tolentino. Hazel grimaced and averted her gaze. She was thi nking that Evan was too peevish. She was wondering if that's the reason why he had no girlfriend until now. When she looked at him again, she noticed some icing in his mouth so s he gestured like he had something on his face. Evan was looking at her with confusion. He didn't know if she was playing with him or just annoying him. "Y-you have something here . " Hazel pointed to the edge of her lips but Evan didn't get it. Hazel stood up and got her handkerchief before she came closer to him and wiped it. Evan was just staring at her while she was doing that. He can smell her sweet scent. He was going crazy whenever she was so close to him like that. Hazel noticed his stares at her and their eyes met. She gulped when she saw his handsome face. She felt her h eart beating rapidly like it was going to break her chest. "E-e van. She was surprised when he reached for her lips and he kissed her slowly but fu ll of desire. Hazel tried to push him but he held her nape and pulled her closer. Ev an's other hand went to her waist and grabbed her that caused her to sit on his lap. After some seconds, Hazel d idn't notice that she was kissin g him back and it felt so… good. They were in that position when Selen a knocked on the door that made her push h im like she was burned with his body heat. They were both panting when they fixed their clothes and Selena entered the room. "Sir, the event organizer was already inside," Selena said. Evan went back to his serious facial expr ession and sat properly. "Ms. Tolentino, we can talk abo ut this another day. You may leave n ow," he said without looking at her. Hazel quickly bowed and silently left his office. She stopped walking when she stepped out of there. She held her chest and its beat tripled faster than earlier. T his is weird