My Awesome CEO Dad

Chapter 37:  A Special Hobby


"I mean, in fact, you don't have to do anything to cover up your special hobbies. Now men are allowed to get married with men. I really don't mind your relationship with Liu Kai. If you like, I can even try my best to help You two to have a good cover as long as you do not mess with my son. This is my limit. Bai Qingqing explained carefully, for fear of being accidentally swallowed by this man. With a tentative glance at Huo Yunchen, she found that the man with a cold face didn't seem to react much to her explanation. She went on to say: "This matter should have been clearly explained long ago, so as not to embarrass everyone in the future. Also, those intimate behaviors you had are actually of no need, we can pretend without doing those unless necessary. She was relieved after saying these, feeling like relieved from a heavy burden. But someone's face was getting darker and darker. To his surprise, the woman thought his relationship with Liu Kai was so bad that he really wanted to pry her mind open to see what was in it. "Bai Qingqing, do you have stones in your head? Who told you that I have this kind of relationship with Liu Kai?". Huo Yunchen growled loudly, his face being frighteningly dark. "Does this need to be explained? What kind of woman do you want with such a good condition? Women who are willing to give you a baby can wait in line here from the Kyoto Bridge, but why don't you get married? Instead, you choose me, who gave birth to a child to join your play. Such a simple question for me, I'm able to figure it out. Bai Qingqing whispered seriously. She looked at someone's changing face, and her voice became smaller and smaller, and finally she did not dare to look up at him. She didn't understand why he suddenly get annoyed. Was he upset because she was debunking the secret ?. "Don't be angry. I promise to keep the secret. I won't tell anyone. "Bai Qing Qing, your mind is really impressive. Huo Yunchen was terribly angry, reaching for her head, and a domineering kiss overwhelmed her cherry lips. He really wanted to strip her alive, and how could she be so dull. Why he kissed again? After all, now there was no audience. Bai Qing Qing was almost out of breath, so she lifted her leg to push him up. But this time it did not work. He had learned a lesson in the restroom last time. How could he trip over the same stone twice?. So instead of successfully escaping this time, she was involved in a more passive condition. His long legs stuck between her legs, and that posture was exceedingly ambiguous. Was this man crazy?. "Huo Yunchen, let me go . "Bai Qing Qing, I want to prove something to you. "What-what?". Huo Yunchen wanted to say that he liked women rather than men, and more importantly, he fancied her. His eyes were affectionate, while too many words moved back and forth in his head, finding no way to speak out

Hesitantly, the phone rang. He took out his phone impatiently, ready to press it off. But when finding it came from the grandmother , he immediately answered. "Yun Chen, where are you? G o home soon. Grandma has somethin g important to discuss with you. "Grandma, what are you doing, can you wait a moment?" . "No, you come back to me imm ediately, otherwise Grandma will never speak to you in the future. The grandmother hung up the phone an grily, and Huo Yunchen couldn't help but glance at Bai Qingqing rather helplessly. " Wait me back. "Okay, go and see Gra ndma. The old lady is shor t-tempered, just bear it. As he left, Bai Qing Qing sen t him out of the door and helped h im tie, and said softly beside him. It really felt l ike that they were co uples, loving couples. "Well, when you get better, l et's go to see my grandma and gran dpa together, they will love you. "Why are you so confident?" . "Beca use I only like you. "Don't come again, there is no audience. " Bai Qing Qi ng gave him a dismissive look. "Acting? Yes, I plan to act f or a lifetime. " Huo Yunchen said w ith a smile and his charming eyes . While he was saying that, Liu Kai sent Tiantian back, and happene d to hear his boss saying something. No wonder the boss checked his mobil e phone as soon as he was free. It turned out that he was looking for honey words. "Goodbye Da ddy, you shall c ome back early. "Good bo y, Daddy will be back soon. Huo Yunchen had the feeling of being eager to return h ome for the first time, for someone he loved was waiting fo r him at home. This feeling was very good, especially warm. Then, the mother and the son, and they watched TV at home. Bai Qing Qing also accompanied her son to paint and worked together to build bloc ks for a while. The lunch and dinner were served by Bai QingQing herself. Until ten o'clock in the evening, Huo Yu nchen had not returned. At the Blue Ocean Hotel, Liu Runan invited the big names of several big banks to dinner in order to get loans from them to overcome the predicament of the company's capital turnover. But these men only knew to pers uade her to drink, without intention s to talk about the business at all. Facing the sexual harassment, Liu Runan was not willing to suff er from that but she had no choice. Her father was ill, while the hundreds of employees we re waiting for money to pay for a meal. That's why she had t o put on a leaky skirt to wander among the group of bastard. After a round of drinking, her head became so heavy t hat she couldn't lift it up. She couldn't hold it anymore, so she had to make excuses to make a call and slipped away. Sitting at the door of the hotel, feeling the blowing wind, she suddenly felt uncomfortable

She was a woman, but she was forced to act as a man. Why should the burden of keeping a big family be born by her alone. She co uldn't stand it, really. Wiping the tea rs, she sent messag es to Bai QingQing. "QingQing, come to the Blue Sky Hotel to pick me up. I was bullied by a bunch of pharaohs. When the phone ticked, Bai QingQing saw it at a glance. "Bull ied?" . Bai QingQing's heart sank . She left the story book and ran away with her slippers on. "Mommy , where are you going?" . "Your godmother is in a hurry to find Mommy. You go to bed first , Mommy will come back in a while. "Well, mommy, com e back early, don't se cretly drink alcohol. "Got it, Mommy won't d rink anymore. She hurriedly chan ged clothes and went ou t, inexplicably nervous. After she left, Tiant ian took out his phone wat ch and called Huo Yunchen. "Daddy, when will you come b ack? Mummy is out, too, and I'm s o afraid of being at home alone. "Wh ere did M ummy go?" . "The godmother w as in trouble, so mom my went to save her. "Okay, don't be afrai d, Daddy will come back to accompany you immediately. When Huo Yunchen answered the phone, he was forced by his grandmother to watch movie s in the manor's home theater with Shen Siyu. After answering the phone, he gave Liu Kai a glance and hurried away. "Brother Yunchen, a re you leaving?" Shen Eny u got up and stopped him. "Miss Shen, my grandmother is old, she needs to rest ea rly. Please go home earlier. Also, you should have heard just now, I have a son and a wife, please keep distance from me. In the darkness, the tall and thin figure pressed down lik e a mountain with great majesty. His tone was as cold as an ice rib ha nging on a branch, as sharp as a knife, wh ich deeply hurt Shen Enyu's fragile heart. But she remained calm and indiffere nt: "Got it, Yun Chen, I won't force you . I just came to see grandmother today. "Then thank you, Miss Shen, f or your kindness. The tone was still cold and alienated. But his temperament was as cold and noble as that of a fairy. He was still the godlike person in her heart who was too perfect to be regarded as a normal man, despite the fact that she had not seen him for more than ten years. But surprisingly, he got married and even had a child. But that person who married him was not her. "Liu Kai, there is a l ocation on my wifi's mobile phone. Check where she is