My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 10


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 10 by I. MALCOM. Because Eris was injured, the shooting was immediately suspended. She was then advised to go back to her motor tent and take a rest. With ice bag on her hand, Eris leaned against the seat and asked her assistant Ana, “Did you see someone standing outside the window when we were shooting just now?”. “No, I didn’t notice anyone. “Go and find out who it is!”. Without asking why, Ana immediately got out of the tent and ran to inquire about it. After a while, she came back panting and all sweaty. “Eris, I’ve asked around. Director Williams said that he found the actress who will play Lady Faye. Some employee showed her around the set just now. She’s probably who you saw. “What’s the name of that actress?”. A hint of anxiousness could be extracted from Eris’ tone. “Well, I uh…. didn’t ask about that. “Is she still here?”. Ana didn’t understand why Eris paid so much attention to that actress. But she didn’t dare ask her about it. Instead, she uttered in a low voice, “She was said to leave after the quick tour. But don’t worry. I heard from the crew that she will officially join the team tomorrow. We should be able to see her by then. Would they see her tomorrow? Eris’s right brow arched while the corners of her lips pursed. She couldn’t wait anymore! She needed to know if that woman…Was she really Wendy Finch or not!. “By the way, Eris, didn’t the president of our Starlight Media attend the audition for Lady Faye today? You can ask him about her,”. Ana reminded Eris, seeing as how the latter was still engrossed with the mysterious actress. That was right! How could she forget this? Three years ago, Eris and Brian’s relationship went public, and because Brian was a rising star in Ywood, the issue immediately became the talk of the town. What was more, Eris purposely had rumormongers publicize their relationship, attracting the media’s attention even more. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she entered the entertainment industry, signing a five-year contract with Starlight Media. With the investment that Brian helped Eris to obtain, together with the fact that she had been studying acting, she rose to fame in no time. In just three years, she became the top-earning actress of Starlight Media, eventually forming a good relationship with the company president, Wesley Davies. After thinking for a while, Eris immediately dialed his number. “Hello, Mr. Davies…”. “Eris, why do you call me all of a sudden? Shouldn’t you be filming the play now?”

“I happen to have something to ask you. Mr. Davies, you also attended Director Williams’s audition today, right? I want to ask the actress’s name chosen to play Lady Faye. While speaking, Eris held her cell phone tightly and waited nervously for Wesley’s response. Tug! Tug! Tug! She could almost hear her own heartbeat while anticipating the answer. It seemed as if she had waited a century when she finally hea rd the excited voice of Wesley. “Do you mean Wend y Finch?” . “Wen dy Fi nch!” . At the very mo ment, Eris fro ze to her seat. Her eyes widened, a nd her mouth hung a gape in utter shock. It was indeed Wendy Finch! Wesley was still going on about something on the p hone, but Eris couldn’t hear it at all. The only thing in her mind right now was the fact the Wendy was alive! She was still alive! And Eris bet that Wendy clearly knew she was playing the heroine in the series, yet she still came to audition! Then that only meant one thing… . Did she c ome back t o revenge? . “Eri s? E ris?” . Ana gave her a nudge to remind her in a low voice, “Eris, Pres ident Davies is talking to you!” . Instantly, she came to herself. “Ah, ye s, Mr. D avies?” . “Why are y ou not say anything?” . “I’m sorry, I was thinking. Did you just say that you w anted to sign Wendy Finch?” . “Y es !” . Speaking of thi s, Wesley becam e excited again. “I’ve managed Starlight Media for so many years, but I’ve never seen such a good young actress with so much potential! She is not only good at acting, but she is also flawlessly beautiful! More importantly, she’s still young. I bet that young girl will have a bright future ahead! Can you believe that she had only started out acting and yet alre ady won Director Williams’s approval? She has a really good start playing a third leading role like Lady Faye! I must fin d a way to recruit her before she gets stolen by other agencies!”The eagerness in Wesley’s voice made Eris frown tightly. Did Wesley want to sign a contract with We ndy? If she and Wendy were in the same com pany, then that could only mean one thing… . They would meet each other more often than she could think of! Eris was trying to figure out a way to persuade Wesley to give up this thought. But suddenly, an idea came to her mind… . It would be good for her to have Wendy in the same company! That way, she could keep a close eye on her! If Eris could make Wend y lose everything three years ago, then there was nothing she couldn’t do now that the latter was back again! Especially when th e president of their agency was Wesley Davies! Over these years of being close to him, Eris learned that he was a typical lecher. Because she had Brian’s sup port, Wesley didn’t dare to hurt or lay a finger on her. But the brute had been involved with almost all the other young actresses in his agency! Althoug h Eris hated to admit it, she was not gonna lie. Wendy really inhe rited her mother’s beauty and grace. If Eris was to let her sign with Starlight Media t hen, there was no way that woman could escape Wesle y! Thinking of this, Eris immediately calmed down. She leaned against the seat with her phone in her hand and said with a d evious grin, “Mr. Davies, please hurry up. If the news gets out, other age ncies will flood her with offers. You better not waste this opportunity!”

After hanging up the phone, Eris sneered. “You’re really brave to come back to this city! And sinc e you dare to show your face to me now, I will show you h ow ruthless I am! You were no match for me before, Wendy. Let’s see how history will repeat itself!” “Beautiful Auntie!” . Meanwhile, as Wendy left the set, she he ard a familiar voice. Turning around, she saw t he little girl with Afro she met at the restaurant. The chubby kid sported a beautiful princess dr ess, which was still exaggeratedly covered wit h rhinestones like the one she wore that night. She waved her chubby arm and ran towards her with a big smile. At the sight of this, Wendy felt a tinge of war mth embracing her heart. The little girl was s o focused on running towards her when suddenly… . A horse on the loose gall oped over! Shocked, Wendy couldn’t think straight. Luckily, one of the staff screamed, “Watch out! The horse is acting up! Run!” . At the horse’s speed, the girl would be trampled under its hooves in a few sec onds! There was a “buzz”in Wendy’s head. Without thinking too much, she rushed over, grabbed the girl in her arms, and rolled on the ground! Bang! She rolled with too much momentum, causing her head to hit the wall heavily. With the imme nse impact, s he passed out. Before she lost her consciousness, a thou ght quickly flashed through her mind—-she hadn’t had the chance to take revenge yet. She didn’t want to die just like that! “Oh m y God! She’s bleeding!” . When Precious raised her head, she saw a patch of blood on Wendy’s forehead. The little girl was so frightened that she burst into tears, “Auntie! Auntie, don’t di e! Please! I still want you to be my mommy!” . A large crowd i mmediately floc ked around them. “She’s ble eding. Find a doctor!” . “What are you w aiting for? Cal l an ambulance!” . Someone wanted to hold her, but the little girl shoved them all away with red eyes. “Don’t touch my momm y! No one is allowed to touch my mommy!” . At this moment, Luke su ddenly pushed through th e crowd and made a path. Behind him was Ryan Oliver , who strode over while em anating a stern, cold aura. At the sight of Ryan, the little girl’s eyes immed iately turned even redder. “D add y…” . “Don’t wor ry. She wil l be fine. Ryan looked at Wendy with his brows furrowed. Then, he bent down and effortlessly scooped her up from the ground. At the sight of this, Luke’s eyes widened! His bro ther held a woman in his arms! How could a neat fr eak like him hug a person with blood on her body?! . And a woma n no less! Oh my god! . ‘‘Is my big brother, who had never fallen in love with a woman, finally going to have a girlfriend?’’ Luke tho ught as he watched Ryan carry Wendy away from the crew