My Awesome CEO Dad

Chapter 463: Desire of the ready to do STH


Kissing is the behavior of a hooligan, he disdains. Huo Yunchen suppressed his thoughts and raised her head to gently put it on his lap. This way, she should be able to sleep more comfortably and send her back to her room when Mu Xiaoya came back. He took off his jacket and covered her. Her long fingers gently brushed her soft and fragrant hair. Under the moonlight, her face was hazy and her delicate silhouette made him involuntarily outline her facial features with his hands. He felt that he was already very capable, but it seemed that he was far from her. So, she thought to herself that if they were married, their children would be pretty, right?. When he thought about the child, his lips curled upwards. When Mu Xiaoya ran back angrily, she happened to see them quietly together. They still looked warm and romantic. The day she was most afraid of had finally come. The way Brother A'Yuan looked at that woman was really jealous. But now, she wasn't jealous of her at all. Her mind was now filled with the thought of Xie Dong, the bastard who was thinking about everything. Men are all bastards who can't move their legs when they see beautiful women. Mu Xiaoya turned and left angrily. She took a bunch of beer in the fridge and moved it to her room. She took out all the snacks in the cupboard. While eating, drinking and scolding. "Xie Dong, you bastard. Who said that you only like me in this lifetime and only make breakfast for me?". "You can't talk, you deserve to be dumped as a monkey. Bai Luochu lay gently on Huo Yunchen's thigh, sleeping very comfortably. Subconsciously, she turned over and got her head into Huo Yunchen's abdomen. Her hands were still uncomfortably stuffed into his knitted shirt and touched his strong abdominal muscles. Huo Yunchen straightened up like he was electrocuted. A stream of hot air rose from his Dantian and an uncontrollable change occurred to a certain part of his body. He clenched his fists and tried to restrain himself. Resist. Why hasn't Mu Xiaoya come back yet?. I can't wait any longer, wait a little longer to return to what happened. He simply raised his hand and carried her back into the room. He put the blanket on the bed and hurriedly escaped from the room. After finishing this series of things, he breathed a deep sigh of relief. The heat on a certain part of his body did not decrease at all. He could feel it tonight. Thus, she quickly returned to her room, got into the bathroom and opened the cold water. She took a refreshing cold bath to calm herself down. As soon as she came out of the bathroom, she heard Mu Xiaoya's door close. "This girl actually came back early. He helplessly shook his head back to the room, changed into his pajamas and came out. She was going to talk to Mu Xiaoya for a while, but her hand was frozen in mid-air. There was a loud noise in the room, which seemed to be Xie Dong's brat

"Xie, your bastard, what are you doing here?" Didn't you like that big star? Get out of here. "Auntie, I was wrong. I was wrong. Wasn't that all to provoke you?". "Excuse you, big guy. "Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya, don't be like this, don't be like this, w e haven't got a certificate yet?" . "Xiao Ya, alt hough I like you, this is not good. "Sigh , don't be like this. "Xie, are you still a man?" At worst, Sis, can I take responsibility for you? . " Ah!" . There was the sound of clothes being torn apart. The sce ne of Mu Xiaoya violently ripping Xie Dong's clothes appeared in Huo Yunchen's mind, and the corners of his lips curled up. Alas, this girl was final ly enlightened. But he was miserable. The flame th at had just been extinguished after a c old shower was seduced by such a scene. Ho w can h e sleep? . He simply ran into the yard and glanced at the sec ond floor of the guest room. Before he left, h e left a lamp in the ro om, which was still on. Who knows ho w she is? . Would he feel uncomfortable afte r drinking so much? . If you're th irsty, do you wan t to drink water? . After finding countless excuses fo r him to go up and take a look in his m ind, he finally decided to go upstairs. He gently pu shed open the door and left the bed. He found the restroom and looked under the bed, b ut he couldn't find anyone. He was so drunk that he w ould run there? . Just as she was about to go out to look for her, she suddenly heard something in the wardrobe. He returned with c uriosity and quietly op ened the wardrobe door. Bai Luochu curled up gently li ke an abandoned cat and fell asleep on her knees with her hands folded. It seemed like he had a ba d dream, and there were still t ears in the corner of his eyes. Seeing her weak and helpless appearance, Hu o Yunchen's heart ached. She lowered her body and raised her hand to wipe away the tears in her eyes. Her hand had jus t touched her face, so she felt a familiar warmth. He gently placed his face on his hand and carefully held he r face. He watched as her delicate little face gradually calmed down in his palm, and his tightly furrowed brows slowly relaxed. Bai Luoch u had that drea m gently again. In the Misty Mo untains, she had bee n searching for him. But he had been smili ng in front of her, but she couldn't get close to him. Suddenl y, he explode d behind him. The flames soared into the sky as she des perately shouted at him. However, he was s till blown away by the bomb in front of him. "Yunchen, I'm here to save you. Yu nchen, wait for me. "Yunchen, don't leave. Y un Chen, you promised me that you wouldn't leave me behind

"Yun Chen, Yun Chen, I mi ss you so much. Her hands carried a familiar warmth that made her feel at ease. She held the hand in imperceptibly. Yun Chen? . The perso n in her heart was Yun Chen? . Hearing this name, Huo Yunchen felt like he was stabbed by a needle. There seemed to be many memories related to th is name in his mind, but in the blink of an eye, he didn't have time to capture any useful information. He su ddenly hate d Yun Chen. Wh ere did he go? . Why d id he leave her alone? . Who wa s she? . Was it th e person she w as looking for? . Huo Yunchen spent the whole n ight with Bai Wu. When it was almost dawn, she was worried that she would think too much when she woke up, so she quietly left. After leaving, she didn't stay idle and ran to the kitc hen to cook a big pot of soup. Then, he m ade a pot of glu tinous porridge. When she woke up and drank the soup, she would feel much mor e comfortable with some porridge. As she was busy, she suddenly heard a scream from upstairs. It was Mu Xiaoya's voice . Huo Yunchen quickly turned off the fire and ran upstairs. As soon as the door opened, Xie Dong and Xie Dong were in full swing. Xie Dong covered his face and hugged his clothes embarrassedly. Huo Yunchen im mediately understoo d what was going on. The girl probably woke up e arly in the morning and realized that she had slept with Xie Dong. He stood at the door of the room and sn orted softly, "Why are you so reacting? You t wo are adults, isn't Man and a Woman normal?" . When Mu Xiaoya he ard Huo Yunchen's voic e, she suddenly cried. The more she cried , the more sad she beca me, the more she cried. Huo Yunchen was really using her methods, lik e coaxing her. Those who cried so loudly this earl y in the morning thought what had happened to her. "Alright, okay, stop cryi ng. You were much more heroic last night than you were now. "Ah -ah!" . At the thought of last night, Mu Xiaoya intestine s turning green from regret. How could she have foolish ly slept with Xie Dong? The pers on she liked was Brother A'Yuan. "Alright, Dong Zi likes you and cares about yo u. Yesterday he deliberately angered you. I'm afrai d you only now know that you care about him, right? . "No, I don't care a bout him. I hate him. Th e person I like is you. Mu Xiaoya said stubbor nly, her slender arm clutch ing onto Huo Yunchen's neck. Huo Yunchen didn't stand firm for a moment. She threw himself at her and pr essed him on her in an ambiguous manner