My Awesome CEO Dad

Chapter 464: They're Sleeping


"Brother A'Yuan, why don't you admit that you like me?" Am I not cute? ". "Cute, okay, let go. It's not good for people to see. "I see it when I see it. I wish that everyone in the world will see us sleeping together. At this moment, Bai Luochu was walking down the stairs gently. She heard the be crystal clear from inside. "Let go. "I won't let it go. "Ah, itching, itching, spare me, spare me. The sound of a man and woman arguing in the room, and the scene that made people have a maggot in one's head rushed straight to their head, and Bai Luochu subconsciously clenched her fists. She wanted to rush in, but in the end, she couldn't summon the courage. Xu Lan turned around slowly and left teeter. When she went downstairs, she slipped several times. How could this be?. Are they in bed?. When Bai Luochu reacted softly, the blood in her body seemed to be slowly condensing. She felt that someone had splashed a bucket of ice water. With her back against the wall, she sat powerlessly on the ground. His concern and concern for him is all an illusion?. He felt guilty because he had hurt her and felt that he should be responsible for him. Or perhaps he really treated her as a guest, that was all. However, she thought that even if he lost his memory, he could still sense her. She be opinionated thought she was still deep in his heart. She be opinionated had an idea for Xie Dong to matchmake him and Mu Xiaoya. She was really a fool of be opinionated. The tears that had been held for so long finally fell from the act recklessly and care for nobody. She buried her head in her knees and bit her fingers, sobbing quietly. "What's wrong with you?" If you want to cry, I will take you to a place to make you cry happily. If you endure this, you will bite your hand. A low voice was heard above his head, and the handsome face that had appeared countless times in his dream appeared in front of him. She was still in the room with the woman in whispers of love earlier, but now she could console her as if nothing had happened. She never knew that his I see would be able to achieve success one way or another. A'Yuan saw her crimson eyes. His dark eyes fell on her hand, which was clenched into a row of clear teeth marks, and his heart felt like it had been stabbed by a needle. Subconsciously, he reached out to grab her h and and gently rubbed it. " Does it hurt?"

Mama Bai didn't say anything and lo oked at him blankly. Have mi xed feelings in her heart. "I helped you b rew the soup, I'll go and give it to you. His voice was sexy and full of bewitching, and Imperial Couns ellor Bai lowered his head gently. He pulled his h and back and replied coldly, "No thanks. Then, h e turned aro und and left. Huo Yunchen was confus ed by her sudden alienation. He even had some at a loss. Looking at her lonely and sorrowful back, her heart reall y wasn't particularly pleasant. When did his anger s tart to be affected by her every act and every move? . So, he rushed for ward anxiously, plannin g to comfort her again. "I' ll send you up. "N o, than k you. "Are you hungry?" What d o you want to eat in the after noon, I'll go make it for you. "I'm n ot hungry, thank you. Imperial Counsellor Bai gently rejected all of his good intentions. The pain in A'Yuan 's heart was like drinking bitter melon juice. For breakfast, Mama Bai didn't go downstairs lightly. She received an email in her room about the repor t on Huo Yunchen's DNA test. The report that should have been released in the afternoon from the f orensics room was completed overnight. She sent an email ear ly in the morning, but the result was as she expected. But now this report had become the most ironic thing in Bai Duan's eyes. Many things have happened and t here is no way to turn back. An appr aisal report can't change any facts. She and Huo Yun chen might really no t be able to go back. At breakfast, Mu X iaoya ate eat with appe tite and drank porridge. After last night, she final ly understood that she was natur ally worthy of thanking Dong Zi. Even though she was reluctant to admit it, it turned out that Xie Dong was unwilling to marry another woman. Therefore, she d ecided to take respon sibility for Xie Dong. With this decision, it was much easier to ge t along with Huo Yunchen. "Brother A'Yuan, you can leave with your wife. I don't need you here anymore. But remember to come back to see me and bring your three children. I told you that those three children are really beautiful. When Xie Dong and I get married, you have to let your pair of twins become flower boys and your wife be my bridesmaids. Mu Xiaoya said as she patted her b elly be poker-faced. Huo Yunchen, who was not in a beautifu l mood because of Bai Luochu's gentle mood, immediately became alert when he heard her

"Waifu?" Child? Three? Have you se en it before? Mu Xiaoya, have you always known who I am? Why didn't you tell me? . Huo Yunc hen glared at her angrily. As soon as he thought about how Bai Luoc hu was crying in her dreams and could sleep i n the wardrobe even at night, his heart ached. "Alas, don't misunderstand, I didn't. I only foun d out when that sister came. She asked me to talk abou t it. I only found out when she showed me your photos. "Then why didn't you te ll me earlier?" . "I. I was infatuated with you back then. Mu Xiaoya innocently c oquettishly and Huo Yunchen 's raised fist shrunk back. Now was not the time to argue with her. Now, he had to find Bai L uochu and explain everything to him. Her attitude towards him chan ged dramatically this morning. She must have misunderstood something. He quickly left the restaurant and ran towards the guest room. As soon as he ran to the entrance, he saw Bai Luochu gently wrapping her luggage down. The two of them met in the yard. Imperial Counsellor Bai g lanced at him with a gentle gaze at the express volumes, and th ere were many things that had been passed together in his mind. This time, she couldn't a dmit defeat. He had a happy, a nd sweet life with this woman. "You, where are you going?" . Huo Yunchen hesitated and asked, his chest feeling as uncomfortable as a rock. She had always believed that he was the person she was looking for, but why didn't she tell him clearly? . Mu Xiaoya turned to look a t her curiously. "The accommodation fee is alre ady in the room. I should leave now. The sorry is really disturbing you. "Yo u want t o leave?" . Mu Xiaoya was shocked to the point of it is bey ond logic and above reason. She thought she would stay her e and refuse to leave, but she neve r imagined that she would leave now. "Yes, thank you for taking car e of me. " In the future, he will le ave it to you. I wish you happiness. This sentence was clearly just a few dozen sho rt words, but when it came out, it used up almost al l of Imperial Counsellor Bai's strength in his life. Her heart seemed to have been hollowed out at that moment