My Awesome CEO Dad

Chapter 34: You Are Mrs. Huo


After breakfast, Bai Tiantian was taken by Liu Kai to play in the park downstairs, leaving two of them in the ward. The atmosphere returned to embarrassment. Both of them sat, and no one took the initiative to find a topic to break the silence. Bai Qingqing checked the news on the phone, which said that Bai Zhengshan was suspected of murder and economic crimes and he was arrested for many other crimes, and Bai's enterprise collapsed. She couldn't tell what it felt like in her heart. After five years, she finally awaited this day. The big burden that had been pressing her heart seemed to be pushed away suddenly. It was him who said he could do it, and he was resolute and clever. She looked up at Huo Yunchen, who was also looking at the phone, and she felt infinitely grateful. She wanted to say thank you but failed to do that. Then the nurse came in to put Bai Qingqing on a drip. The little nurse seemed to be a recently graduated intern, who failed once before she made it. Bai Qingqing frowned and bit her lips lightly, enduring the pain without a word when the. needle pierced. She was afraid that the girl would be nervous when she heard her cry. Huo Yunchen stood aside, whose peerless handsome face was about to freeze into ice. It didn't work once, he endured it. It was enough for him if she failed again. Finally he snarled and said, "Go find someone who knows how to pierce. How dare you take my wife as your object to practice. His heavy voice was so frightening that the nurse shook her hand and the needle fell to the ground. She didn't dare to lift her head, and said in a trembling voice: "I'm sorry, they are all busy. There was a big traffic accident today, and the hospital was busy all the time. There was really no staff, so, so . "Call the director of hospital to pierce, go!". Huo Yunchen roared in a low voice with his harsh eyes gleaming. At that moment, Bai Qingqing was inexplicably moved, and it felt good to be guarded by someone. Since the death of her mother, no one in this world would protect her like this, and would only treat her as an air and a signboard. "Yes, yes, I will go now. The nurse wished that she could grow a pair of wings and fly away quickly, but Bai Qingqing stopped her. "It's okay, you just come here, don't be nervous, anyone will have his/her own first time. Bai Qingqing smiled and spoke softly, without any trace of displeasure. The nurse looked at Huo Yunchen timidly again, standing still and daring not to move, and her face flushed. Huo Yunchen said coldly with a shady face : "Last time. "Well, I know. The little nurse was trying again against Huo's cold eyes, and thus her hand holding the needle shivered. "Can you walk aw ay, your being here ma kes her more nervous. Bai Qingqing raised her eyes and glared at him gently , with a slight sullen anger. Huo Yunchen met her unpleasant gaz e. Although feeling unhappy, he murmured , "Okay, I don't watch, I don't listen. Out of sight, out mind

She liked to be a good perso n and deserved the suffering. The little nurse finally lived u p to expectations by finishing the nee dle smoothly, and was relieved deeply. She was moved inexplicably, and said to Bai Qingqing: "Thank you sis ter, you are the most beautiful one I have ever seen. You are beautiful w ith a more beautiful heart. No wonder that you can marry such a good man. After saying that, she looke d at Huo Yunchen and blushed like a tomato and quickly disappeared. Bai Qingqing looked at the back of the little nurse who w as leaving and smiled shallowly. Huo Yunchen did have the currency to captivate all living beings. If he didn't like men, there sh ould be many women who were willing to die for him. Huo Yunchen turned his he ad and sat next to Bai Qingqin g and saw her in a daze again. So he lifted her injec ted hand and put it gently o n his palm, and said softly: . "In the future, you can aggrieve others, but do n't aggrieve yourself. Because you are the wife of Hu o Yunchen. Aggrieving yourself can make me feel bad. Gentle and aff ectionate, his eyes burn like torches. W hat wa s this? . Confe ssion? . Bai Qingqing shook her hand off all of a sudden. She shrank so fast that she moved the needle, which made her cry out in pain. "Are you okay ? Does it hurt? We stop the needle. Seeing the blood returning from the infusio n tube, Huo Yunchen was terribly distressed, and he almost couldn't help pulling out the needle. "It's okay, don't move, don't touch me, I don't want to pierce a few more times. After the pain, blood re turned to her body. Huo Yunche n's worry was slowly relieved. "You said you are okay? Can I eat you?" . Bai Qingqing's cold eyes gave him a soft lo ok. She seemed to say something but finally said nothing, lying down and closing her eyes gently. She didn't know how to face him or what he wanted to do? . It was just a deal, an d each got what was needed. What did those words mean? . Huo Yunchen wat ched her lie down, i nexplicably sulking. The woman was deliberately eluded him, alienating him. Was it not true to say that women love d to hear honey words? . He deliberately went online to s earch, and also tried to learn more b y watching the stupid romantic drama. But why di dn't she unders tand it at all? . The woman was real ly troublesome, but he had to ask for trouble. Thanks to someone, just because of hypogly cemia, she had to rest at home for three days, and even was moved into Huo Yunchen's big house. It was located in a prime location in Kyoto, where there were three b edrooms, two halls, and two bathrooms. It was estimated that there were mo re than two hundred square meters. It was an estimate of tens of millions. But she didn't stay at home willingly

When Huo Yunchen just went to the company, she went to the cemetery, bringing Chu Qiao 's favorite white rose, also her favorite beer and fried chicken. She sat on the floor with her legs crossed natura lly, and opened the wine and poured it in front of Chu Qiao's tomb, looking at her photo and smiling slightly. "Chu Qiao, come, I finally revenged for you. T oday we will drink and eat chicken. We must celebra te it well. Don't return until we get drunk, okay?" . The sky was gl oomy and it seemed t o brew a heavy rain. The cemetery became more and more empty, revealing an eerie weirdness, but it did not affect her mood at all. Drinking cans of beer one by one, the more she drunk, the happier she was. For five years, she ha d never drunk alcohol, neve r breaking her bottom line. After five years, s he was still afraid of da rkness and being noticed. Because of her guilt, she couldn' t breathe in pain every time when she thought of what she owed to Chu Qiao, . The more she dru nk, the more she felt bored and suffocating. Suddenly something collapsed in he r heart and she rushed to hold Chu Qiao' s tombstone, crying loudly and shouting: . "Chu Qiao, I have revenged for you. The bastard who kil led you is already dead, and Bai Zhengshan has also been arr ested, and he has to spend the rest of his life in prison . "Chu Qiao, I miss you so much. I hope you c an be alive. I think we can drink, sing, and cha t together. The children we have can be married. "Chu Qiao, I'm sorry for you, how good it would be if the person who died was me. Becaus e nobody in the world loved me. My mother died, my father didn't love me, and my sister tried hard to hurt me. But You are different. You have parents, sisters and Gu Beian who love you. It rained s uddenly. When the cool raind rops were on her body, s he looked back knowingly. Not far behind h er, a man stood and l ooked at her quietly. A black suit, black leather sho es, and black sunglasses obscured mos t of his face, mysterious and gloomy. Just a b link of an eye , it was gone. Was i t him? . Gu Beian, after Chu Qiao's death, he disappeared, and was he finally willing to come back? . She looked where the man disappeared. Because of the alcohol, her feet were weak, and carelessly her whole body fell down towards the green terrace. But the expected pain did not come, instead, she bumped into a warm and strong embrace. A black umbrella was sudden ly raised above her head, blocki ng all the wind and rain for her. It wa s him, he came again. Why could sh e always meet him wherever she went? . "Huo Yunchen, why did I meet you everywhere I go? Why are you always stalking m e? I tell you, I won't like you. You're so perverted, just go with Liu Kai. Please tr eat me as a decoration, all right? A year later, we will say goodbye to each other