Mistakenly Abducts the Wrong Lady

Chapter 7: His Mother


"Zel, which one do you think suits me?" Alexandra asked while holding a green dress in her right hand while black dress in her left hand. They were in the mall because Alexandra suddenly called Hazel to go shopping. After the night at her father's party, she felt like she needed to relax for a while. And shopping was her way of relaxation especially when she's with her best friend. When Hazel didn't answer, Alex put the black dress in her right hand and snapped her fingers in front of Hazel. She immediately got back to her senses after that. "Y-yes, I love it. Alex gives a sigh before rolling her eyes. "I said which of these suits me, Zel. What are you talking about? You seem to be thinking about something? What is it?". Hazel shakes her head even though there is really something occupying her mind. She was still thinking about Evan's kiss yesterday. Everytime she closed her eyes, she felt like his lips were brushing against hers, causing her to spaced out. He was driving her crazy!. "N-nothing. Let me see. " She grabbed the two dresses in Alex's hand and examined them before she gave her the black one. "Okay, let me try this," Alexandra excitedly said before entering the dressing room. Hazel put back the green dress to where Alex got it before roaming her eyes in the boutique. She can see the five men in black outside because it was a glass wall. They were Alex's bodyguards. After the riot at Alex's father's party, Jake became more strict and protective of his daughter. Hazel was still thinking if Evan was the one who caused the trouble or if he was just a victim too. She didn't ask him about that again because she remembers what he said when he pinned her against the wall. Of course she doesn't want to die. And besides, Evan may look like a dangerous and scary guy but Hazel knows that he was not a bad guy. "Zel!". She looked at Alexandra and she smiled when she saw how nice she was in that black dress. Hazel thumbs up before Alex goes back to the dressing room and changes. After they paid for everything they bought, the two of them decided to go to a restaurant because it's already lunch time. "You're really the best, Zel! You really know what's good in me in terms of clothing. How can I live without you, honey. They were in a restaurant and waiting for their orders. The place was yellow themed as well as the tables and chairs. That was Alex's favorite restaurant and they always eat there whenever they finish shopping. Hazel shakes her head while smiling. "You owed me then. " They both laughed and after a minute, their orders arrived and they started to eat. "Anyway, I'm so happy that you're alright. You know when I woke up in the hospital, I immediately asked if anyone saw you and if you're fine," Alex said. Hazel smiled slightly but she couldn't look her in the eyes. "M-me too. I'm glad that n-nothing bad happened to you, Alex. Hazel was just playing with the chicken on her plate. She doesn't have an appetite to eat and she doesn't know why. She looked at her friend who's taking some pictures of their food. She was so guilty because Alex was so nice to her but she was lying to her. Well, she's not lying exactly but she was hiding about Evan to Alex. She wants to tell her everything about him but she was afraid without knowing why. Suddenly, her phone vibrates from her dark blue Stella McCartney bag. It was a text message from an unknown number. FROM: 0926*******. Go to my house. Let's talk about the details about the cake and the payment. After reading the text message, she knew that it was from Evan. She put back her phone inside her bag and stood up. Alexandra looked at her with confusion. "Hey! Are you leaving already? But you didn't eat at all

"I'm sorry, I have to go. I have a meeting with a client. Thanks for today. " She came close to her and kissed her cheek before she got her shopping bags. **. Her gray SUV stopped in front of a big black gate. There was a sign beside it with 'COLEMAN'S MANSION' written on it. And now Hazel was sure that she went to the right address that Evan sent her. She looked at the rearview mirror and fixed herself. Sh e was wearing a light blue off shoulder and black box pleate d skirt. She stepped out of her car and tapped the doorbell. A beautiful woman opened the gate. B ased on Hazel's observation, she seems lik e an early 40's woman but she was so sexy. "Who are you?" Eva asked her while examini ng her from head to toe. "Uhm… h-hello. I'm Hazel Tolentino and Evan told me to go here. " Hazel felt uncomfortable by the stares that Eva was giving to her. Her stares were like daggers stabbing her around her body. It was so mysterious and scary and that gives her an idea that maybe it was Evan's mother. "Why? Ar e you my son' s girlfriend?" . "No! I-I'm not. I'm here for some business matter, Ma' am," she immediately answered. Eva's lef t eyebrow rais ed. "Business?" . Hazel nodded. Eva opened the gate wider and gave her a way. She didn't smile nor introduce herself to her because she doesn't like l adies entering their house especially if it was connected to her son. "Come in. Hazel followed Eva to the living room. She can't st op herself from being amazed at the mansion. She was sure that it was made and designed by a high paying engineer. Eva told her to wait for a while so she sat on t he sofa while waiting. After a few minutes, Eva came back and accompanied her to the garden of the mansion. Eva leaves her without any wo rds. Hazel thought that maybe Evan gets his attitude from his mother. When she opened the sliding glass door of the garden, she roamed her eyes in the surroundi ng. On the right side, she can see some flowers and butterflies while on the left side, there w as a medium size pool and a table with three chairs. The ground was covered with Bermuda grass. "Ev an?" . She slowly walked to the grass as she watched him swim in the water. Hazel holds her breath when Evan goes up from the pool. H e was t opless! . He was wearing black jammers. His muscular body was so perfect, he had medium tan skin and his abs and biceps wer e so good to look at. He looked like a god sent from heaven. "Stari ng is bad, young lady. Hazel's senses came back when he spoke. She didn't notice that he cam e close to her. Evan was drying himself with a white towel that covered hi s back and arms. Some water was falling from his hair that made him so hot. Maybe she was wrong , he was a god sent from hell with an ice heart. "I'm not staring at you!" Hazel stutterd and averted her gaze. She quickly went to th e table beside the pool and sat in one chair. Evan walked towar ds her and sat in the chair in front of her. Hazel's hands were so cold. She was tensed by the stare he was giving her. It was scary but why did she feel otherwise?! . "These are the details for the ca ke

I'm willing to pay any amount," Ev an said and handed her a white folder. She doesn't know where it came from but she accepted the folder and checked the files inside. Yes, she was there for work so she needs to focus. B ut she can't! . His abs were distracting her! She will read th e files in the paper but her stare will go back to h is body. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Evan noticed that she seems nervous and he c an prove it by how her hands were shaking right n ow. He smirked and stood up so she looked at him. "I'm gonna put some cloth on for y ou to focus," he said before he came cl ose to her face, which made Hazel gasp. His eyes went to her lips. D* mn! He badly wanted to taste it aga in but he stopped himself and left. "Oh. My. God. " Hazel put t he folder above the table and c overed her face with her palms. She was ashamed! Did he notic e her staring at his body? Maybe h e was thinking that she likes him. "No! No! I t was so embarr assing, Hazel. She looked crazy while she was ta lking to herself. She doesn't know if she still has a face to talk to later. "Eh em. She almost screamed when someone spoke beside her and then s he saw Eva in front of the table while holding a tray with two ma ngo juice and some sandwiches. Did she see her talking to herself? . "H-hello, Ma'am. Evan jus t went inside to put on some c lothes. He will be back later. "I 'm not asking. Hazel felt like her embarrassment doubled because of what Eva t old her. She looked at the grass and played with her fingernails. Sh e couldn't look at Eva's eyes because it was like killing her inside. Eva put the snacks ab ove the table and sat wher e Evan was sitting earlier. "I'm talking to you straight to the point, Hazel. My son was too focused on hi s business and personal life. He doesn't have time for the things that some people c all love. " Eva emphasized the last word that sounded like she was disgusted with it. Hazel was just listeni ng to Eva. She doesn't know why she's telling it to her. "He was a business minded person. And if ever my son will m arry a girl, I want a girl for him that will accept his good sid es and bad sides. Not a girl who will ruin his career and life. Hazel cleared her throat and sat properly. "W-with all due respect, Ma'am. I understand what you said as a mother to Evan. I know that every mother wants the best for their children. But Ma'a m, there's nothing between me and Evan, I promised. You don't need to worry if you don't like me. Her voice became smaller and smaller as s he spoke. She doesn't know why she felt hurt in side. Evan's mother obviously doesn't like her. Upon hearing what Hazel said, Eva smiled for the first time but it was fake. She stood up when Evan came back wea ring a white long sleeve V-neck shirt and black twill short. "Mom, what are you doing here?" Evan asked when he saw his mother. Eva turned her gaz e to him and smiled befo re tapping his shoulder. "Oh, I brought some snacks for your visitor," Eva said. Evan didn't answe r, instead he sat down and drank some juice. "I'll go ahead, sweet ie. " Eva looked at Hazel. "Nice to meet you, Hazel. She just nodded and before Eva left, she gave Hazel a meaningful stare