My Awesome CEO Dad

Chapter 154: Accident


"You're not allowed to go, let Liu Kai send her there. "She is my woman. I can't help but be by her side when she gives birth. "The woman that I, Huo Zhentiing, didn't admit can be your woman. If you want her to die, you can try it. Huo Zhentiing's expression was terrible and his eyes were filled with anger like a gust of wind. Huo Yunchen looked at the softness of the hover between life and death in his arms and felt his heart tighten. "Liu Kai, if I have to accompany Young Mistress to the hospital today, can you do it?". Liu Kai glanced at Bai Luochu and answered without thinking, "Even if you risk your life, you have to protect your safety. "Good, very good. The heir I personally cultivated actually wanted to rebel over a woman. Come, let me see how capable you are. Liu Kai whistled and the entire Golden Shield security team on duty came. Song Chaoyang heard that the young lady had an accident and brought his guards. The elder and his five bodyguards were surrounded. Even if these five people could fight ten against each other, they would still be able to kill them in the wheel battle. Huo Yunchen didn't turn his head and walked away under the protection of the bodyguards. The old man was so angry that his face turned green. "Call the police, hand over the evidence to Director General Liu, and make sure that he enforce the law in a fair and fair manner. Make this murderer bring to justice and let her wear the prison. She will never think of it for the rest of her life. This sentence hit his head like lightning. Evidence?. He looked at Bai Wu suspiciously. Mama Bai bit her lip and shook her head to deny it, but Huo Yunchen was still afraid. He was afraid that if his grandfather really had the proof or fabricated the evidence of the a seamless heavenly robe, what would she do?. "Liu Kai, if you send Young Mistress to the hospital, she will be afraid. You have Liu Runan accompany her, and. Liu Kai knew what he meant, so he took a step forward and took Bai Wu lightly. "Captain Song, come with your people to protect Young Mistress. Liu Kai drove while Song Chaoyang and his people followed behind. Bai Luochu was about to die of pain. Her fingernails flipped over and she scratched the leather car seat. She gritted her teeth and didn't make a sound. Liu Kai gave Liu Runan a call. "Male man, come to Ya Hospital soon. Young Mistress is giving birth. Without waiting for Liu Runan to react, she quickly hung up. Then to Murong Zheng: "Head, head-". Squeak!. Bang!. The ear-piercing sound of brakes cut through the sky

At the intersection, their car collided with a van. "Liu Kai, what happened?". "Liu Kai!". On the other end of the phone, Murong Zheng was so anxious that his troops were c urrently conducting actual combat exercises. He couldn't leave, but it w as her daughter. He owed her moth er, and could no longe r ignore her daughter. He took off hi s military uniform and left the drill. The station in the car kept repeating the r oad situation of the day: . There was a serial car accident on the Sou th Ring Road with heavy casualties and a pregna nt woman was seriously injured and unconscious. The fire and medical staff have launched full r escue, and this road has been blocked. Everyone, if t hey pass by the South Ring Road, please forgive them. A car ac cident? . A pre gnant woma n in labor? . He was ser iously injured and unconscious? . Every word was like a bomb without smoke, explod ing in Murong Zheng's mind. It can 't be light, impossible. He immediately called Huo Y unchen's phone. He tried his har dest to hit but no one picked up. Because the private hospital was closest to the scene of the car accident, it became an emergency treatment area for the car accident. For five hours, Huo Yunchen and the people from Murong Family waited five hours outside the operating room. He waited for the doctor to come out of the operating room w ith the two children in his arms. He sa id with a h eavy smile: . "Congratulations, cong ratulations on obtaining th e dragon and Phoenix fetus. Huo Yunchen didn't even look at the chil d. He grabbed the doctor's hand and asked, "W here's my wife?" How is my wife? How is she? " . The doctor's eyes dodged and he did not dare to face him seriously. However, he quietly looked at the elder who had been sitting in the corner like a king. Huo Yunchen grabbed his c ollar tightly and shouted, "Le t me ask you, where's my wife?" . "Mr. Huo, Young Mistress is too seriously injured. She, when she brought it over, she was already in be at one's last gasp. She wanted to hold her child's last breath. We, we really did our best. That year, over half a hundred old doctors had a sad expression and said apologetically, "Look at the child. T his is the little life that the young lady saved for you. Huo Yunchen's mind was buzzing. He looked at the old doctor's cold li ps and his thin lips trembled weakly. "No, impossible , you're lying to me, you're lying to me. "Yu nchen, ca lm down. "No, she won't. She won't leave me. She said that she doesn't want to part wit h me, and she won't leave just like that

Huo Yunchen screamed hysterically. Qin Yue, who was hugging her, pushed away the fling cautio n to the winds and rushed into the operating room. "Be gentle, gently-" . The op erating roo m was empty. She was the only one hiding on the cold operating room stage, her body covered by a white cloth. "Yunc hen, don't go over. Qin Yue came fo rward to pull him, bu t he was pushed down. One step at a time, they walked towards her. The doct or said that she was seriously injured and the bamboo poles that had been smacked from the truck had stabbed her face. "Yunchen, stop looking, stop looking. " Let go of me. Qin Yue was once again thr own away by him, even if he use d all his strength to stop him. He stubbornly walked over and removed the white cloth covering her face with his trembling hands. There was a dazzling bloo d red in front of him and he w as pushed away by Murong Zheng. "Yunchen, go and see the child . That is the child that I saved for you," Murong Zheng shouted angrily. He used his body to bl ock the woman's face, his h eart twisting like a knife. " Move a side. Huo Yunchen sc reamed hysterically, his eyes bloodshot. "Huo Yunchen, s he doesn't want you t o see her like this. "No matter what she looks like, she 's always my light. He looked at Murong Z heng, begging in despair, and stood up several times. He could only cl imb over and climb to Murong Zheng's side. She pulled his pants and shouted, "Dad, let me take a look at her again. Heartache, pain, convulsi on, suffocation. He reached ou t and pulled him sl ightly sideways . Huo Yu nchen saw a bloody face. His chest was like being in extreme grief and blood seemed to be pouring out from his body. So c old, so p ainful . Bloody blood rose f rom his chest and he spa t out on the white cloth. "Yunchen, a re you alright? Y unchen! Yunchen!" . Qin Yue was shocked and shouted loudly while hugging the unconscious Huo Yunchen. "D octor, Doctor!" . By the time sh e woke up again, it was four days later. The Huo family and Murong Family had already hur riedly cremated Bai Wu's body, leaving only a black a nd white photo and a spiritual tablet for Huo Yunchen. "Daddy, you're awake. " Father, I was so scared. I didn't want you to fall asle ep too. I didn't want you to leave me too. Every day, he was frighten ed. Grandfather told him that h is mother was tired and asleep. But he knew that his mother w ould never wake up again, and his m other had become a star in the sky