My Awesome CEO Dad

Chapter 164: She's My Fiancee


At 8 o'clock in the evening, the guests had already gathered at the Blue Sea Hotel, and all the celebrities from all walks of life had come. In the gorgeous clothing, Lu Zhinian suddenly stood on stage and cleared his throat in front of the microphone. "Hello, everyone, welcome to the Far East Group's celebration banquet. If you have money in the future, everyone will make it together!. As she said this, she raised her glass to everyone, and everyone below raised their cups to congratulate them. Only Huo Yunchen sat in a secluded spot, helplessly turning the crystal cup in his hand with a cold gaze. He didn't care at all whether he was famous or not. He only cares where he wants. Liu Mo had led her people to secretly search here early in the morning. Every room in this hotel had a carpet type search. Huo Yunchen patiently waited for the results. Un, she heard Lu Zhinian speak solemnly on stage, "With today's great day, I'll introduce everyone to someone. " She was my fiancee, her name was Zhen Bao'er. Please take care of them in the future. Fiancee?. Who gave him the courage to steal his wife?. Huo Yunchen raised his eyes and swept them with a sharp gaze. Baby walked up the stage in a pink pleated dress. "Baby, come over quickly. The first time the baby came out to see so many strangers, she felt nervous and clutched her skirt tightly. He saw Lu Zhinian reach out to him with a gentle smile. He walked over and placed his hand in his palm. He smiled shyly and looked at the people in front of him curiously. "Wow, Mr. Lu, what a blessing. Her fiancee is so beautiful, she looks like a fairy who doesn't care about the world. "Yeah, it's really beautiful. The man's eyes were shining. There was no hint of admiration in the woman's eyes. "But Miss Zhen is very familiar. "I remember. Mr. Huo took Mrs. Huo to the charity banquet that year. I remember it clearly. " Miss Zhen and Mrs. Huo look too similar. The woman's fiery-eyed eyes were fixed on Treasure, just like a baby who had transformed into a human form, staring at him uncomfortably. Be on tenterhooks retreated behind Lu Zhinian and tightly grabbed his clothes. "Brothe r Zhignian, I'm afraid. "I'm not afraid. I have brother here

When Huo Yunchen saw tha t his woman was so dependent o n Lu Zhinian, he felt jealous. He stood up an d walked towards the front of the stage. He had already given up on the 30 billion project, but he w as still playing tricks with him. Was Huo Yunchen a do ugh figurine? . "Of course, because he is Huo Yunchen's wife. Some people harbour evil intent designs made m e and my wife separate for three years. Now, be devoid of any sense of shame announced in public t hat my wife is his fiancee. I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen such shameless people. Huo Yunchen's tone was cold, his gaze sharp, and h e walked with a strong aura. This powerful aura allowed everyone to automatically recognize a path for h im, all of them rub one's eyes and wait. The two people in the business community of Beijin g, one is the grandson of the Huo family and the other is the newly recognized stepgrandson of the Huo family. The two of th em had actually to rn up for a woman. This scene was enough to make the headlines tomorrow. "Mr. Huo, you have to talk with evidence. As far as I know, your wife died in a car accident three years ago. Could it be that your sadness has hurt your brain too much? Seeing everyone who looks similar to your wife and son look like a w ife? Just like the female bodyguard beside you, she acted like your wife's model. Is she also your wife in Mr. Huo's eyes? . Lu Zhinian was n't flustered and s poke sarcastically. Everyone looked at Liu Yun and Liu Yun sh ould not be here today. However, when she heard that the young lady was still alive, be careless with came. He didn't expect to be rega rded as a target, and the gaze of the crowd shot in extreme grief. Huo Yunchen moved sideways and glanced a t Liu Yun with disdain. "To me, this kind of woman is n othing more than a shell. If Mr. Lu is happy to see you off, then I will. "Mr. Huo is too polite. Yo u still keep it for yourself. O ur baby can't stand your love. Lu Zhinian glanced at Aunt Fang, wh o was standing beside her. The two of th em immediately came up to take her away. But the baby hiding behind Lu Z hinian immediately recognized Huo Yu nchen and excitedly ran towards him. "I know you. You' re the brother who gave me flowers and cakes. She smiled in a naiv ete, her voice as sweet a s a spring in a mountain. "Yes, our house has a lot of cakes a nd a large rose garden. If you like it, c an I take you back to see if you like it?" . Huo Yunchen's tone was l ow and gentle. His eyes fell o n her face with a faint smile. She unconsciously raised her hand to touch her face, but she quickly shook her head and said in a childish tone, "No, Brother Zhinian said that there are many bad people outside who will snatch the baby and sell it off

If they sell it, they won't find Brother Zhinian again. When Lu Zhinia n heard this, he was secretly delighted. Xu Lan walked slowly to his side, raised his hand and hugged her should er, looking at her with a gentle gaze. "Be good, ba by. Go home with Brother Zhinian. "Well, it's not fun outside. Brother Zhinian, can you go home with me?" . "Alright, I'l l be my husband, y ou'll be my wife. The crowd sighed, t his sentence was too hav e a maggot in one's head. "When di d Madam Huo b ecome a fool?" . "If Madam Huo wasn't a n idiot, would she not have come back to find Mr. Huo?" . "Too pitiful. Why did these two men steal a fool?" . Everyone whi spered to each oth er and speculated. Huo Yunchen's fierc e gaze swept over them an d they instantly shut up. "No one will l eave you, but you ha ve to stay my wife. Huo Yun chen roared aggressively. Everyone anxiously ret reated a few steps away, rea lly sweating for Lu Zhinian. "Mr. Huo, looks like you're going to use your po wer to bully others today?" . Without fear, Lu Z hinian handed the baby over to the two nannies. He stepped forward to stop Huo Yunchen from in a threatening manner. Huo Yunchen gave Liu Mo a look, and Liu Mo then went up to stop the nanny. Suddenly, several tall black bodyguards ga thered behind the nanny. There must be a big battle today. Everyone ret reated one after another, but they were reluctant t o miss this good show and were not willing to leave. "Everyone, give me a witness. My fiancee, Zhen Bao'er, was born in America and kissed me. A year ago, a car accident had injured her brain and lost her memory. Her IQ was inferior to a six year old ch ild. But I, Lu Zhinian, will never give up. I love her, no matter if she's crazy or stupid, I love her. Lu Zhini an swore in a high profile. Huo Yunchen sneered disdainfully, "Lu Zhinian, it's okay to lie to a woman who's seriously injured and on ly six years old with IQ. Don't use it to insult everyone's IQ. " Anyone who could stand here to attend your cel ebration was no fool. If you said that she was your childhood sweethearts, how would you explain this DNA test? . Huo Yunchen calmly to ok out the DNA report hidde n in his left chest pocket. Lu Zhinian's expression instant ly turned colorful