Mistakenly Abducts the Wrong Lady

Chapter 2: Party


"Alex, I have something to tell you," Hazel said with twinkling eyes. Her best friend, Alexandra, was sitting in front of her. Every afternoon, her best friend goes to her shop from work. That's the only time where they can talk that much because now, they're both busy in their lives. Not like when they were in high school, their only problem was how to pass every hell week. Alex sips her cup of coffee before sighing. "Let me guess. You saw the guy who kidnapped you when we were in high school?". "How did you know?" Hazel's eyes widened as she watched her friend roll her eyes to her. "My Goodness! You always tell me that. You always tell me you saw that guy's eyes again and you're sure that you found him again. But the truth is," she looks at her blankly, "you are always mistaken. "No, Alex! This time I'm sure–". "You're always sure, honey. Hazel sighs in defeat. She never wins against her best friend. Since they were in their first year of high school, they always hung out. That's why they became like sisters. They even colored their hair brown and bought the same backpack. They were inseparable back then. Alexandra noticed that Hazel became silent so she smiled slightly and got Hazel's hand above the table. Alex knows that Hazel was sad when her smile didn't reached her eyes. She don't want to let her down but she don't want her to hope for nothing either. "Come on, Zel. Maybe that guy was now in jail or something. Just give up, alright? There were so many handsome guys in the club! Don't waste your time finding that kidnapper," Alex said and Hazel turned her gaze to her. Maybe Alex was right. But she was not sure yet if the guy she saw lately was really not the man she's looking for. She wants to make sure first, but how? She already forgot about his name, all she can remember was his facial features!. "Anyway, Dad's birthday party was tomorrow night. You should come and wear your sexiest outfit and attract some big time heartthrobs. " Alexandra winked at her before she stood up and kissed her right cheek. "Gotta go, Zel. Thanks for the coffee and cupcakes. Take care, sweetie and don't forget my invitation. "I will, Alex. Drive safely. Hazel waved her hands to her as she left the shop. After cleaning the tables and floor and turning off the lights, Hazel and Pia stepped outside of the shop. "Ma'am, I'm going home first. See you tomorrow!". "See you. Take care," Hazel replied before Pia nturned her back and walk away. When she's done locking the door, she's about to enter her car when she notices a silhouette of someone at the other side of the road. It seems like it's watching her. When that thought came into her mind, she immediately felt scared. She almost jumped when her phone rang so she answered it. "Zel, can you go to the grocery store? We're out of stock for dinner

I think I could have groceries tomorrow. " It's Helen, her mother. "A-ah, yeah, of course. W-what do you want me to buy, then?" Hazel turned her eyes to the place where she saw the silhouette but it was gone. Maybe she was just hallucinating. "Hmm… maybe chicken. Wait, are you okay? Is there something wrong?". Hazel smiled and entered her gray SUV. "Nothing, Mom. Bye, I'll be home soon," she sa id before ending the call. ** . The bloody guy was stunned when he saw how Evan pulled out his revo lver and pointed it into his head. They were in a dark room—Evan, Frank, and the guy they caught spying inside the Coleman Cars Company building. "Tell me who you are working with?" Eva n asked in a cold tone. The guy's eyebrows furrowed and gritted his teeth. Eve n though he was hopeless, his loyalty to his boss will rema in because he owed him everything. He can't betray his boss. "I told you already! I' m not working for anyone! I' m innocent, jerk!" he yelled. Frank slightly laughed beside Evan before walking b ehind the guy who was sitting in the wooden chair. Frank put his hands into the chair while looking at his friend. "I told you, Bro. This one is hard headed," he joked before tappin g the guy's shoulder and whispering, . "You' re so unlu cky, Men. "P eace or blood?" . They both looked at Evan who's looki ng at the guy with no emotions. Frank went back to Evan's side and crossed his arms. "What?" The gu y has a wrinkled fo rehead as he asked. "Choose. P eace or blood?" Evan repeated. The guy thought that Evan was making him choose between freedom and death where blood is the death obviously. He knew they would be tired of asking him so they would set him free. "P eace of course—" . The guy stopped when Evan pulled th e trigger and the guy's blood flowed to t he floor and some of it stained the wall. Frank w histle. "Res t in peace. Evan put back his gun a nd went to the door. He spok e when he held the door knob. "Wh ere is G iselle?" . "She texted me that she's on her way. Wait for her in the lobby while I clean this mess. Evan leaves him and calmly walks through the hallway, going to the lobby. They were in his hideout. It was located in the middle of forest, too far from the city. No one knows that place except him and his most trusted friends, Frank and Giselle. Honestly, he didn't want to kill the guy lately but his patience reached its maximum so he had no choice. He was actually a b oss in an underground society—mafia world. He only uses his degree in business management to cover his real job. He owns an illega l company of weapons and of course he has protection from someone in the government that makes his business go well since day zero

"I heard that you're looking for me. Miss me, Evan?" A girl' s voice from his back caught his attention. When he looked at her, a girl in a leather jacket, pants, and booths walked towards him. Her blond hair bounced as well as her boobs while she w as walking and smiling at him. "Are you going to confess now that you're in love with me for a long time? Sorry to say but you're too late. " She laughed but that didn't change his emotion. Evan checks the time on his wrist watch before looking at her again. It's Giselle, the second person he trusts and his ex-fling before. But that was a long time ago, Giselle was now a married woman to his husband Oliver Raymundo. "I have no time for this kind of conversation, Gi. Tell me something good," he replied. "Yeah. Remember Jak e Williams?" . "W hat abo ut him?" . "That old man had a party tomorrow n ight. Here's the location and time. " She handed him a card that he immediately got. He smirked before putting the card in his pocket. "Prepare everything, Gi. We have a pa rty to attend and make sure to bring presents. Giselle smiled becaus e she knew what kind of pr esent he was talking about. ** . Next night, the three of them go to the location. The venue looks good from the out side. It was a two story building that owned by Jake Williams. There was a fountain in t he middle of the parking lot in front of it. Famous and rich guests were seen everywhere. They stepped out of the car with gift bags in t heir hands. Their guns was inside of the gift bags, in this way no one will have a suspicious about them. They walked through the entrance and the bodyguard blocked their ways b efore looking at them from head to toe. "Inv itation," he said. Frank smiled at the man and showed him the three cards in h is hands before giving it to him. "Our boss was Jake's best bu ddy. Can we come in now?" Frank s aid while tapping Evan's shoulder. The bodyguard was a bit suspicious but he then let them come in. Little did he know that the invitations they handed him were all fake. Frank made it exactly what the invitation of the event look like. It was so convincing. When they got in, Evan roamed his eyes in the v enue. There were many tables around and a buffet tabl e at both sides of the place. Waiters are everywhere. A waitress with a tray of champag ne walked passed them. Giselle and Fran k get drinks while observing the place. There were so many people around but a lady in a blue and red strapless dress caught Evan's attention. It was Alexadra, their ta rget. They were far from her table but he can see her face clearly. But what makes him stuck in his position was the wo man in a gorgeous blue long bell sleeves blouse and white pencil skirt that Alexandra is holding in her right arm. "What is she do ing here?"