Mistakenly Abducts the Wrong Lady

Chapter 1: Meet Again


“One vienna coffee for Mr. Evan Peterson!” Hazel yelled on the counter while holding the cup of coffee in her hands. She was Hazel L. Tolentino, the owner of Coffeezel Shop. The shop was so bright because of the small bulbs at the ceiling, every table was good for two people that could actually see the outside because of its glass walls that were facing the road. The left and right wall of the shop was made up of cement with blue paint and quotes attached to it. She wears her sweetest smile as the guy in a black long sleeve shirt stood up and walked through the white smooth tiles of the shop. He took off his shades but didn't smile back at her. Hazel froze in where she’s standing right now when their eyes met. His cold eyes, it seems familiar. She was sure that she had seen that pair of eyes before. “Y-you,” she whispered while her hands were sweating even though the aircon was on. In just a glimpse, all her memories back when she's on high school suddenly flashback to her mind. It was six years ago yet the incidents were still fresh in her head. [Flashback]. Hazel was walking, on her way to the tea shop near their school where she will meet her best friend Alexandra Williams. Actually, she's not a fan of tea but her friend influenced her. Today, the results of their exam were announced and she got a high score again! Even though it happens all the time, she’s still surprised and happy about her achievement and Alex said that they need to celebrate it. She stopped when she felt her touch screen phone vibrate inside her pocket so she immediately got it and read the text message. FROM: ALEX. Where are you now, Zel? I’ve been here for hours. Hazel chuckled when she read the message from her best friend. She scratched her neck as she typed a reply to Alexandra. She knows how her best friend's temper is. Her long kinky straight coffee brown hair was longer than Alex’s temper. TO: ALEX. OTW. She’s about to tap the send button when someone covers her mouth and nose with a handkerchief. Her phone fell to the pavements as she tried to get off from the stranger who’s holding her right now with full force. “We had her now, Boss. She heard what the guy said. It was talking to the person using his communication device attached to his ears. Hazel suddenly felt dizzy. She wanted to scream but the hands of the guy were stopping her too. Her sight was already blurry and she doesn’t know when she lost consciousness. **. “You’re all st*pid! She’s not the daughter of Jake Williams!” A guy in a white mask yelled to his three men who he had given the assignment. The one was tall and skinny, the other one was skinny but shorter than the first one, and the last was fat who covered Hazel's mouth and nose earlier. He heaved a sigh and massaged his temple because of frustration. He should just do that job alone if he just knew earlier that his men will fail to do the simple task. “Boss, you said the girl has brown hair and has a smooth blush leather bag

We saw he r near the Demzel Academy so we thought that—“ . “Shut up!” . Their boss shut them off so the fat guy didn’t finish what he was about to say. They know that their boss was now mad at them because of what they did. A moment of silence passed when their boss ordered them to leave the dark room where they were talking with Hazel sitting in the wooden chair. Her hands were tied behind her back with rope. “Hmm…” Hazel gradually opened her black deep set pair of eye s. Her head was aching but when she saw the guy in a mask in fron t of her, it was like her whole body and senses suddenly awakened. “W-who are you? Where am I? Let me go!” Hazel screamed and her eyes started to watery. She’s afrai d that the guy will hurt or do something bad to her. She tried to escape from the rope while the guy slowly w alked towards her. He was wearing a double rider jacket with white sleeveless shirt inside, black jeans, and blucher mocs. “Do n’t come near me!” . Even though she knows that she’s only wasting her strength, she’s still trying her b est to escape. The guy reached and kneel in front of her to level her. Their eyes met and as he looked at Hazel’s eyes, all of her worries vanished and were replaced by assurance. His mask was a plain white that onl y his eyes could see. “What’s your name?” he a sked in a low and cold tone th at gave chills down her spine. She can’t talk. All that she could do was gulp and sweat. When she didn't answer him, the guy stood up and she thought that he would get his gun and shoot her… but none of it happened. He went to her back and untied the rope in her hands. Hazel felt the rope lossen. She immediately looked at her pulse and winced when she saw that it wa s red and painful. She was shocked when the guy got her hands and examined it. Even though he was wearing a mask, she knows that his eyebrows furrowed. “Does it h urt?” He touche d it carefully. Hazel was speechless. She’s confused! Aren't kidnappers supposed to be careless and ruth less to their hostage? Aren't kidnappers supposed to call her family and ask for ransom money? But based on his appearance, he doesn't need a ransom money because he looks richer than her. “W-who are you, Mister?” she bravely asked, stuttering, and the guy looked at her. His eyes were now calm yet still scary and it was telling her that he’s a person you don’t want to mess with. “ I am n o one. [E nd of fl ashback] . Hazel still remembers how the guy in a mask takes her to where she’s been kidnapped and left her there like nothin g happened. They had a deal that he would set her free but she promised not to tell anyone what happened. Hazel still d oesn't know why she agreed with that, maybe she’s scared of what he will do if he finds out that she broke her promise? . “Ma’ am, are y ou okay?” . Her senses came back when her worker, Pia Asuncion who's holding the li sts of orders spoke beside her. Hazel spaced out and didn't notice that the g uy named Evan was now inside her shop and about to enter his green sedan car. “Wait!” Hazel runs to the door knowing that she got all the attention of everyone in her shop . She’s yelling and chasing a guy for Pete’s sake!

But it’s too late. Evan was now inside his car and at the moment she reached the vehicle, its engine started and left the shop. She was breathing heavily while holdin g her chest. Pia hurriedly went outside and came to her. She’s worried about her boss. “Ma’am, Zel! What happened? Who’s that han dsome guy? Does he pay?” . “We meet again , Pia,” she whisper ed, “we meet again. ** . “Did she recognize me?” Evan whispered to himself while he was driving and drinking coffee. He was so serious while lo oking at the road, which is his normal look anytime, anywhere. He knows the girl who chased her lately. Of course he will never forget the gorge ous face of the girl he met six years ago. The first girl who caught his attention, th e first girl who made him worried, and the first girl who made him feel a new feeling. He was actually looking for her and knowing everything about her since they met. That day, he was supposed to kidnap Alexandra Williams, the daughter of Jake Willliams, his rival in business. The old man owed him money and the time he had given to him to pay him has ended. The w ord ‘patience’ was nowhere to be found in his vocabulary. So, he planned to kidnap Jake’s only daughter to be the depth but his man messed up. Evan’s attention went to his p hone when it suddenly rang. He gets it and immediately answers the call. “What’s the matter, Selena?” he asked his s ecretary. He owns a company of cars that origina lly belonged to his mother but let him manage it. “Sir, Mr. Federal is here . He was looking for you and,” she answered, “he seems mad. Evan looked at his wrist watch and continued driving. He was on his way to his and his friends' hideout. “Tell him t o wait, I have so me things to do. “But, Sir—“ . “If he wants something from me, tell him to wai t, understand? My time was expensive, Selena and you know that,” he impatiently said and ended the call. He doesn't waste his time for a conversation that he thinks i s only a dirt on his schedule. Between the basic and most importan t things, he will probably choose the thing that is worth his time. He dial Frank’s number and after three rings, his friend answered. The mom ent Frank answered it, Evan heard a loud groaning in his background. He smirks, it looks like his friend was already doing what he was about to ask him to do. “I already did it, Bro. Nothing to worry about,” Fra nk said and slightly laughed. “Good to know. I’m on my way an d one more thing, Frank,” he paused, “don’t kill him. I want him alive